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3 July 14th, 2015 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Obba Babatundé & Karla Mosley Bring Touching Performances As Julius Moves One Step Closer To Acceptance Of Maya!


Monday’s episode of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful featured top notch writing, and raw and touching performances from Obba Babatundé (Julius) and Karla Mosley (Maya) as the highly-anticipated pick-up from last Friday’s cliffhanger played out.

Maya, who is confronted by her parents Julius and Vivienne (Anna Marie Horford) inside the Forrester mansion, is shocked when at first Julius calls Maya his “little girl”.  But the tender moment is called to a halt when parents and child discuss their hurt, shame and humiliation that each has gone through since their son Myron turned into their daughter Maya.   Old wounds are discussed, tears are shed, and many of the issues facing many in the transgender community with their parents, and that of overall acceptance, and how it can fracture a family, are brought to the forefront.

By the end of the episode, Julius and Vivienne can’t quite come to terms with Maya, and so they are going to leave town and head to the airport – they originally said they showed up to take Maya’s sister Nicole (Reign Edwards) back to Illinois with them and away from the influence of Maya and Los Angeles.

As her parents begin to leave, a defeated Maya says, “Thanks for coming by.”  It is then that Julius walks over to her and says, “Stand up.  Stand up, Maya.”   He then says, “I will try.  I am set in my ways and in my thinking.  But the one thing, that I never stop being is your father.  So, I will try to get to know the woman that you have become, and the life that you created for yourself.  I will try to find a way to fit in, this I promise you.  What do you say?”   After asking for a hug and some love in return, Maya hugs her father in tears and says, “Daddy!”

Kudos to the writing team of The Bold and the Beautiful who have not disappointed in one beat of this storyline, and have brought to the forefront the journey of a trans woman illustrating through the character of Maya Avant.

Watch the emotional scenes between Maya and Julius after the jump! Then let us know what you thought of the performances, the writing, and if you were moved to tears?

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  1. Sandy says:

    Yes the performances didn’t disappoint however it was too quick to be believable as this should have been more than just one airing between Maya and her Dad. Too quick!


  2. Aden says:

    Nothing about this story works or is believable in any way!! First off, Rick is a reckless ticking time bomb on a good day. He should have had his rankest meltdown ever when Myron told him he was a dude!! Completely postal a la Crying Game. In Brad Bell’s rush to show that this is a story about acceptance, he is completely leaving out the meat (pardon the pun) of the story. When everyone is gushing love and tolerance and unicorns and rainbows…why even bother to tell the story? It has been an Epic Fail on every level. It is similar to the situation over in Salem, where every gay man is hot, chiselled, a member of an upstanding family, under 25 and concerned about marriage and children. Yeah, okay. Lol. Daytime is NOT the place for these kinds of stories. One reason is that they air during the day. Therefore, any attempt at a true storyof this type has to be whitewashed, sanitized, and candy coated. Also, they have to worry about network suits, advertisers, special interest groups, fans, etc. There will never be a realistic story about the LGBT community on daytime. It is a topic best left to cable.


  3. sarah says:

    they have been so amazing as maya’s parents I knew that there was more to those scenes than just what happened but to see it as a singular scene with out context it was beautiful and very emotional but i really cant wait to see her parents accept maya completely thats what im waiting for. All the actors/actress involved in this storyline have just given such amazing performances im really excited to see them take this to the place they are taking it


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