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8 July 30th, 2014 The Bold and the Beautiful Announces Live Stage Show In The Netherlands!


Members of the cast of the number one international television show, The Bold and the Beautiful will appear in a live stage show in the Netherlands on October 3rd and 4th, in an announcement  today.

Participating actors include Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer), Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester), Kim Matula (Hope Logan) and Heather Tom (Katie Logan).

Fans will get a unique peek into the behind-the-scenes world of the three-time Emmy award-winning daytime drama, and a deep dive into the turbulent lives of the characters.  The show will feature interaction between fans and the cast, including the chance to ask questions as well as revelations about the actors’ private lives and projects outside of the series.

This special meeting between fans and cast members will be the Official 2014 B&B Fan Show and will take place in a community just outside the Dutch capital of Amsterdam (Utrecht) at Theater Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn. Tickets go on sale beginning July 30th,  2014 and may be purchased only at and

Ticket price for THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL LIVE! is €38.50 (approximately $52.00) including tax; excluding booking and transaction fee. Tickets may also be purchased by phone from See Tickets: +31.880.112.610. More information about the show can be found on and

Four shows are currently scheduled: an evening show on Friday, October 3rd and three shows on Saturday, October 4th 2014.  The show is produced by RTL Live Entertainment and The Bold and the Beautiful The series is broadcast worldwide in over 100 countries, including in the Netherlands on RTL 8 and RTL 4, and in the United States on CBS.

So what do you think of B&B’s live stage show concept coming to the Netherlands? Comment below!

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  1. Jenny Brooks says:

    That’s cool. I wonder if they will film any scenes for the show while they are there?


  2. mmc says:

    I have friends in the Netherlands…but I don’t think they’re even showing Thorsten yet so the fans won’t know him as Ridge….won’t he feel out of place….it’s too bad only four are going…do you think more will jump on board Michael?


  3. Mhoward says:

    I think it great news that B&B will be shown live. It will add a new positive wrinkle to the show. I am with Jenny B. about hoping Bell also while in the Netherlands does some B&B filming with those characters who are participating in the live shows.


  4. Beth says:

    B&B went to the United Arab Emirates and their ratings actually went down during that week and a few days of programming. Plus the storyline was not a fan favorite. Brill fans didn’t get the wedding they wanted. Katie and Ridge fans watched Ridge run off to save his ex-wife who didn’t want to be saved, and we saw one of the cheesiest stunts in soap history as Ridge fell out of a helicopter. The lesson learned is that locations don’t mean anything if the story is a turn off. I’m not optimistic that B&B will write a better story in the Netherlands if these four actors are going to shoot scenes there. B&B needs to focus on improving story first and then schedule some location shoots.


  5. Monica. says:

    That is great. I wish I could afford to go. Why didn´t they come to Sweden instead?


  6. k/kay says:

    Could we somehow lose Liam & Hope there never to be seen or heard from again.


  7. Chelsia Renee Norton-Smith says:

    Why Wyatt wasn’t included in this? He is Hope’s husband so he should have been included in this stage show situation. Why is LAME BOY there and not Wyatt? This doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever and this isn’t fair to us HOTT Fans to be slighted like this. LAME BOY can stay home with Ivy and Wyatt can be there with his wife Hope Spencer. TEAM HOTT FOR LIFE BABY! (:


    Ramona mares replied

    I’m Sooo sad .. Because I will be there October 8th and I will miss you all … I’m so excited that your there …. Sorry I didn’t know :) ) I would of come earlier soooo sad :( (( maybe you will still be in Amsterdam … Enjoying Amsterdam


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