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20 January 11th, 2016 The Bold and the Beautiful Has Big Final Week Of 2015 Averaging 4.2 Million Viewers, Best Since February 2007!


There was lots to celebrate over at CBS The Bold and the Beautiful in its final week of 2015!

According to the network, B&B for the week ending January 3rd 2016, averaged 4.22 million viewers for the ratings period.  That is its best showing since back in February of 2007.

One of the best episodes of the final week of the year was B&B’s New Year’s Eve episode, which focused on long-running series cast members Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric).

B&B was strong in the key demos for the week as well with 1.6/08 in women 25-54, its best delivery in the demographic since the week ending June 19, 2015 , and 1.0/06 in women 18-49, its best delivery in the demographic since the week ending November, 13, 2015.

So what do you think about B&B’s ending to 2015?  Will 2016 continue the uptake?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. robert says:

    was not overly surprised. daytime always rates high during New Years week with people off for the holidays


  2. su0000 says:

    give me some room, I have something very important to say;

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to MIchael Fairman !!

    lots of luv ! hope your birthday wish comes true!!

    (done, carry on!


  3. Brett says:

    I can’t think why, the show is terrible at the moment. It used to be my favourite TV show until Liam arrived and every episode now revolves around his latest triangles!


  4. tracy says:

    Steffy, liam wyatt and ivy dominated that week that is why the ratings were so high.


    Iakovos replied

    I wish they were interesting. The shadow cast on Steffy for being in wrong place at wrong time is a good one but, ugh!, the endless triangles and quadrangles. Soap staples but there seems to be a lack of takes on the proceedings. No new secrets, no romance, just talk talk talk and bed-hopping and quickie marriages to be annulled. I want more. That said, I have liked the addition of Ivy. The show needs a likable outsider, and she has more spunk that Hope did as she was written.


  5. LCA says:

    Brooke was back on screen…along with Bill, Katie, Eric and Quinn. It is obvious the viewers want to see these characters and yet they were absent for much of 2015. The ratings say it all! Congrats to B&B … and I hope they continue to feature the favorite characters of Brooke, Bill, Katie, Eric, Quinn (and Deacon) and go lighter on all of the new-gen players that just aren’t connecting with the audience. :)


  6. Bella says:

    The ratings were from Brooke, Bill and Katie. Steffy, Liam and Wyatt are boring and tiresome. None of them have a single redeeming quality. The transgender nonsense drug out for so long and is still in play with Nicole as the surrogate. The only break we have had from Steffy, Liam, Wyatt, and Ivy, as well as the boring and overdone transgender story and the Avant family, is in fact, Brooke/Bill/Katie.

    Steffy, Liam, Ivy and Wyatt dominate week after week with the Avants taking up the rest of the screen time. Seeing Bill acting more like himself will be a breath of fresh air. I’d even welcome Katie as the screeching, hypocritical shrew to having to see another week of the same old dreck that has been put out there for several months now. How nice it has been without Ridge and Caroline plotting on how to keep Thomas from finding out the truth, how nice to not have to see Thomas scheming on how to get his cousin into bed.

    And how soooo refreshing it would be to not have to see another person fall victim to Steffy’s uncontrollable temper and sense of entitlement. The most ridiculous of it all was having Liam fall and end up flying to Australia. And Steffy wasn’t even there for that.

    The one and only change after several months of the same old dreck was in fact Brooke, Bill and Katie.


  7. Matthew Place says:

    Wow! Just WOW!!! Go B&B and CBS daytime.


  8. MissyB says:

    Clearly it was the scenes with Brill, that was the only major difference. All the other characters have been on for months and they didn’t bring it. But out the amazing KKL and DD int the same room, instant chemistry and raising. So bring on Brill, they have been missed!


  9. Mary says:

    Katie and Bill were great


  10. sarah says:

    I don’t for a second believe that the ratings had anything to do with Brill or Batie or anything of that nature thats for damn sure especially as that week when B&B had those ratings they had the Liam/Steffy/Wyatt/Ivy storyline on. I think it was a mix of the fact that the ratings have been on the rise again lately & it was over the new year, however it could also just be that some viewers are getting reinvested in that storyline


  11. Danielle says:

    Since Brooke, Katie and Bill’s previous story bombed in ratings, and Brooke’s drinking story bombed, I have to go with the Steffy-Ivy climax and New Year’s Eve week with people being home as to why the ratings went up. I can’t imagine tons more viewers tuning in just to see Eric coddling poor lonely Brooke again or the clearly ruined Katie and Bill coupling after Brooke poisoned it. Even Steffy haters were tuning in full force to watch Steffy get blamed again for Ivy going down the stairs and Liam’s reaction to it while Steffy fans were tuning in to watch to make sure it wasn’t Steffy’s fault. Add to that people loving the fact that Ivy got dumped, the triangle while being carried on too long already, was the main reason viewership went up that week. People on both sides wanted to see the what happened to Steffy-Ivy and Wyatt-Liam.


    LCA replied

    You really need to check your ratings claims , Brooke, Bill and Brill brought up the ratings from 2012 (when Ronn Moss/Ridge left and freed up Brooke and ratings actually ROSE) until KKL left for Italy in mid-2014. When KKL returned in 2015 the show was a mess and the Brooke the drunk SL came out of left field. The show was bleeding viewers since that time and I was one of them! I came back for Brooke and Bill at Christmas …. so may B&B continue to feature the core and established and popular characters in 2016!


    Lois replied

    I totally disagree. The op is right, Brooke and Bill were horrible for ratings and that was proven time and time again on many boards. Brooke yet again bombed ratings with the 15 minute booze bit. The show had become a mess because people were sick of the Hope/Liam/Steffy Wyatt merrygoround and a bad recast of Ridge paired with Katie then Caroline…Jaq Woods leaving also put the show in a big tailspin. Ratings started back up when Steffy came back to town but sadly Brad went back to another tired triangle. It was clear just from scanning all of the major boards that the huge interest that week was both sides wanting to see the Ivy Steffy confrontation and Liams reaction along with Wyatt finding out. Brooke and Bill come in close to Deacon Brooke as one of the most vile pairings ever juat judging from even proBrooke boards.

    sarah replied

    I absolutely agree that it was what was going on with those characters it was finally pay off time for that storyline after months of no pay offs. People can argue that Brill that may or may not have bought the ratings up when they did that triangle but what I do know is they got there high ratings from running Maya’s storyline & to Brill & Batie don’t even compare to the ratings they got than when they did that that social story vs that triangle and these ratings are in that number. As well as it being new years week that was a big reason as well.


    Pam replied

    I hate this storyline with Brooke, Katie and Bill.. If he can’t control his self for Katie and their baby he should go away. The sisters clearly love each other and I hate to see Katie get hurt again with the macho man . If they put Brooke and Bill back together again I quit. I’m sick of it


  12. LucyT says:

    I have no doubt it was KKL and DD as Brill that brought the ratings up they are the only two characters that are newly introduced into play with a revamped s/l during this time period.Go Brill


  13. Patty says:

    Well, I hope that B & B enjoyed their high year-end ratings. Here comes, yet another year of triangles with Liam and Bill ! Enough !!!!! The best storyline of 2015 was Maya’s being transgender. A storyline with substance. The writers need to realize that this is NOT the 1950′s. Gone are the days of bored housewives watching. We want storylines that matter in today’s world.


  14. Alice says:

    The ongoing relationship between Bill and Brooke is overkill and tiring! Please end it now!


  15. Ollie says:

    Why have the writers created this reckless storyline for Liam????? He has a TBI following a fall (however, he seemed to have suffered a mini stroke from the shock of seeing Steffy with his brother 2 weeks ago)! This is too crazy! Why hasn’t he received medical attention? No you all put him in the possession of crazy Quinn?? Why has no one looked for him??? Those stupid texts shouldn’t fool anyone! So Crazy Quinn is controlling Liam—— Nuts! Just to allow time for her chubby son to start a “real”affair with Steffy??? Stupid!!! I’m turning off my recorder till Summer, when this stupid storyline is over! Please end it. Now don’t go and mess up Y & R or I will not be able to watch any soaps.


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