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32 June 25th, 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful Has Their New Thomas: Pierson Fode’ Joins The Cast!


The character of Thomas Forrester is finally coming home to the CBS Daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, but this time it won’t be Adam Gregory (2010-2014)  or Drew Tyler Bell (2004-2010) that will play the part.

As B&B fans are aware, a casting call went out awhile ago for the new Thomas and according to the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, actor Pierson Fode’ has nabbed the coveted role, and is ready to stir things up on the Bold canvas.

Fode’ has appeared in the HBO series “Hello Ladies”, Alastair Orr’s “Indigenous”,  and the mini series “Storytellers”.   In addition, the paparazzi have certainly been following Pierson around a lot, because he is the boyfriend of actress and singer Victoria Justice.  In fact, their new film together , “Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List”  follows two life long best friends who find themselves falling for the same guy and its repercussions.  The film will be seen at L.A’s Outfest film festival in July.

Look for Pierson to make his ‘Bold and Beautiful’ debut on the July 24th episode of the daytime drama series.

What do you think of the casting of Pierson Fode’ as the new Thomas Forrester?   Who do you think he will be romantically mixed up with when he hits Los Angeles and Forrester Creations? Share your thoughts and theories below!

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  1. Paul Lucci says:

    They should have kept Adam Gregory. Much hotter


    gb replied

    They need someone willing to strip and do sex scenes. It’s a soap


    Ricardo Sorino replied

    I agree Paul, Adam Gregory was way hotter and he was a terrific actor. My boyfriens looks like Adam Geegory, the face and body. I am 25, and my hubby is 28. I am a very goodl looking man too lol.


    Ricardo Sorino replied

    I meant my boyfriend LOL.

    davlestev1 replied


    Mo replied

    Adam was not a terrific actor. He was passable.

  2. Jake says:

    I’m happy for Pierson, but sad it’s not Adam. Pierson is only like 24, right? So we’ve completely de-aged the character. :\ He’ll be great though– he’s got great abs.


  3. David B. says:

    it’s about damn time he came here and see who his father is sleeping with a woman his age….


    Sporrester replied

    Oh my godness, stop it! We should be fine with Transgenders all over BB now, but still comments about the AGE different? BROOKE was in the age of Erics daughters, when she married him and everyone is fine with their history, but now over 25 years later age different is still a problem? So HYPOCRITE!


  4. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I am liking the casting; they’re clearly going with someone who’s going to favor Thorsten more than they would Ronn, and I understand it. I’m excited to see how changed Thomas is when he comes back to the canvas! I’m ready for his return! Though, he would’ve made a nice R.J. SORAS, as well!


  5. Geena says:

    I hope he’s a decent actor and brings some energy to the role. The last Thomas was kinda so so in the acting department.


  6. davidevansmith says:

    He looks tasty!


    Aden replied



  7. Mary SF says:

    Well since this show loves triangles and keeping it all in the family– Thomas will have a thing for Caroline and she will be torn between father and son.


  8. sarah says:

    I’m happy to finally have Thomas back on screen he is a huge part of the business storyline considering he owns stock in the company & he is certainly going to give CaRidge a good shake up I’m really excited to give this actor a chance. I wasn’t necessarily a big fan of Adam Gregory as Thomas but they may have just been his storylines given but anyway WELCOME TO B&B !!!


  9. Beth says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Thomas/Ridge relationship, which has been missing for awhile. Ridge’s story has been too involved with Forrester Creations and his love life. He’s a dad, too, and finally we’re starting to see him interact with his kids. I’m also looking forward to the possible triangle with Ridge and Caroline. It would be ironic if Ridge got a taste of his own medicine, with Caroline being torn between father and son. I wonder what Eric, Rick and Thorne would say!


  10. The_Moustache says:

    happy that Steffy and now Thomas are back!

    Now they need to figure out a way to bring back Phoebe back from the dead!


  11. ellen says:

    Why wasn’t Adam brought back? Way, way better…sad


  12. Larkin says:

    o apparently if Bell is in the right mood he can hire people.. That’s great! Well not so fast…..Guess what? Bradley Bell’s only hire actors to play the same characters, and If Susan Flannery had not asked for her Stephanie Forrester mercifully to be killed off, she sure would have showed up as well with a new face.. But what about hiring to add a little verve to the show? He could get actors and actresses various age range, to expand Bold, hot and sexy.. Is that too much to ask to have some testosterone on the show? So why @Y&R they get villains, shooting scenes, trials, hot sex w/ mature actors, and VICTOR NEWMAN (unchanged and more bad axx than ever), we audience at Bold, are stuck eternally in the kiddie pool with lame triangles, obsessive ex-lovers (who never let go), grownups meddling in their youngster life, w/ no sl better to do? I can almost hear and see the look on Victor Newman ‘face, on the other set: THANK GOD IM OVER HERE! Well we audience can really relate Mr Newman, having craved for a change so we get a taste of “The Y&R experience” as I call it, where audience are really treated compare to us. I would have loved for my beautiful Steffy to get a new man, but who am I, to wish/want something new? After all it was Bell’s decision to kill off hot STILL for lame Leffy, and look where we are now, trapped in the same triangle Jacqui left after 3yrs! It’s getting old and tedious to bounce back and forth between same dork faces, stupid grownups duing nothing, lame triangles shoved repeatedly down our throat, but who is complaining, Bell is a great owner which must translate to “good writer and producer”, so now is Thomas ‘ turn to get a new face….What was wrong with the last one? Eyeroll.


  13. Rodd says:

    I wonder why they didn’t go with any of the other guys that previously played Thomas? You would think that by now TPTB would understand that each time they recast a character that character is diminished a little bit more in the hearts of the audience. People have their favorites. To have three adults play the same character in just a few short years baffles me.
    Nonetheless, I wish this new actor (to the role) well.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Adam Gregory didn’t want to return as Thomas, and I doubt Drew Tyler Bell would want to, given he was fired from the role in order for Adam to takeover. Drew does not fit a designer Thomas.


  14. Mo says:

    He’s cute. Hope he can act. Glad Thomas is returning.


  15. richard says:

    I read that he screen tested with Linsey Godfrey and their chemistry was through the roof!! They are obviously going to revisit Thomas/Caroline!!! And it’s going to be a deja vu triangle….Ridge/Brooke/Eric……Ridge/Caroline/Thomas!!! i’m disappointed in KKL’s lack of screen and storyline lately…she has carried the show for YEARS..they don’t need to kick aside a vet. They have completely disregarded Ridge/Brooke….:(


  16. Iakovos says:

    B&B is a mess regarding story lines. Everyone is interchangeable and there is no central focus. I think less would be more. The Brooke-Ridge destiny seems no more after 20+ years of audience investment. Let characters evolve and grow. B&B seems to want to keep them preserved in amber or as if it were Groundhog Day. Endless repeating triangles with no resolution or closure. Lots of borderline incest. I am not compelled to watch.

    Glad for this young actor to cut his teeth on daytime drama. with so few I cannot give up on this [programming genre I do enjoy.


  17. sandra says:

    He should get with Ivy and and drive Stephanie crazy.


  18. AJ says:

    The Forrester family will never be complete until they find a way to bring back Phoebe. When last we saw her body, Bridget was in the morgue with her – Prince Omar could have spirited her away just like he did Taylor. Bridget, the doctor, can be the only one that knows and has been away taking care of her. Great way to bring back Bridget as regular cast member as well. Make it happen!!! Steffy needs her sister.


  19. Mike Gutierrez says:

    Would be cool if Thomas’ crazy side comes out again in some way… remember when he set Rick’s house on fire? Since they (spoiler alert for those of you that DVR the show) killed off the resident psycho, Ally, and Quinn hasn’t had a story line in a while, we need some darkness to make it interesting and well rounded!


  20. Pat says:

    I DO NOT like this new Thomas. What were you thinking?!!!


    JMRH replied

    I AGREE. BAD CHOICE. Again, what were you thinking?!?!?!?


    Kylie replied

    I third that! There’s absolutely nothing to like about this guy and I don’t find him attractive AT ALL! I loved Both Adam Gregory and Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas and I can’t stand this guy. I’d rather leave Thomas unseen in Paris than have this imposter on the show.
    (To Scott) How do you know Adam Gregory didn’t want to return? I’ve been googling it for ages now and cannot find any comment from him or B&B execs regarding whether or not he was asked to come back & turned it down, or not offered it at all..
    If he didn’t want to come back, surely they could’ve found someone much better than this.
    BTW I am loving the new Zende:) (as I did the old one) Had no idea this character was returning either. I gave up reading spoilers/soap mags on B&B a long time ago as I was sick of spoiling myself on everything that was going to happen.

  21. Kylie says:

    PS. Maybe the fans can get rid of this Thomas like they did Emily Harrison’s Bridget, who only lasted a few months ‘cos none of the fans (including me) liked her when she replaced the wonderful Jennifer Finnigan. She was swiftly replaced by the much better Ashley Jones.


    Amy replied

    A similar thing happened when David Tom tried to return to the role of Billy Abbott after Billy Miller left on Y&R. I don’t like the guy who plays him now either, but he’s better than David Tom.


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