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9 July 10th, 2015 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Anna Marie Horsford & Obba Babatundé Make Their Debut As Maya’s Parents: Can The Avants Find Acceptance And Open Their Hearts?


The Bold and the Beautiful hit the jackpot casting veteran television, film and stage performers Anna Marie Horsford and Obba Babatundé to play the parents of Maya and Nicole Avant, played by Karla Mosley and Reign Edwards.

On Friday’s episode, as Vivienne and Julius Avant, Horsford and Babatunde’ made their B&B debuts in some high emotional stakes scenes, as Julius (the disapproving father) wants to whisk Nicole out of LA and back to Illinois and far away from the supposed influence of Maya.

Later, when Maya comes face-to-face with her parents, who are waiting for her inside the Forrester mansion living room, and after Vivienne asks Julius to be open to the possibilities of having a relationship with their daughter, Maya is shocked when she sees her father and asks … why is he here? Julius walks over to Maya and hugs her, and then says, “I had to see my little girl.”  And thus begins the next part of The Bold and the Beautiful’s masterful telling of the story of Maya Avant – a transgender woman and her journey of love and acceptance from those closest to her.

Watch the scene featuring Anna, Obba, and Karla after the jump, and next the latest promo from CBS Daytime for next week, as the drama continues in this important story on a daytime TV.   Then share your thoughts of the debuts of Anna Marie and Obba, and the writing of Maya’s story?

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  1. sarah says:

    Amazing is there really anything else to be said they are really going for it the dialogue was intense they are not backing down at all they are going the whole 9 yards with this love it


  2. mariette says:

    Ms. Horsford is a great comedy actor, wonderful seeing her play drama, and so well. The entire scene with Maya, mom and dad was riveting without being inappropriately sensational. Kudos.


    Iakovos replied

    Often the best comedic performers are very good doing drama. The story line is interesting, for sure, and daring in its trappings, but the core of parents, expectations, and finding true self in life, are evergreen. And it is refreshing B&B has a plot other than the tiresome bedroom roundelays and endlessly unresolved triangles among in-laws.

    I wonder where the Avants will be in a year. Is this family a keeper for B&B?


  3. Derrick says:

    Friday was a very good episode! Great on Brad to cast Anna and Obba in the role!


  4. Michael says:

    I am so mad , it was pre empted in NYC


  5. Mo says:

    They sure did hit the jackpot with casting these two.


  6. Scott N says:

    Friday wasn’t their debut, as Horsford arrived on July 3 and Babatundé on July 9. But in just a few days, these two actors did a great job showing the feelings the Avants had about Maya. We heard about it before from Maya and Nicole, but it was more powerful hearing them say the words.

    I’m wondering what’s up with that hug. Could Julius really have turned around that quickly because of what Nicole said to him?


  7. Elite Advisors says:

    I agree that the casting is terrific…but I really think the writers should have dug deeper in back story… I find myself FF’g thru many of the episodes thus far.

    On another note, I like the new B&B, but the silliness of taking down Stephanie’s portrait and replacing it with Maya’s takes away from the strong storyline…. c’mon… that’s like putting up Steffy or Hope’s pic…. utterly ridiculous.

    Nice to take a good long break from Brooke and her whining however!


  8. Debra says:

    Great call having some new great faces on your show! Anna Marie Hordsly and the young and handsome actor Mr. O✨✨


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