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24 January 16th, 2014 The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless Deliver Largest Weekly Audiences In Nearly 6 and 4 Years, Respectively!


The fantastic soap opera ratings for the very successful CBS Daytime programing block which includes The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless scored their highest weekly audiences in years for the week ending January 12th 2013, according to Nielsen research data and a press release via the CBS Television Network!

Here are the stats! The Bold and the Beautiful delivered a weekly audience of 4.14 million viewers, its largest audience since the week ending February 29th 2008.

And check this out …  The Young and the Restless had its best week in total viewers since the week ending January 1st 2010, with an average of 5.47 million viewers.

This is all extremely encouraging news for the soaps, both of who were renewed this week for another season and Y&R through 2017!

Congratulations for the numbers B&B, Y&R and CBS  Daytime!  Who ever told the mainstream soaps are a dying genre … watch out!

So, what is making you tune-in in droves to what’s happening in L.A. and Genoa City?  Let us know!

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  1. Sharonda says:

    These numbers for Y&R will drop Jan. 31st and beyond. LOL SMH!


    toscanti replied

    Yes they will! Fire JFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    timmy replied

    Yes everyones been watching to see the last of our beloved Adam. MM the actor, dont you agree.

  2. Mary SF says:

    The weather, not the stories drew viewer because all the soaps did well that week– but I believe there was a lot bad weather that week and perhaps some folks normally at work were at home decided to catch up on a soap since they were trapped in their homes. If next weeks ratings are as good, then I might believe this is a trend, but if they level off, then this week was just a fluke.


    ShortnSassy replied

    They was up last two weeks as well, using the weather excuse doesn’t cut it for three weeks in a row.


    Mary SF replied

    Christmas and New Year’s holidays— again people are home during the end of Dec. and early Jan. It is the same every year, the ratings go up bit over Christmas and back down– and that is why to see a big spike like that– after the holidays for every single soap has me skeptical that these numbers reflect a trend. Not saying it isn’t good news, obviously the more people who are at home, available to watch will watch, the better. It is a good thing– it means soaps aren’t dead, there is an audience, it is just that the audience isn’t always home to watch when the ratings are counted and if next week with holidays over and bad weather no longer there, if these numbers still hold, then I will believe it is a trend, otherwise, it is a fluke. And I watch all four soaps, and some stories are good, but not so good to see that big of a jump when far better stories have gotten less viewers, so the jump can’t simply be story related. It is just my guess, but if I’m wrong and these numbers hold and get larger great.

    Patrick replied

    I agree with you whole heartedly… MarySF…

    holidays… new years eve… vacation… weather… all culminated in ratings spike

    I can only share…. if this helps new viewers… to DAYS and GH… then so be it… it’s worth the effort… to tune in

    i’m taking a stand… for, Michael Muhney… and cast/production mishap… i’ll boycott for 1 month and longer

    Kaleesi replied

    I’m only going to pay attn to the ratings post Jan 30 and like you say every other soap had record highs too so this is not unique to CBS.


    Patrick replied

    thank goodness… which further strengthens our viewpoint

    it’s not just because of habit… that teles are turned on at ll a.m… at the normal time slot for CBS

    only reason… Y&R has remained steadfast…
    and i have a heart left for….

    but… this time around… i’m arousing… take leave … take a leave of absence.. that TPTG acknowledge… fan reaction… fan appeal…. that this time….

    too much upheavel… has circumvented… ratings dip and ratings dive

  3. Beth says:

    Yeah, I think the weather had alot to do with it. The ratings are up for all soaps, not just CBS’ shows. If the ratings stay as high in the next few weeks or go up higher, then I’ll buy that it’s the “great” stories on all shows. Right now, I don’t see it.


  4. MBmomof3 says:

    Congrats to both shows. Keep it up.


  5. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    Loving Thorsten Kaye as Ridge on Bold and Beautiful. And of course, Heather Tom is the best! Good for the Bold and Beautiful. Only soap I’m really liking right now.


    madluv4ya replied

    Oh my gosh! I totally agree! Finally a Ridge who can act!!! Thorsten and Heather now have the chemistry and I watch for it everyday. I wasn’t sure about him as a replacement choice at first but he delivers every single time.
    Growing tired of the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle but can’t have everything.


    TnT 2.0 Forever replied

    “Finally a Ridge who can act!!!” I know right? Ridge is finally interesting. LOL

  6. Michael says:

    Wow I don’t even watch B&B Y&R and I think it’s great news 4 soaps. you three are Debbie Downers.


    Mary SF replied

    I don’t know who you are referring to but since my comment was one of three on this post for a while I am going to assume I am one of them. I am not a downer– I am skeptical why? Because I have been watching soaps for over 40 years and been following the ratings for all of them for a good number of those years.

    Ratings patterns are pretty much stable, meaning the same audience watching the same show. During ratings sweeps shows show a spike, generally because most large stories come to a conclusion or begin in sweeps period. In summer time soaps viewership goes down, usually due to vacations and nice weather.

    So when I see a drastic hike in soap viewership earlier in Jan, when most soaps are not in full swing, just coming off the holiday slow down and it is all four soaps not just one– experience tells me there has to be another factor that is hiking up the numbers. In this case, there was a lot of extreme weather that week, so my guess was that many folks that normally would not be home were home, and some folks who would have gone out, opted to keep warm and stayed in.

    I was merely pointing out the more likely cause for a big bump like given the rating histories of each four soaps, would be the weather, because it would explain why more people were home. But that is still good news because that means when people are home they want to watch a soap. But next week will show whether this was a fluke due to the weather or a real increase in viewers that will stay watching.

    I DO watch both and honestly I have seen better stories draw less viewers, so like I said, I am not putting the “good news” down, just skeptical as to real cause for the jump in numbers. If the numbers stay up— great. I love all the soaps and if more people are discovering or rediscovering them— great. But it the numbers go back to normal next week, then my weather theory stands.


    timmy replied

    Im not watching anymore YR. Even though Bold and Beautiful isnt my favorite, I enjoy it more, less depressing and longer term storylines that what YR has become. People are watching because they are watching Adam, I even turned it on this week just to see Adam.

  7. mike says:

    Brooke /KKL makes the Show since 26 years.Go B&B.It was all about Ridge/Brooke/Bill this week.I love it.Team Brooke and Bill.

    The Ratings are fine without Hunter Tylo and JMW lol


    Joyce replied

    so agree.. Brooke is the STAR of that show for sure.


  8. PatF says:

    YR crossed over 6 million viewers on that Monday. Great job.


  9. ShortnSassy says:

    This is wonderful news for both soaps, It just keeps getting better and better for CBS daytime :)


  10. Joyce says:

    Brooke, played by the always beautiful KKL, has been a soap favorite for over 26 years. She delivers in EVERY SL she is in. She can play the vixen or the ‘always contrite” Brooke to perfection. She is the most bashed character in soap history..but she evokes strong emotions, whether its loving her or hating her. She is the absolute best and I am glad B&B still shines with Brooke…


  11. mgb357 says:

    could it be that soaps are becoming popular again?
    maybe the tv execs at the networks will recognize this and ….

    you know i gotta put in a plug to resurrect OLTL.


  12. teresa neeley says:



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