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5 March 11th, 2011 “The Bay” shooting Spin-off Prequel to debut this summer!

Courtesy/LANY films

Starting this Monday, March 14th LANY films helmed by creator Gregori J. Martin, will take The Bay on location and will be shooting a prequel to Season 2 for three days straight in New York City.

The Spin-Off prequel of Season 2 of The Bay is currently titled Far From The Bay. It will follow Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) as he journeys to NYC to find Claire Andrews (Marie Wilson) the woman who he believes to be his mother. On his journey he will encounter various characters in a serendipitous way, including run-ins with some wonderful daytime vets Ilene Kristen and Tonja Walker, One Life to Live , Anna Holbrook, Another World , film and TV icon Miriam Colon, Guiding Light/Scarface and soap heartthrob Agim Kaba, As the World Turns.

In a surprising twist to the web world, Peter will also encounter some characters fromother web soaps including Steamboat, Empire and possibly Gotham. Michael O’Leary will appear as his Steamboat character in the Spin-Off prequel and Empire star and Soap-newcomer Afton Boggiano will also appear as her shows character, Lucy.

The 8 part series will stream sometime over the summer to kick-off Season 2 of The Bay. For more on The Bay the Series visit their official website:

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  1. LCCH says:

    Can’t wait! This is great news! Definitely looking forward to the interactions with other soap stars. Can’t wait for The Bay story to continue!


  2. Miahappy says:

    Oh, awesome! Can’t wait to see what Gregori has up his sleeve with this. I’m excited….


  3. Chris says:

    They boy who plays Peter is a dreadful actor. It’s an interesting idea, but hard to get excited about. I wish they’d recast his role.


  4. Sherry S. says:

    More soap vets!!! I love it!!! What a wonderful idea Gregori…a prequel and a location shoot! Looking forward to it! Perhaps we’ll get a little more backstory on Peter…and on Claire!


  5. ML says:

    Wow, what a cool idea! I’m so excited to see where this journey takes Peter. Kristos Andrews is precious and is doing a great job in this role. I think he’s pretty new to acting, but I saw a ton of growth in his performances in just the first season. I bet this gives him a great opportunity to really hone his talent.


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