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13 February 28th, 2017 The Bold and the Beautiful Counts Down To Its 30th Anniversary With ‘Time Capsule’ Blast From The Past Moments!

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As we are on the cusp of March, it’s time to begin the festivities and special features to celebrate the 30th anniversary milestone of the most beloved show around the world, The Bold and the Beautiful!

The CBS sudser, which has remained the #2 rated daytime drama series in the U.S., will kick-things off on-air on the Wednesday, March 1st episode.  That is when the show will start to deliver to its audience ‘time capsule” moments culled from clips of three seasons at the end of each episode. The ‘time capsules” will be seen beginning tomorrow and through the March 14th broadcast.

The clips that will be shown are blasts from the past moments that helped shaped the ongoing story, the series legacy, and make B&B so special to viewers around the world.

The Bold and the Beautiful will celebrate the big 3-0  on Thursday, March 23, 2017.   Daytime Emmy winning head writer and executive producer, Bradley Bell steers the ship of this staple of the soap genre.

So, excited to see what ‘time capsule’ moments B&B will share with its viewers? What would you say are some of your favorite moments that stand the test of time on the series? Share your thoughts beloe!

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  1. Mo says:

    Yes, I’m excited to see the time capsules. I’ve enjoyed the recent flashbacks of THE Sally Spectra so I want to see more! Great idea.


  2. Jamesj75 says:

    Location shoots galore!


    jaybird369 replied

    Yep, Brother…I was thinking the exact same thing!!!!!

    Later, Brother.


  3. blake says:

    I watched it yesterday for the first time in a LONG time and it wasn’t too bad. I had no idea that Patrika Dabo (sp?) was on there and playing Sally Spectra’s sister. that was pretty awesome to see, I hope she stays on there. she looks great on there also. I’m glad they have Spectra even with the same studio and the 80′s logo still there, that was very cool.


  4. Regina says:

    When their Mother, (Betty White), was on the show. Stephanie’s talks with Brooke before she passed.


  5. Ray says:

    I have a huge regret that I didn’t watch this show from the beginning. I never got to experience Stephanie/Sally. I love the new Sally. She is a great addition and is very expressive with your facial reactions. I am glad to have a breather from the Steffy/Liam/Wyatt and Ridge/Quinn/Eric storylines. Patrika Darbo fits in great and has the same spunk as she did when she was on DOOL in the 1990s. I can’t wait for the Australia remote.


  6. Lynn says:

    Bold & The Beautiful is my favorite soap. Would like to see Eric & Brook storyline again.


  7. Joel says:

    Sheila better be in there! Macy too!


  8. Kevin C says:

    Loving B&B and I have watch off and on since the beginning but I watch it daily now which I record…So looking forward to the flashbacks…Brad Bell, if you look at these post, please hire Jaime Lyn Bauer to interact with John McCook and have JLB and RS go at it…


  9. Mary SF says:

    I wonder if they will show any scenes with Ronn Moss as Ridge? So much of the history between Brooke and Ridge was when he played the character — can’t imagine how you could do history of the show without his portrayal of Ridge– the Ridge and Brooke pairing was a big part of show’s past— so if I can see RM play Ridge again even if only in flashbacks — that be great– but if I have watch Bill and Brooke in that balloon one more time or a Steffy and Liam montage of “their relationship” I will scream.


  10. Joyce Lane says:

    My favorites were watching Stephanie and Brooke fight in the fountain and so many others between the two of them. As we as when Stephanie died in Brooke’s arms. And the rollercoaster ride they went on together.


  11. k/kay says:

    Did they kill off Taylor and never tell us no mention of Steffy and Thomas’s mom and yet she has a grandson and Steffy getting married again to the whiner. Brad has no respect for his actors from the past Ronn Moss was on for 25 years and Ibet their will not be any flashbacks of he or Hunter Tylo who was also very popular.


  12. MB says:

    I hope they plan on bringing back more characters from the past like they did with Kristen and Tony. Would love to see Jackie M. and Taylor. (Loving the new Spectra BTW).


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