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23 March 25th, 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful Looking For Transgender Actor Or Actress For Short-Term Role!


The Bold and the Beautiful will continue to tell the story of Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), who viewers just learned was born a man named Myron. The transgender twist has gotten a lot of mainstream pick-up.  Now, according to Soap Opera Digest the CBS soap opera has put out a casting call looking for a transgender actor or actress of any ethnicity for a short-term role.

The part is set to appear in four episodes for now, but it may lead to more.  The casting breakdown is asking for “A strong, confidant person who’s completed their transition and is mentoring other Trans people.”  The person who will play this role will start taping April 7th.

So, intrigued to see how this character will come into the picture in Maya’s story? Glad to hear B&B is reaching into the transgender community for a performer to fill the part?  Comment below

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  1. Torqumada says:

    Remember Zarf?

    We were treated to speeches but not much else. I’m hoping that this is better story telling than that. But so far it feels more preachy than story based.

    I like the actress and I’m grateful for anything that isn’t another triangle, especially on this show. While I’m all for the ‘teachable moment’ I truly hope this aims higher. As EMPIRE ably showed you can do teachable and great character driven stories.

    I hope they get the balance right.


    mechelle replied

    It is interesting storyline.The fact remains Maya has lied to Rick, he should drop her fast. Return toCaroline.
    Rick cannot have children with Maya again she has lied. Poor Rick.

    Agree, poor Rick again has been betrayed and lied to he should drop Maya fast. Get Caroline back.


    mechelle replied

    I like “Maya” I don’t think she lied to Rick I’m sure there’s things Maya doesn’t know about him personal things. So I think he should forgive her and move past it they can always adopt!


  2. 4ever DAYS says:

    Chaz Bono would be a obvious choice if he/she is fully transitioned. Does anybody know if that’s the case?


    SZima replied

    I’d MUCH rather see Laverne Cox. (Orange…Black).


    Leo replied

    There’s about 90 “RuPaul Drag Race” alumna vying for this role.

    Mary replied

    What about Janet Mock?

    wolfy replied

    Chaz is a fully transgendered male, but too well-known, in my opinion for this program. It WOULD be more “infomercial” than show if he came on.

    Most of the contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race are drag queens. Men who DRESS as women, but are still male. There have been a couple who are transgendering, or who have enhanced their breasts, but not that have completely changed. One, I believe, either was going through it or had chaned from female to male, * can’t recall which. This was in the last couple seasons.

    If this is handled right, it could be a great story. Maya could go see whomever they hire for support, which she will need when the secret is out, as many will turn against her. Depending upon whether or not Rick is a strong person or will believe only that Maya lied to him, this could turn into something great. If they marry, they’ll adopt (another good thing). If they break up, maybe Carter still cares enough that he will be with her. It has so many ways to go. Will she still be lead model? Who will be most accepting in the Forrester, Logan & Spencer universes? Who will be intolerable toward her, who the most understanding? A great story potential, IF it is done right!

    And Calpernia Addams is my choice for the part. I truly admire her.


  3. Mo says:

    Not really intrigued, no.


  4. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I can’t decide if all of this is ground-breaking and quality writing or if it is an exploitative attempt to grab headlines and ratings.

    It will be interesting to see if, two years from now, if Maya remains a significant character on this show or conveniently leaves after this plot plays out.

    By the way, I do remember that Zarf storyline on AMC. It was beyond AWFUL.


  5. Charles David Haskell says:

    I hope that the writer will tell the whole story about Maya/Myron Aimont. It would be interested to see how she was able to afford the operation to change from him to her. How did the parent handle the fact that their son become the daughter . I would also see how Maya learn to handle the change in her life. I got a feeling that Nicole will become Maya worst nightmare.


    Mo replied

    We know how the Avants handled the transition–poorly. They acted like Nicole was an only child. They didn’t talk about their firstborn. They thought it was something Maya could control (wanting to be a girl).


  6. Iakovos says:

    This could be a great story line or, like other B&B plot initiatives, it will come and go quickly. Unless it is a triangle involving Liam, then it must drag on forever.


  7. Daniellacarter says:

    Daniella Carter is a young Phoenix. She has risen out of the ashes and continues to spread light. Miss Carter is an advocate for LGBT youth and has given speeches at local, national and international events, including panel discussions with political leaders and dignitaries. She continues to motivate youth to achieve their goals and develop tools to overcome their adversities. Daniella recently initiated a project to bring visibility to trans youth issues and has collaborated with Miss Universe and others to share their experiences in overcoming homelessness. She is working with her mentor Laverne cox and was featured in the MTV & Logo TV documentary “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word”. In addition, Carter has worked with various celebrities, from Cyndi Lauper to 50 cent, to raise awareness of LGBTQIA youth homelessness. Her message transcends boundaries of race, nationality and gender, focusing on the intersection of identities. Daniella recently shared her experience at the Humans Rights Campaign “Time to Thrive Conference” for LGBTQIA youth and was introduced by Jama Shelton (deputy director of the True Colors Foundation) as ‘the future of our movement and the right now of our movement’. Her speeches is viewable on YouTube.


    Frankly replied

    Way to self-promote!


  8. k/kay says:

    No !!!!!!! This is a soap opera Brad go for it make every character go crazy on this show the fact she/he has fooled everybody! No infomercial in how we should all accept this have the guts to tell the story how Real People would react have the guts to tell the story! Little Ricky is about to be made a fool of go for the gold quit being politically correct!


    k/kay replied

    And by real people I mean first reactions people will go nuts! Tell the story do not sugar coat it! Every liberal friend and conservative friend I know would go nuts if they thought they were being made a fool of!


    Nikki replied

    I couldn’t agree more but I think they will have all the hugs & kisses for poor Maya and they will treat it like a disease. In reality Caroline should find out first and blow it out of the water at a board meeting (just like Maya did with her). Pam & Donna would be sitting gossiping at the desk and laughing,Katie will always side with her sis Brook who wants Rich & Caroline back together & said she doesn’t trust Maya,Ivy can’t stand her because of the treatment her & Aly are getting so it will be a joke to them,Wyatt & Liam will always side with their cousin Caroline not to mention they hate Rick,Oliver hates the way his girlfriend Aly is treated so it wont go over well there, Bill Spencer will have a field day with it and Ridge will wipe the floor with Rick but again none of this will happen it will be played like a fairy-tale and they all lived happily ever after.

    Sparky replied

    I think that Bill should get wind of it first. After all…He has the publications to spread the word to the world and institute the take over that’s been on the agenda for awhile. I would rather see Rick react as is predictable. And Maya/Myron should be treated as most would…With disdain. THAT is realistic. People will be upset because she lied. I agree with a previous poster that trying to make people accept this is a sure way to lose viewers because there will just always be people who will not accept transgender people. You cannot force people to accept LGBT’s. Trying to shame them, calling them bigots doesn’t work and only makes them more resistant.
    And on other problems… Of course there will be little Ricky looking to get back with Caroline. His greatest accomplishment would be to get Caroline back from Ridge. And I believe that SHOULD happen. Being CEO only brings out his worst side. Get Brooke and Eric back together to jointly run Forrester so neither of the boys are CEO.

  9. wolfy says:

    Calpernia Addams.

    ‘Nough said.


  10. Jennifer says:

    I really do not want to see this story line. When this soap goes to homosexual story line then I will turn it off forever. Just because they want ratings is why this yuk is put on here. I always thought Bold and Beautiful was a good soap. But not now.


  11. Marco says:

    The comments about drag performers playing a transgender character are ridiculous. Drag is a performance. It’s a caricature. How can you people think it would be anyway appropriate to represent trans folk like that?

    Real trans people aren’t performing. This is who they are. There are trans people who transition. Who live daily, 24/7, as real people and are not performing.

    Seriously, gross to all of you who can’t discern the difference between drag artists and real people Laverne Cox or Janet Mock.


  12. Rio says:

    So how do I apply?


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