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0 December 9th, 2010 “The Bay” premieres Chapter 3 & the drama heats up – Watch the Video!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

A mother’s son in a drug overdose, a man confronted by the woman who loves him who questions him about his sexuality after a near-death experience with a psycho strapped with a bomb, a young girl wondering around holding a knife,  and a mother/daughter bitch-slap, these are just some of the scenarios you will see play out in the new webisode from Gregori J. Martin’s The Bay now online!

Watch Mary Beth Evans, Charles Shaughnessy, Dylan Bruce, Lilly Melgar, Jade Harlow, Real Andrews, Martha Madison, Kristos Andrews, Claire-Louise Sedgley,  and Taylor Stanley in this installment. And check out The Bay’s new show logo, and some improvements in the overall production quality below!

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