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1 August 30th, 2010 “The Bay” to be broadcast on TV in 19 countries!

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Huge news this morning from Gregori J. Martin the creator of the new web soap, The Bay! On his facebook page, Martin announced that The Bay has gotten the go-ahead for television syndication in numerous countries.   Here is what he had to announce!

Gregori: “You heard it from me first! As it seems, my new series The Bay The Series (2010) has been approved for broadcast television in 19 countries in Europe, including the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, and more! An iPhone App will be available shortly of “Confessions” and the upcoming episodes, premiering Sept 15th. We are also in talks for an additional television distribution deal that can put us in over 25 millions homes throughout the US. Keep in mind that The Bay The Series will always be available as a web series online as well.  We still have several more episodes to produce. Please help by making your pledge via our kickstarter campaign at the link below, and be a part of “television” history! Only 6 days to go and over $4,000 needed to reach our goal;) We can do this folks! On behalf of Lanyfilms Prod thank you as always for your continued support!”

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  1. Raylene Rose Moody says:

    That Is Great News And I Hope That Dish Network That I Have Here At Home Will Find A Place For The Show on There Network So I Can Watch It. Keep us Updated


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