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15 November 19th, 2014 The Bold and the Beautiful Casting Young Male From A Prominent Family! Who Would You Suggest For the Part?


Looks like CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful is beefing up their younger male cast with an item today via the  Soap Opera Uncensored Twitter account, that has the soap opera looking for a male in their 20′s for a heavily recurring role, which could possibly lead to contract player.

The young male character is described: as articulate, assertive, charismatic, and educated from a prominent family.  So could the prominent family be the Forresters, Logans, or Spencers?  Or, could it be a prominent family we have never heard of before whose lives have been somehow intertwined with one of the above three major clans?

So put on your casting director hats and let us know:  Who do you think would be a good fit for the part … either a familiar name to daytime  soap fans , or a primetime television actor?  Why do you think B&B is bringing in this character?  Could he be a potential love interest for someone … or a young business man with an agenda?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. k/kay says:

    Probably going to age Ridge Junior or maybe a recast of Thomas Forrester.


    Iakovos replied

    I think RJ gets SORAS’d. Everyone else grew up fast, so why not him? Maybe he will return with Brooke from wherever she is. Not sure this adds or detracts for B&B, but it surely does give us another pretty face to stand around and get involved in more near incestuous and interminable shenanigans.


  2. C says:

    He might be too old for the part, but man, would I love to see Brett Claywell and Scott Clifton opposite each other again. Kyle and Schuyler’s frenemies rapport on OLTL always sparkled.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Brett Claywell is definitely far too old for the part; they want someone in their 20′s, and Brett is 36.


  3. richard says:

    Well, Bill definitely doesn’t need another son, when he has Will, Wyatt and Liam. With Hope leaving(temporarily) my money is on this FINALLY being RJ Forrester!!!! I have been waiting for this, the love child of my 2 fave B&B characters, Ridge and Brooke!!!!! They better not mess this up!! This man needs to be gorgeous!!!!!!!!


  4. richard says:

    Or with Deacon being on screen and Rick, could this be Lil Eric?? Hope’s half brother, son of the deceased Becky?? That’s highly doubtful though with Amber not on the show…..:(


  5. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Sounds like they’re recasting R.J. again, this time as an official replacement for Hope Logan. Educated alludes to R.J., since he went to school in Europe when Ridge was there. Makes most sense to me for the recast.


  6. Lew S. says:

    My bet is on a new Thomas. When Taylor slipped into town, she mentioned him to Eric. Aging RJ would be major SORAS!


    k/kay replied

    Actually RJ was born in 2004 and Hope was born in 2002. I suspect it is probably going to be a RJ recast to try and put his parents back together since they were such caring loving ones. You know we mentioned him once every year or so! Lol


    Lew S. replied

    HA! So true!

  7. Jimmy says:

    I really hope they aren’t looking to recast Thomas. I like Adam Gregory in the role a lot and if they want to bring Thomas back to the show, they should bring Adam back too.

    I really hope this is a casting call for R.J.! He should have been aged when they brought him back to the show with Ridge last year, not just recast to be the same age. I’d love to see Mick Hazen in the role.


  8. mike says:

    What’s Chandler Massey up to these days?


  9. JustSaying says:

    Is it casting or re-casting? It sounds more like casting for a male character. So I don’t think it’s a Forrester, Logan, Spencer or Spectra member.

    I’m taking a wild, wild guess that since he’s from a prominent family, it’s someone from Caroline’s past.


  10. E says:

    Drew Garrett, Chandler Massey, or Eddie Alderson


  11. Ghlover says:

    Drew Garette please!!!!


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