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16 October 27th, 2017 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Eric Kicks Sheila Out Of The Mansion … But Watch Out!


On Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, the tables were turned, and it was Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) on the receiving end of some machinations as Quinn (Rena Sofer), Eric (John McCook) and, yes, Mateo (Francisco San Martin) revealed to Ms. Carter that they all figured out her plan to bust up Quinn and Eric’s marriage, and it has backfired. So much so, that Eric has finally told Sheila to leave the premises and to get out of Los Angeles, altogether.

This all comes to fruition after Quinn informs Sheila she will be always be Mrs. Eric Forrester!  When Mateo appears. Sheila tells the masseuse/estate manager to reveal to Eric that Quinn crossed the line with him!  Mateo shocks Sheila telling Eric that he was hired by her to seduce Quinn.   A regretful Mateo, apologizes to Eric.  Quinn triumphantly revels in the fact that Sheila was the one who got played.

Suddenly, it dawns on Sheila that Eric knew all along! Eric asks Sheila, “How does it feel to be tricked?” Then goes on to say, everything she just tried to manipulate is  very ‘old school’ Sheila; she hasn’t changed.  Eric wants her out of his life and his house, pronto!  Finally, Eric spews the truth that Sheila is just as devious as ever.  Sheila tries to explain away all of her lies, in that, she didn’t think Quinn was worthy of him.  However, Quinn proved her wrong.  Next. Sheila speaks to Eric alone,  and exits with “I’m going to miss you  … my husband … my ex-husband.”

Once she exits outside, Sheila is startled to find Quinn who orders her off the property.  Quinn’s parting words are, “Goodbye Sheila. Goodbye forever.”  Now alone, Sheila turns to the mansion door and lets out a “Sheila-esque” laugh!  Looks, like she is really going to go psycho now on Eric and Quinn!

So, what did you think of the showdown scenes? Are you glad Eric finally told Sheila to leave the mansion? What will be Sheila’s next move? Comment below!

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    Any scenes with sheila I love because she is never up to any good. As for that tag laugh sheila did after Quinn walked into the mansion, it’s about time we got to see Sheila at her dastardly best. Hopefully that means more airtime for Sheila and leads us to Genoa City so Lauren can find out her arch nemesis is alive.


    dg replied

    Good to see someone else who appreciates Sheila. Kimberlyn Brown is one of the best villain actors in the history of daytime. However I think this story was rushed and mishandled from the start.
    This latest conspiracy with Mateo was all done wrong and far too implausible.
    But the Sheila vs Quinn rivalry cant end here. Its even better than Lauren vs Sheila on YR. Im hoping that there is another crossover to YR as well.
    The original crossover is why I started watching BB in the first place.
    That Hand That Rocks the Cradle angle was brilliant.
    I hope Brad Bell gets his act together and gives this legendary character and legacy actress the kind of story they both deserve!


  2. Mo says:

    So happy to see Quinn and Eric united and kick Sheila to the curb. Glad Eric took his blinders off to see Sheila hasn’t changed. Now, burn that Sheila portrait!!!!


  3. Jovin says:

    Does Kimberlin have ANYTHING in her acting arsenal than that breathy, menacing whisper? It was eerily entertaining circa 1991-1992, but 25 years and several pointless returns later, it has worn thin. Her presence always guarantees the potential for bat shit crazy drama, and hopefully it will get to that point. If this story has been ill conceived, especially with the glaring, dangling plot point that Lauren thought she killed Sheila 10 years ago in Genoa City. When telling the return of an epic character like Sheila, who was so prominent on both shows, the 2 shows should have gotten together, and wrote one hell of a huge mystery. Who was the Phyllis doppelgänger? Why Phyllis? How did Sheila get out of that? They could have had crossovers and intertwined story in a way that soaps haven’t done since Linda Dano blazed through all the ABC soaps. Having Sheila simply return, still pining for 80 year old Eric is kind of limp and rehashed.


    Rebecca1 replied

    John McCook is 73 and I don’t think he’s “80″ in the show. Even if he were, shouldn’t even be a factor. Whether it be obsession or true love…one can “pine” for someone they once loved throughout their lives. Shouldn’t be a negative factor. Aside from that, THIS not-80-year old is dashing, charming, handsome, kind and generous. Not too big a stretch to think a woman would pine for him…

    I do think it’s funny though, the throwback music they use in this show. Compared to GH, B&B is a relic in the music department. The kissing/sex scenes between Wyatt and Katie are always accompanied by corny music as is the “diabolical” looks that Sheila gives. Reminds me of Dark Shadows music…Waaaaay too over the top.

    I do like the show, though. Gorgeous scenery, actors and dramatic, soapy families, friends, relationships.

    As for Sheila; I thought she was dones. I guess her crazy has just begun…again.


    dg replied

    Obviously the creative teams see that stupid angle for the garbage it was and they’ve decided to sweep it under the rug and ignore it. I for one am glad they did. The problem with soaps is that over the years all of them at one point have gotten off track and written stupid plots that we would all rather they had not.
    But viewers just wont let go. This is fiction. The first thing you learn in fiction writing is that you have creative license to play around with facts. The trick is to do it without insulting your audience’s intelligence.
    But sadly the soaps often fail at that. But as viewers we have to realize that again this is fiction. We cant take any of this make believe as plausible fact. When the writers decided to revisit a story but leave out some of the baggage we have to just go with it and move on.
    One would think in the case of Sheila’s doppelganger that would be easy to do. All fans of Kimberlyn Brown revolted when her notorious role was given to Michelle Stafford. But now the powers that be have come back to their sense and Kim is back in the role that made her famous. So why not keep the dust bunnies hidden firmly under the run and move on! Lol. SMH


    Harry replied

    Please don’t let Sheila come to Genoa City.
    She’s more redundant and boring than my washer machine’s spin cycle.


    jaybird369 replied


  4. Judith says:

    Hope she’s gone for good this time. SO over this. The show is only 20 minutes long because of the ads and story lines boring. It needs help and more time besides. Nice to see Quinn and Eric back together though.


  5. JK says:



  6. elaine says:

    The whole evil Sheila thing has been overplayed and become very boring. A fast forward when she shows up. Talk about beating a dead horse with every repeated line she speaks. She needs to go to jail for bribery.


  7. Carla says:

    I agree Over done. Give us some new stuff.


  8. MB says:

    I loved it, but I worry about where they’re going to go. I feel like they brought her back in such a way that she could be around for a long time. However, with her run for office, they’re going to have to write her off (due to equal time rules for candidates). I just hope they end it like this week’s episode, where it’s open-ended. There’s so much they could explore with her children etc. if they don’t paint her into a corner before her exit.


  9. Mary SF says:

    The trouble with this show is they like to repeat anything that worked well in the past and it doesn’t have to be just plot lines that get recycled but camera work. The well worn montages of Steffy and Liam romance for one and now Shelia looking straight in the camera and smiling in a sinister way– the first time they did it it was gold, now it just cliche and is meaningless, because as of this date Shelia has been as menacing as mouse compare to the Shelia of old


    rebecca1 replied

    I just think it’s over-the-top corny/funny when she smiles like that, Mary SF. I can’t imagine that “style” of looking into the camera and that melodramatic music in the background on GH. SUCH different shows! While I enjoy B&B for its characters, families, stunning visuals…there is a lot more going on at GH! (And though people complain about that, I think it keeps the show fresh.)


  10. jaybird369 says:

    Y-e-p…same old Sheila…lol.


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