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13 July 8th, 2016 The Bold and The Beautiful Brings 4 Guest Stars On Board For Monte Carlo Episodes!


CBS Daytime’s globetrotting The Bold and the Beautiful will airs its scenes shot in Monte Carlo in episodes from July 25th through August 8th. As part of the story arc, B&B brought into their stable four guest stars recognizable to audiences from their primetime TV roles to join the fun.

According to TV Insider’s Michael Logan, Parks and Recreation’s Jim O’Heir and Everybody Loves Raymond’s Monica Horan will play Matt and Kieran, a hilarious pair of annoying passengers who end up next to Quinn (Rena Sofer) on a jet headed to Monaco.

Later, former St. Elsewhere star Ed Begley Jr. and his actress wife, Rachelle Carson (formerly of Falcon Crest), will play themselves when they appear at the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo with budding social activist Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton).

What do you think of these guest star set-ups? Looking forward to the Monte Carlo episodes? Comment below!


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  1. SZima says:

    Oh come on…these are considered “guest stars?” I’ve never even heard of 3 of them!
    Get some current primetime stars and maybe we’ll take notice!


    vinman replied

    And I thought Chastity/Chaz Bono……was a farce “guest star”….GET REAL BB……AND YOU TOO BB!!


  2. dmr says:

    Not really much to do with this column update; but, I just have to give kudos to Heather Tom for her acting skills-not only this week, but every day. She just nailed it-a betrayed, angry, hurt, broken-down wife and sister. WOW! One thing I have to say, though-why does everyone seem to say, “Oh Bill would never do that to you/her. He respects marriage.” Um, hello, he’s cheated on her before, why would it be such a shock? & please, ship the Whiner Wyatt out of LA. I cant’ stand how desperate, pathetic, and whiney he sounds. UGH. I could not stand the actor when he was on DOOL and I really can’t stand him now!


    Ray replied

    I could not agree more about Heather Tom. I ave just started B&B this year and LOVE it! I like every character on the show, especially Liam, Quinn, Steffy, Brooke, Bill and Katie. If Heather needs help with choosing her Emmy reel next year, I highly recommend this week’s work. I am not sure I will ever forget her calling Brooke, “the whore of the valley.” I also liked how understated her performancewas during her goodbye scenes with Brooke. Cheers to next year’s Best Actress!


    Ray replied

    Correction: “I have just started…”

    soapqueenforever replied

    I completely agree with you. Heather Tom owned the July 8th episode. I was actually feeling her pain and scorn when she was talking to Brooke. She puts herself completely into every scene she does. She is the true definition of the word actress. and to be fair, Katharine Kelly Lang’s breakdown scene at the was the perfect ending. All in all, I think today’s episode (July 8th 2016) was well played by all. One of the best episodes B&B has put out in a long while. Now Katie and Liam need to team together (as friends only, because I think Katie needs to find her strength and courage as a newly single woman), and take over Spencer Publications, and Katie should take Bill for every penny she can get out of him.


  3. davlestev1 says:

    Couldn’t Thorne guest star as a fed up Forrester or to upset the apple cart. He did shoot Ridge once. What of he came back all nice and complacent. .since Brad Bell can’t figure out how to write him. .and he ends up going Sheila Carter postal over Ally and Darla which could bring back Taylor. Taylor who would rip Ridge AND Brooke a new one and go toe to toe worth Quinn as her therapist. .sigh. .of course nothing doing


    davlestev1 replied

    Out to..what if..toe to toe with. .I can correct thank you


  4. Robbie says:

    Rachelle Carson only guest starred in three episodes of Falcon Crest. Not a very memorable character.


  5. jaybird369 says:

    A few things…

    1. ‘Dollar Bill’ lecturing and preaching to Liam on ‘the sanctity of marriage’…OH, PUH-LEEZ!!!!!!!!!! Bill cannot EVEN REMOTELY keep his own damn marriage together!!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!!
    2. Katie telling that nasty-ass Brooke that she (Brooke) is ‘still the whore of the valley’…LOVE IT!!!!! AND EVEN MORE TRUE!!!!!
    3. Most of all, Brooke is W-A-Y TOO OLD to be behaving that damn slutty!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

    Just saying……….


  6. Mo says:

    It doesn’t really matter. They could get really anybody as long as they can act. I don’t really enjoy stunt casting.


  7. Brett says:

    Please don’t let this location shoot be for the Liam Steffy Wyatt triangle .


    jaybird369 replied

    Brett…MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!! A-G-R-E-E-D!!!!! Not everything on B&B has to be about that non-stop Liam/Steffy/Wyatt triangle…which is now getting ANNOYING!!!!! TOTALLY ANNOYING!!!!!!!



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