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10 September 6th, 2016 THE BAY Debuts Today On Amazon Prime: Wendy Riche, Gregori Martin, Ronn Moss Tease Upcoming Changes!

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Today’s a big day for the online soap, The Bay.   Starting Tuesday September 6th on Amazon Prime, you can catch-up on past episodes when it re-releases 28 of them by way of two 14-episode seasons with remastered versions added with never before seen footage.

The first 14 episodes are available for streaming now, followed by 14 additional episodes slated to be released later this fall.  In addition, look for a new beginning to The Bay’s story on Amazon Prime.

Former General Hospital EP Wendy Riche, who has joined The Bay team as Executive Consultant and is now an executive producer, told On-Air On-Soaps about the series streaming on Amazon Prime: “It’s a great way for people who have seen The Bay for people to see it again and refresh their memories, and it’s a wonderful way to introduce it to new people. ”

While you can binge The Bay and see all the action and the characters again, a new season will be coming viewers way soon.  EP and creator, Gregori Martin related, “We have a new writing team (Ex-GH’s Karen Harris, EX-DAYS. Anne Schoettle, EX-ATWT Julie Poll) which I am really excited about, and a new acting coach, and this all came from Wendy Riche.  We have a new music score, too.  Wendy is bringing the magic of GH to The Bay.”  Riche added, “There is a lot of magic at The Bay that people will want to be involved in.  I am glad to be there. I love Gregori, and the cast.”

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Ronn Moss (Ex-Ridge B&B, and John, The Bay) was enthusiastic about The Bay’s future and the addition of Riche to the team and upcoming season: “Wendy is bringing such a different dimension to the stuff we have been doing and we are changing that.  You are going to find out all the different layers of my character, and it gives me the opportunity to do something I have never done before.   You know my history, and you know Wendy’s history.  We have a lot more freedom, and expression and ability to build these shows.   When you see us after the next season has aired, you will go, ‘Whoa!’”

The series is also available to non-Amazon Prime members  for purchase for $9.99 per season or $1.99 per episode on Amazon Instant Video. The Bay will be free to Amazon Prime members in the following territories; USA, UK-Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Japan.

Will you be binge watching The Bay via Amazon Prime? Are you excited about what’s to come with Wendy Riche added to the Emmy-award winning digital drama series?  Comment below!

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  1. Iakovos says:

    I will give THE BAY a chance, sure! Always interested in new serialized storytelling.


  2. Cees says:

    Love the show. Definitely looking forward to the upcoming season. It’ll be interesting to see how the storytelling develops with Wendy Riche involved.


  3. Lou Piikes says:

    I can’t wait to watch the new season on Amazon Prime.


  4. Kyle says:

    I just started watching “The Bay” on Amazon and I like what I’ve seen so far.

    It was very difficult to find, though, as it did not show up when I did a search for “The Bay”. I had to do several different searches including “The Bay The Series” and “The Bay The Soap Opera” before it showed up on the Amazon Prime search screen results on my TV.


    Priscilla replied

    I tried searching for it on Amazon Prime with no luck at all. I checked each and every result that had The Bay in it . Can you tell me how you found it? Thanks!


    April replied

    Go to search specifically on Amazon Video. Type in “the Bay” then on the drop down bar select Prime and there it is.

  5. k/kay says:

    Great series it is what the soaps use to be like!


  6. Ted Martin says:

    What a shame that ALL MY CHILDREN couldn’t make it as an on-line series thanks to the incredible mishandling of both ABC and Prospect Park – before anyone yells at me and says “get over it” I AM now over it but I still wish things could have worked out


  7. Daphne says:

    It’s such a fabulous show. Every soap fan needs to be watching and supporting it.


  8. clh says:

    Not bad. I’ll keep watching to see if it holds my interest. But OMG since Ronn Moss left B&B I had forgotten how bad his one note acting was.


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