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9 May 31st, 2012 The Bay Returns With All-New Dark & Creepy Webisode – Watch the Video!

There is sure a lot of creepy people running around Bay City, but that what turns out to make Gregori J. Martin’s, The Bay so deliciously fun to watch at times!

In a new installment out today, soap favorite John Reilly  enters the drama as Mortimer, the “trusted’ Butler of the Garrett home, but can he be trusted? And then there is Fiona Hutchison as Emma Cambridge who realizes she tied up the wrong man!

Matthew Ashford is back as evil Steve Jensen who pays an unexpected visit to the Garrett estate, while Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) is determined to warn his brother Brian (Dylan Bruce) though he may be too late!

Watch the webisode after the jump and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Christine says:

    SO hot. So dark, edgy, creepy, and just shocking.. I can’t even finish describing this show. All I can say is I love it. I’m thoroughly addicted to it. I’m like drooling right now for more of this haha


    barbara t replied

    Is there a way I can watch this from the beginning? Every time I read about it I want to get involved. Also they have a lot of interesting soap stars on.


  2. Cees says:

    Loving the intensity of this show! Matt Ashford totally rocks as this mysterious villian-type character. Loved seeing John Reilly, and throughly enjoyed an angry Kristos Andrews. Always left wanting more.


  3. Lizzie says:

    It definitely keeps me wanting more & more. I can’t get enough of The Bay.


  4. MBmomof3 says:

    I would definitely watch! This looks so good. What a great cast. Was that Paul Satterfield I saw in the background of the opening credits? I just love him.

    How do we access the show and how do we get to see all the episodes so we can catch up on all the soapy dish?


  5. Miahappy says:

    Matt Ashford is awesome as the creepy villain! I love it! He’s got a subtle way about him that makes him even more disturbing. Fantastic portrayal!

    The story is just so good. Several storylines, all merging together, and I find myself wanting to follow all of them. THIS is how great shows are made! More! More!


  6. Sherry S. says:

    Loved the newest update!!! Matt Ashford is the perfect choice to portray Steve Jensen! Thanks Gregori! I’m lovin’ The Bay!!!!


  7. Mary Hargett-Hiduk says:

    Matt is the best. So creepy and yet soooo loveable. Really worried about Brian, he is headed in the wrong direction. And Mortimer, not sure about him just yet, another creative genius by dear Gregori. I hope we see a lot more of Mortimer. Am missing Igor, he needs to come back into the picture and soon. Poor Peter just cannot catch a break. Kristos is an up and coming star. Mary Beth just does not age. Love her!!


  8. Shannon says:

    Matt is the perfect Steve Jensen. He adds an aspect of humanity to the character that makes him that much more complex and creepy. What could have been Jack & Kayla redux very much isn’t. Instead, Mary Beth & Matt’s performances make it easy to forget that they play Kayla & Jack on Days with their dedication to their characters and this series as do all of the performers. That’s not an easy task, especially for the actors who have been in such established roles for such long amounts of time. Thanks for all you do!


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