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34 July 2nd, 2015 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: An Unhinged Aly Vows To Get Rid Of Steffy!


The Bold and the Beautiful has done cray-cray over the years exceptionally well, and now we can add Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce) to the list of characters who is mentally unstable and is going over the edge … fast!

On Wednesday’s episode of the CBS Daytime drama series in a scene played to the hilt by Ashlyn Pierce and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy),  Aly and Steffy begin to have it out as Aly unleashes her disgust after noting that Liam (Scott Clifton) is going to annul his marriage to Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer), thus paving the way for Steffy to be in the arms of Liam, once again.  Since Aly has always had this weird infatuation with Liam anyway, that came as no surprise.

But when alone with Steffy, Aly let her know that she will not stand for her ruining Liam and Ivy’s lives, as she relates that Steffy is slut, like her drunken mother, who ran down and killed her mother, Darla!   Then with a crazed look in her eyes, she tells Steffy: “This family had poisonous branches!”

The topper came when Darla’s (Schae Harrison )glowing head appeared once again when Aly looked up and her mother gave a specific action to take against Steffy: “Get rid of her!”   Thus, the story is now coming together how Schae Harrison has returned to The Bold and the Beautiful, as a very unstable Aly is obviously seeing her mother in this altered state!

Watch the confrontation scene between Ashlyn Pierce and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood after the jump! Then let us know if you were surprised by where the story?  What do you think Aly will do next in her attempt to rid the world of Steffy Forrester? Comment below!

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  1. Kathy says:

    I have watched B &B since it’s beginning. Every character that you have changed, the show keeps going. I like the idea of Aly going after Steffy, as she has interfered in Liam’s life. Hope should have stayed with Liam all along! Steffy has always been the troublesome between her and her twin. But as I was saying, I am rooting for Aly to get Steffy away from Liam. Last year when you had Wyatt and Liam fighting for Hope, I liked it when Bob Barker punched Wyatt at the Animal Shelter!! Keep up with the good writing! Thank You for a beautiful show/soap!


    Linda replied

    I love Steffy. I believe Ally will soon go after Liam as will and has hinted as so. She said the other day that “Liam had better not choose Steffe if he knew what was good for him” oh she has really lost it and very dangerous.. Hope her dad hurrys and comes.


    Margaret Waite replied

    Time Aly goes and take ivy with her

    Becky replied

    Once again I have to wonder about a character that was on long before I started watching. Can anyone tell me what happened to Steffy’s twin?


    Patti replied

    She died in a car accident when she was in the car with Rick

    Mo replied

    Rick was driving a car Phoebe was a passenger in and had a car accident. Phoebe died as a result of her injuries.

    Bekki replied

    Phoebe was hit by a car. Rick hit her by accident. I’m sure they will go play back that scene also. It’s all a mixed up situation

    Marlene replied

    I would love for Ally to kill off Steffy. I don’t like Steffy. Ally has the look of a crazed sick killer. The show needs some excitment after the whole transgender thing.


    Buffy replied

    Buffy. July29, 2015
    I was hoping Steffy would be killed off. i do not like her and i think she is ugly. WHAT HAPPENS In Ashlyn’s life now? does she have other acting roles in other shows to play now? I really think you killed the wrong character off.


  2. Mo says:



  3. Liam says:

    Looks good!!


  4. john says:

    aly should shove liam off that pedestal she has him on and stop blaming
    everyone else for his messed up love life.

    hoping whatever aly does, wyatt comes to her rescue.


  5. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    “…now we can add Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce) to the list of characters who is mentally unstable and is going over the edge … fast!”

    Now?? While Aly has been relatively calm over the past few months, the character has seemed unhinged and mentally unstable to me since shortly after arriving on the show. For example, I vividly remember a scene about a year ago where she confronted Quinn and almost shoved the woman off a balcony. I also recall a scene where she brandished an ax while yelling at Taylor, who appeared terrified. I agree that Aly seems to be “off” but don’t view this as some new development.

    I like Aly. She is one of the rare, recent additions to a daytime soap who is interesting. She is the off-spring of a decent guy and a family member of the core family but appears to struggle with sanity. A carefully thought out, well written, properly timed plot focusing on Aly and “will she or won’t she go postal on someone” could be DYNAMITE for B&B. The only danger: Don’t let Aly go so far that she could never be redeemed. That being said, keep her unbalanced but not so dangerous that she has to be redeemed.


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    I forgot to add:

    I think the show should ditch the cheesy, glowing head shots of beloved, dead mother, Darla.

    Nothing wrong with Aly being visited by “ghost Darla” but the strange bodyless shots don’t work. Let “ghost Darla” sit and talk with Aly much like “ghost John” and Jack on Y&R.


  6. Joel says:

    She’s no Sheila.


  7. k/kay says:

    So is this why they are bringing Thorne back to haul her off to the sanitarium. I turned this show on today and it was a room full of people I care zip about. Someone needs to inform Aly her mother was drunk the night she was conceived he was still in love with Macy. I believe it was a shotgun wedding.


  8. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Aly has become an annoying little girl who has no right being at Forrester with how hypocritical and unhinged she’s become. I get why she’s so attached to the vanilla image, but at the same time, she seems to think it’s okay acting the way she does, as a way of going against those who don’t see her way of things. Plus, seeing and talking to your dead mother is not mentally stable.


  9. AJ says:

    Because they are cousins, all will be well between Steffy and Aly once she gets help. Aly is seeing Steffy as Taylor right now and is def not in her right mind. Starting to think that the ills Aly suffered at the hands of Rick and Maya sent her over the edge. Good thing Thorne is headed back at the end of the month.

    Liam has FINALLY made his final choice and to him, “Steffy is home.” Ivy was just his girlfriend and it is over, including the marriage. Steffy is Stephanie Forrester 2.0 and she is trying her best to care for Aly in a responsible way.


    Eileen Hargis replied

    Boy, are u brainwashed! Steffy help someone? Only if it benefits her somehow.


  10. Susan says:

    I just want to know what has happened to Aly’s stabilizing force…Oliver. They need to call Thorne and have this girl committed. Storyline makes no sense. We saw her forgive Taylor, watched her and Oliver fall in love. We watched her go with Pam, Charlie, and Oliver to the knights show. Yet all of them just let her carry on today like a loon. I hate when they change storylines like all the other stuff didn’t happen.


  11. sarah says:

    I love this I’m not really invested in the Steffy & Liam romance but adding Aly into this mix with her strange brand of craziness is awesome. Ashlyn Pierce is amazing


  12. Mary SF says:

    Whatever one thinks of the plot, I think most would have to agree this actress does cray cray very well– those eyes alone should net her a very successful career in the horror genre in films or tv.


    vee replied

    Yes. She’s like a young Bette Davis with those eyes.


    Joann replied

    They should have played kim carnes song at her funeral for some reason my cousin thinks her death was fake wtf?

  13. DEH says:

    Agreed that Oliver has nearly vanished and his and Ally’s love life with him. And in a few episodes suddenly Rick is the voicebofvreason? So many inconsistencies.


  14. Tracey says:

    Tired of the same Ole story line. Liam chosen who he wants, breaking hearts as he goes along.
    Dear writers,
    Let’s get a new story line. We have been here already with Liam and Steffy… please dont bore us with tgat again. Aly kills off Steffi and we can move on…


  15. kaitlyn says:

    I’m loving the fight going on between aly and steffy let’s see witch Forrester girl wins this battle. I have to say I am on Aly team she is on fire at this moment and tells the truth about steffy lol


  16. Richola Polston says:

    Taylor driving drunk, speeding in the fog. Hit Darla who was changing Phoebes tire. Taylor left Darla there. Never tried to help her, wouldn’t let Phoebe say anything. Imagine proceeds to make plans to marry Thorne. Imagine being 5yrs old & the only person to tell you what happens is another 5yr old (Hope). Who overheard the adults talking about it. Thorne could have been more supportive. He only put his relationship with Taylor for awhile. That has to hurt. Trying to make her forgive & forget, & accept this. Calling it an UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT is Cruel. Darla is gone, Thorne is still involved with Taylor. Aly is called crazy for not accepting this???


    Jenny replied

    Yes she was drinking. As she was trying to get to her child broken down in the dark on the side of the road and as for hitting Darla does no one watch all the recaps, she fell into the road and that’s how Taylor ended up hitting her.


  17. Richard says:

    I would love to see Aly go after Liam and win. I can’t see how Liam keeps falling for Steffy’s manipulations. It’s time for Steffy to be exposed for the liar she is and I hope Liam ends up with Aly and she fights tooth and nail to keep him


  18. Louise says:

    As of today I didn’t know that Steffy killed Ali with the crow bar. It’s so sad, but of course the evidence will not be found for a awhile unless Steffy blames Ivy for the accident. Ali played a great revenge part. She is quite an an actress and should get an award for that performance.


    Carol Hickman replied

    What is the purpose of hiding Aly attacking Steffie? Both of their prints should be on the crowbar.


    Joann replied

    It was actually a tireiron but i thought it was a crowbar too well im not really that in to the show and not very good acting but i cant act worth an s word i hated theatre and really i cant act worth a damn i think it stupid acting like people that dont like that drama crap l like comedy and horror films you know aly kind of reminded me of angela baker from sleepaway camp 2 she dont like girls that are sluts like aly and remember nice girls dont have to show it off yeah preppy psyco bitches.

    Joann replied

    But there is only one or two differences between aly and angela angela succeeded all her kills and she never died and one more differences angela was born male.

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