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40 December 9th, 2014 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope Receives Devastating News!


As viewers get ready to see the final episodes this week of Kim Matula as Hope Logan Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful kicked things in to high gear on Monday’s episode where the show picked up from last week’s cliffhanger which saw Hope take a serious tumble down the stairs at the Forrester mansion after an argument with Quinn (Rena Sofer).

As was expected, it was Liam (Scott Clifton) to the rescue who carried Hope all the way up the mansion steps to the hospital.  Once there, Hope learned following an ultrasound that there is no longer a heartbeat for her unborn child, and that she has lost the baby.

Of course, true baby daddy Wyatt (Darin Brooks) didn’t pick up the phone when Liam called him to tell him of the accident, so he has yet to find out.  Wyatt is to busy telling his mother Quinn off for her meddling ways.  Quinn has yet to tell Wyatt either about the stumble down the stairs, and just where Hope is at this moment.

So, are you glad that it is Liam who is sharing these pivotal moments with Hope at the hospital? Were you hoping that the series would not make Hope lose the baby to facilitate Kim’s exit? Comment below!

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  1. Paul Lucci says:

    I was hoping they would kill off Hope. Most annoying character ever.


    vinman replied



    Mark replied

    LOL triple ditto


    jaybird369 replied

    Paul…ME, TOO!!!!! Anyway, so much for hoping…LOL!!!!!


    Venita replied

    No she is not!!!


    SZima replied

    AMEN! I hope the re-cast is at least less annoying!


  2. vinman says:

    See ya!!!! Take Liam and Wyatt with you please!!!


    penny replied

    Hehe, I second that.


  3. Filomena says:

    Yes, I’m glad that it is Liam sharing this with Hope. I love Lope as a couple and don’t want to say goodbye to them – so I “hope” it’s a goodbye for now.

    I look forward to seeing Hope back (sad, not to be KM but, as a recast) but, will miss the amazing chemistry that SC and KM bring to their roles.


    Linda replied

    They are so perfect together. I am so glad Liam was with Hope through it all.


  4. Gail B says:

    I was hoping that the baby would survive. That Hope feeling as she does would get Liam’s assistance in getting away from it all, although not asking him to go and eventually she would have the baby and show back up child in hand to resume her life in LA!


  5. k/kay says:

    Is it just me or is this a Hurry Up Exit storyline for the actress/character kind of like when Ronn Moss left. Hmm!!


    Jimmy replied

    Yeah, I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened, or at least not this quickly, if Kim wasn’t leaving the show. They might have had her miscarry, but maybe not this soon. I hope the same thing Steffy went through doesn’t happen to Hope, and she’s told she can’t become pregnant again. This story already feels like a repeat of Steffy’s exit.


    Elite Advisors replied

    Absolutely agree! One week she is in Amsterdam on a fashion shoot skinny as ever and the next week she has a pretty big bump, the drs tell her “HE” is gone…when did that even happen?

    HE? I think it was so poorly written and rushed…

    What is even more confusing is they stated no recast and now they say they are recasting… who’s on first?

    Either way I am glad she is going…so done with this gross trio.


  6. Shelly says:

    I was hoping that the baby would survive too and the ultrasound would prove that the gestation is actually further along and the baby was actually Liams! I am So tired of the triangle between Liam/Hope/wyatt!


  7. Rob says:

    When is Katherine Kelly Lang coming back? Its hard to swallow, after all her meddling, that Brooke wouldnt be there for her daughter. Unless the plan is to ship Hope off to Italy….


  8. Mo says:

    Not happy Liam is there instead of Wyatt. Not happy they killed off the baby. They could have kept Hope pregnant, have her take a little off-screen break, and return recast.


    Mc replied

    Let Wyatt and Ivy fall in love. Leave Hope and Liam alone .


  9. Nikki says:

    I think Kim played this so well. I think because she’s such a main character they will replace her but I wonder if she will leave Wyatt now for Liam . Remember she was going to go with Liam until she found out she was pregnant then she said her goodbye’s to Liam and went with Wyatt. I think maybe they’ll let her go away for awhile then replace her. Maybe have her say she’s going to stay with her Mom for awhile!


  10. PV Jr. says:

    They could not have come up with anything less traumatic to cause her to leave town than THAT?! Come on. Most likely the fetus had already died BEFORE the fall because, well, that is what happens in real life. You never know from ultrasound to ultrasound whether the baby is still there or not nor do you when it starts kicking. It is a risk and you are lucky if you make it to term.

    Secondly, what a horrible thing to do to Wyatt to have his narcissistic mother sit there and answer his 20 questions while his wife is in the hospital with her ex-lover. She couldn’t have gotten over her whatever-it-was (because it was not shock if she was replaying the whole thing in her head) and just say: “Wyatt, Liam rushed Hope to the hospital, let’s go!”?

    Thirdly, WOW, I would love to get emergency room care like Hope got. She didn’t even have to fill out paperwork and they had that wheelchair right there waiting for her. Even those that come in on an ambulance have to wait sometimes.

    And fourth, boy I never saw to day people clear a room so fast after telling Hope “he” was not there anymore. Where was all the compassion they had for her when they were treating her?

    And, I guess, fifth, are we supposed to believe that Hope is now like 20 weeks pregnant? Boy that was a fast first trimester. How many days comprise a B&B episode anyway, like 20?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Id like to get emergency care like that too…back in July i was rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain and could barely walk because of a kidney stone…i had to be at the desk for several minutes while i was asked questions then had to wait for over 20 minutes in a waiting area nearly passing out from the pain…finally they came to take me to the emergency room and i wasnt given a wheelchair…i told them i was in great pain, dizzy and could barely walk but still no wheelchair…when i got back there it took another ten minutes before a dr came to see me…no treatments…two more doctors came to me and repeated the same questions…about 20 to 30 minutes later i was tested…then another 20 minutes after that i was given something for pain and sent home where i laid in pain for three days before the stone finally passed!!! A year before that i was rushed to hospital for the same thing but stayed in hospital the whole weekend and the care then wasnt so great!!! and its the only hospital we have!!! If i could only have been treated at one of those instant care soap hospitals!!!


  11. Jeff says:

    Yes, Scott Clifton should come back to GH!!


  12. Nikki says:

    Hmm… maybe someone will swoop in and try to steal one or both of her love interests during her grieving period like Hope did with Liam when Steffy lost her baby.


  13. richard says:

    SO predictable!!! Why couldn’t Hope just flee LA to Europe to escape Quinn??? My hunch was that the baby was Liam’s anyway, then B&B couldve recasted or convinced KM to come back, and Hope could return for May Sweeps 2015 and bust up Liam and Ivy’s wedding by announcing the baby was Liam’s!!!!!! I hope Brooke comes back from Europe gunning for Quinn!!!!


  14. knighthawk says:

    I am SO happy that Hope and Liam are getting these important moments in Hope’s exit.

    All the years of love and heartbreak, tears and laughter…it should be Liam with her, not the latest interloper Wyatt.

    Hope and Liam have so many fans, we may not be the loudest on social media, but we are big in numbers. We’ve rooting for this couple and watched for this couple, and the fact that Kim is leaving without the show giving a payoff to the many Lope fans is disappointing. This helps.


  15. Jimmy says:

    B&B needs drama like this every once in a while. Too often it’s drama about who’s sleeping with who behind who’s back, or love triangle madness. I like the stories that involve crisis situations, it adds that hint of excitement and interest that stories like this need. The Hope/Liam/Wyatt triangle is as tired and boring as Hope/Liam/Steffy was. I’m not suggesting B&B turn into GH where gun shots go off nearly every week, but plot twists like this, and scenes like we got between Hope and Liam, are what we need every so often.


  16. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    While Y&R is overpopulated with too many new characters, its sister B&B ironically is suffering from the opposite problem —– Too many tired, worn out characters.

    I’m beyond ready for Hope and a few of the other (overused) Forresters and Logans to leave town!!! If we have to have Forresters, where the heck are the completely neglected Thorne and Felicia???

    What this show REALLY needs is a strong, interesting matriarch (yes, I’m specifically thinking about the unemployed Elizabeth Hubbard!!) to head up some new characters (her adult children and grandchildren —– romantic foils for Brooke and Quinn so Hubbard can tell those two to “shove it” —- and maybe a couple of devoted employees).

    It is funny that Y&R seems to be dying under the revolving door of producers and writers and the constant shift in focus, rewriting history, and perpetual recasting. Meanwhile, B&B seems to be suffocating from a LACK of doing that.

    There has to be a balance between the veterans and the newbies. Something that neither show seems wiling or able to balance.

    In sum, GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE HOPE!!!!!


  17. Ghlover says:

    Im sorry but Hope could realy be a interesting character if played by an ACTRESS. Please bring Julie Marie Berman (ex-Lulu Gh). She and Liam were amazing on Gh


    PV Jr. replied

    Oh, forgot that they worked together on GH. Seems so long ago, but you are absolutely right.


  18. Sandy says:

    What is up with this soap and killing off unborn babies!?!


  19. rose says:

    You knew there was always the possibility of something happening to the baby when they had to find a story line for Kiim’s exit. But miscarriage again? First it was Steffy’s miscarriage, and then she went to Paris. Can’t the writers figure another way to write someone off a show that doesn’t involve miscarriages, car/motorcycle accidents, or tumbling down steps when pregnant. Like not having Hope get pregnant in the first place? Plus, I don’t like that it’s babies and kids getting sick or worse all of the time in soaps. Except GH where the adults are always getting shot.


  20. Sue K says:

    I was thinking that babe would survive, but Hope would be comatose until recast. I think that, since Hope it seems will be recast, that there would not be another baby death so soon.
    I guess that was for the Steffy fans (since she is now coming back) to stick it to Hope.


  21. Wendy says:

    Im happy it was liam that saw her because he is the one that love her the most .put them bac k together so that they can marry before kim exit.


  22. dee says:

    Yes im glad its liam thats sharing all of this with hope frankly im gkad she lost the baby just like i was happyvwhen steppy lost jers hope and liam belong together but the writers jist wont give them a chance.


  23. Lolita Bridges says:

    Yesterday’s episode was truly touching and poignant. I felt that B&B gave fans and the other actors a chance to say goodbye to Kim and express what she has meant to them these past 5 years. The emotions were real and I felt blessed to be a part of such a defining moment. Only B&B can bring such real emotion to a scene and make you forget you’re watching a soap opera.


  24. Mo says:

    Brad Bell is a baby killer. He killed Amber’s baby and more recently killed Brooke’s baby, Steffy’s baby, and now Hope’s. Katie is lucky she was able to keep hers. God help anyone who gets pregnant on B&B.


  25. Mo says:

    When Hope arrived at the hospital, why didn’t she give her name as Hope Spencer?


  26. PatF says:

    BB does have issues when it comes to writing its characters out. This storyline parallels Steffy leaving.

    I’m tired of the interrupted weddings, and miscarriages.

    However, this week has been very dramatic and well acted. Just predictable from Bell.


  27. k/kay says:

    Darin Brooks has done good work this week I feel sorry for him he has always been honest and faithful to the immature brat of the century Hope. I absolutely love it when he told her she always wants what she doesn’t have at the moment. Just like her mother we need to put this character on ice and build up other storylines. We need a long rest and if we are bringing Steffy back for more nonsense with Liam do not bother.


  28. joy says:

    I loved liam and steffy together,hope is too boring.


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