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23 December 3rd, 2015 The Bold and The Beautiful and General Hospital Score WGA Award Nominations!


The Writers Guild of America this morning unveiled their nominees for their written work during the 2015 television season.  The award ceremonies will be presented on February 13 ,2016 in ceremonies in Los Angeles (WGA West) at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel and simultaneously in New York. (WGA East).

WGA Awards honor TV writers in the categories of: comedy, dramatic, new media, animation, comedy/variety, quiz ans audience particpation, daytime drama, children’s, documentary and news scripts.

And this year in the daytime drama categories two writing teams landed nominations: CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful and ABC’s General Hospital (which includes the work of former head writer, Ron Carlivati).

Here are the official writing team nominees:

The Bold and the Beautiful, Head Writers: Bradley P. Bell, Michael Minnis Writers: Rex M. Best, Shannon Bradley, Adam Dusevoir, Tracey Ann Kelly, Patrick Mulcahey, Mark Pinciotti, Michele Val Jean; CBS

General Hospital, Writers: Ron Carlivati, Anna Theresa Cascio, Andrea Archer Compton, Suzanne Flynn, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Daniel James O’Connor, Elizabeth Page, Jean Passanante, Katherine Schock, Scott Sickles, Chris Van Etten; ABC

So, who are you rooting for to take home the award between the two soaps? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    RC’s 52nd anniversary; the Black & White episode ..
    (Luke going full circle)


    Buddy replied

    Ron Carlivati did not write that anniversary episode, or the day before or after, all KUDOS go to Our very Own Elizabeth Korte…


    Buddy replied

    p.s. Ron C. is the reason Genie was written off back to Paris in one episode, as he stated that he could NOT write anything for Laura without Luke…
    I am loving the new Writing Team, never a dull moment + Genie is back on long term contract for atleast 3 more years, possibly more once the 3 year deal, bringing her back home!!!
    I think WE have the BEST Cast, Crew, Frank Valentini, and NOW a great Writing team!!!
    By the way, when Ron C submitted reels for Best Writing, his ego didn’t allow for that… He didn’t even submit that awesome anniversary (B&W) show, which would have won “GH” another EMMY definitely!!!

    Rose replied

    Su…I’m not a great fan of Ron or the Fluke story, but this case have to agree with you about the b/w episode. It was great!


    I love gh replied



    Timmm replied

    That episode should be inducted into the Television Hall of Fame!


    nancy dillingham replied

    I think it should be ADBUCTED by the Television Hall of Fame –and left on the desert island with Helena’s corpse–LOL!

  2. Joan says:

    General Hospital. Do not like the maya story and Thomas story that Bell has been writing for B&B.Get rid of Maya and send Thomas on recurring status like before,And I will support B&B.


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    In this case it doesnt matter…enough said!


  4. Bart says:

    I for one am turning handsprings knowing that “Y & R” will NEVER receive a WGA nomination with Chuck Pratt as the Head Writer/Plagiarizer/Hack!!


  5. Matilda says:

    GH ratings fall so far that RC is fired and GH gets a writing nomination. This is why awards that are decided on one or two episodes for a genre that does 250 a year are ridiculous and meaningless. Just like it was meaningless when GH won last year.


  6. Steven says:

    Why only 2 (out of the 4) soaps get nominated?
    Why doesn’t WGA Awards nominate all 4 soaps?!


  7. Matthew Place says:

    B&B! I love the Maya SL! It’s great to see a soap that is timely and relevant. We don’t live in 1950 — and soaps can’t be stuck their either and survive. All soaps have to evolve and reflect current times or be left behind and die. Younger viewers love SLs that relfect the times — and no current daytime soap can survive without younger viewers because older viewers do not count in the ratings/demos. I am a B&B fan, but congrats to both B&B and GH for these noms!


  8. Harry says:

    Just another testament which proves that those who vote on such matters do not watch the shows. GH has been horridly written for the last two years. I heard B&B has been pretty horrid too.
    These awards are meaningless.


  9. Joe says:

    Wait, Y&R’s Chuck Pratt didn’t get a nomination?? All is right with the world.


  10. Mary SF says:

    If I knew which episode or episodes they are using I might be better able to decide which one I would be rooting for. My guess that BW episode with Luke finding out he killed his mother is the one GH is using, if so, I think they have it hands down, but then again, awards are given for so many reasons, it is hard predict—-


  11. jeremy says:

    Totally GH Trophy this year, The Epic era of 1963 will Definately Win this!!! Go GH, All the Way. :)


  12. Brett says:

    I hope GH gets in, just to highlight what a mistake firing Ron was.


    Aria replied

    The GH team got nominated not only RC and there was no mistake in letting him go, sorry if your a fan of his work but he was horrible.


    Guest replied

    RC did not write that episode Elizabeth Korte wrote it! He had nothing to do with it.


  13. Rodd says:

    Congratulations to the writing team at GH!!!!


  14. sybil says:



    gloria pusser replied

    I think u need some knew writers. It is upsetting to think we are so stupid and the show is repeating itself. I cannot believe Wyatt is still on the show.


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