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21 December 5th, 2013 THE BAY Returns with All-New Edgier Dramatic Episodes!

To say that the retooled The Bay is different from its previous seasons is an understatement! Taking its cue from the progression of online soaps such as the revival of One Life to Live, where sex and drugs and a club are part of the central focus for much of the action.  As promised by creator, Gregori Martin, The Bay is certainly for more edgier than before.   And while we won’t spoil all the action, fasten your seat belts!

The Bay picks up three years after the last time we saw the Garrett clan!  Billed on their series website as a drama filled with forbidden love, malicious lies and taboo sex, many familiar faces from daytime return to their roles including: Mary Beth Evans, Matthew Ashford, Lilly Melgar, Terri Ivens, Jackie Zeman, Nicholas Coster, Taylor Stanley and Scott Bailey, who join Derrell Whit, Jade Harlow, Kristos Andrews, Thor Knai, Eric Fellows, Emmie Romanovich and more in the pared down cast!

In story as the new episodes pick-up, Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) has done the unthinkable making Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers) determined to uncover the truth.  Peter Garrett’s (Kristos Andrews) love life takes a complicated turn, as does a confused Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow).  Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) has little choice but to deal with pesky reporter Nathan Perkins (Scott Bailey), while Mayor Jack Madison (Nicholas Coster) is left to do some serious explaining. Igor Chambers (Camden Toy) attempts to deal with Sofia Madison’s (Jackie Zeman) wrath and his shady reputation.

After watching the premiere, Scott Bailey really stood out to us for his performance as the investigative reporter trying to dig at the truth, while getting a dig in on all the shady peeps in Bay City!  Now watch Chapter 11 episodes 1 and 2 of The Bay after the jump! Then, let us know what you thought of it!  Who did you enjoy seeing the most?  Did you like the new opening credits? Weigh-in!

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  1. Jessica says:

    After all the press releases LANY pictures released saying how season 3 was going to be delayed for a bigger budget and higher production values I was so disappointed to not see any proof of that on the screen. The Bay used to be one of my favorite shows, but it’s missing most of the actors I used to love to watch. The stories barely make any sense and the sound quality is almost as bad as it was in season one. I could barely hear some of the actors half of the time, and why is it always so dark? I wish they had taken more time after all the bragging and made something really special. I know I’m going to get chewed out by all of The Bay fans for saying this, but I think we deserve better.


  2. LCS says:

    So glad The Bay is back! Definitely has an edgier look and feel. Hard to choose who I enjoyed the most. This is one of the few shows where I’m interested in all the storylines, not just one or two. Looking forward to more.


  3. Amanda says:

    Sexier it is… I loved it. All the new twists had my jaw dropping…. Can’t wait to see more!


  4. MLD says:

    So glad this show is back! I’m still trying to sort out so much, and I imagine that the next two parts will tell us a little more, but what…?? Sara married Steve? Why would she do that? What does he have on her. And this whole crazy club scene — very well done! Love seeing Sara, Lex, Steve and Will. Jade did a great job as a more grown up Lianna. And I’m loving this little vixen, Orchid. Zoey is great, as usual…and I think she and Nathan could have some interesting banter/chemistry.


  5. Hilary says:

    i also really thought Scott Bailey popped here. i like the interaction between Nathan and Orchid, but I also am intrigues by his intrighe with zoey. my favorite was the club scene. it drew me right in. Igor is great fun, he gets the best lines. as for the darkness, yes, very dark lighting. i think it’s a purposeful artistry he’s trying to achieve. i understand it, and i think it’s effective.


  6. Bailey says:

    Pure, overrated garbage. This show has fallen from grace. I agree with Jessica. The quality alone is enough to get this show laughed out of the room. I also find it funny that all of “the fans” of The Bay post comments within 15 to 20 minute time increments on We Love Soaps, Daytime Confidential, and this site. A little unusual if they are all really different people. The whole thing is rigged by Gregori and his staff to cover the fact that he continues to underproduce a sloppy series that coasts on the names of soap stars. What happened to all the Daytime and Emmy producing talent that was supposed to be attached to this show? Did none of the 80 producers bother to say “Hey Gregori the sound is terrible, and dark lighting isn’t good lighting, it’s just dark?” Yes, Scott Bailey was very good. In fact he was the only good thing that stood out in two episodes worth of senselessness. What is happening with Peter? When did he get over his amnesia? Is Lianna still a hooker? I thought the mayor was suffering from dementia in the last season? It’s suddenly gone now? Why is that kid sticking up for Camden Toy’s character? The last time we saw him he was wearing a wedding dress, and now he’s best friends with the mayors daughter? That makes NO sense. I’m sorry but showing a bisexual couple just for the sake of shock value makes no sense. If it involved two characters that the audience knew and cared about that would be one thing but this seems like a mindless stunt. I’d rather watch Venice.


  7. Tori says:

    I am a little late to the party with this series but I just watch the two episodes and I am wondering is the character of Matthew Johnson related to Zoey Johnson? I watched some of the first season when it aired and then my computer died so I could not watch the rest of the seasons when they first aired.


    Angel replied

    If I am not mistaken Matthew came in season 2 when Zoey’s adoptive sister was in the hospital after the accident at the end of season 1. He was a small character who was an orderly. He role got bigger in this season.


  8. Lisa says:

    This show is just amazing and my girl Lilly is sexy, driven, and amazing as Janice! Long live Janice, the Bay, and Lilly Melgar!!


  9. Louisa says:

    Whew, I didn’t think this show was coming back, but I’m so glad it did! I’m a little confused, but it’s the kind of confusion that’ll keep me coming back. I mean Sara married her rapist? What is that about. Love Lex, and I suspect Sara might too. I hope those two get together. I’m interested in that weird swingers club. Oh and I really love Nathan. He’s fun! He’s sort of like the sleuth for the audience. I’m looking forward to the next two weeks!


  10. Laura says:

    I loved it, truly loved it. Glad to see all the old favs again. I am very interested in Sara’s secret and I am really digging Sara and Lex. They are my favorite couple and they aren’t even a couple. I can’t wait for more.


  11. mystied says:

    I have been waiting on the Bay and it was worth the wait because I wasn’t disappointed..Loved it.. I am so shipping Lex and Sara and very shocked by Sara’s action, can’t wait for more on that..The mayor? All these questions and I can’t hardly wait for the answers.


  12. Mary H says:

    Gregori, cast and crew did not disappoint us. A lot of shock, twists, and turns but time will reveal answers to all the questions. So happy to have The Bay back with us. SMH Steve and Sara married hmm she must really be desperate to allow Steve to Blackmail her. My mouth dropped open with Lilly’s scene!! Looks like Mr. Mayor still has some fire in his furnace LOL Love Tristan and the interaction with Sara. All in all Great job!! Want more!


  13. Melissa Clark says:

    I thought it was brilliant and edgy,
    Everything you want in a soap.
    Great acting by all and I can’t wait
    For more!! Great Job Gregori Martin
    and cast!!!


  14. Melissa Clark says:

    I thought the sound quality was great,
    Loved the story lines!!! Lilly Melgar and
    Jade Harlow do an amazing job in their
    roles!!! As all our other favorite daytime
    actors on The Bay.


  15. bella figura says:

    great start to a new season of THE BAY….lots of question, shocks and twists to keep the soap lover intrigues and interested. I love seeing my favs have meaty roles and storylines…

    when you love a show, you are to busy enjoying that there’s not time to nitpick and snark…so happy I got to be in the zone and just sit back and enjoy, something I dearly miss with my favorite daytime soap.


  16. bex says:

    Disappointed. Scott Bailey was good but i agree that the storyline is too convoluted – mind you I’ve had trouble following since day one – too many characters. Also Matthew Ashford doesn’t seem so into it this season and he looks old. I used to like him but not so much now. I also find Camden toy too OTT for me.


    bella figura replied

    omg…really? I thought both actors just shined in the premiere!! I just loved Nicolas Coster, Tristan Rogers, Matthew Ashford, back in the day and am so happy to continue supporting and enjoying them today. And Camden Toy being super creepy is just pure gold, you really need to watch his stuff, he’s one of a kind!! It is so wonderful that THE BAY is giving an opportunity to our older male soap idols to show off their acting chops and prove that sexy isn’t just a number!! Pretty boy toys fade away quickly but talent always survives. It does make you wonder what this current crop of bodies with mediocre talent will be doing in the years to come…


  17. Angel says:

    I think I am most shocked at the secret Sara has that is keeping her married to Steve and keeping Brian in jail. Also, those scenes between Lianna and Steve, Mayor and Orchid, and most of all Peter, Sara’s son, and Sara’s enemy Janice were HOT LIKE FIRE!!! I hope Sara has some choice words for Janice should she find out.


  18. HeyBayBay says:

    I think current daytime soaps should take a page out of “The Bay’s” book and update the look of their shows… This is how u make daytime feel current and cutting edge!!! The stand out performances were so in contrast to some of the OTT performances that some people looked Really good and made others look Really bad, but Overall “The Bay” has consistently picked up steam and this latest chapter is no exception.


  19. Laurie Baker says:

    As always, curious to get more more more of the dynamics with Sara and Steve Jensen. Nick Coster, Jackie Zeman and Terri Ivens all ROCKED…and the Mayor’s been a bad boy…LOVE IT! I always knew that Igor was really just misunderstood…so what if he held up a bar with bombs and crashed a wedding as a bride? I’ve really really missed Matt Ashford as a villain; and he’s really nasty in this one, yay. Terri Ivens beautiful and hot as the femme fatale!


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