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9 September 19th, 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful Puts Out Casting Call For Role Of “Alisha”! Who Would You Suggest For The Part?


Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have been curious on the latest casting call for the CBS daytime drama series.

According to Soap Opera Digest the show is looking to fill the contract role of “Alisha”.

So, just who is “Alisha”?  The latest updated casting breakdown says they are looking for an “18-21 year-old who is Hispanic or Middle Eastern, sexy, Midwestern, unsophisticated and beautiful. ”

This breakdown was updated from the original, which sounded a lot like a recast for Reign Edwards role as Nicole Avant.  B&B casting directors are now saying to not submit talent for the earlier casting call which read:  “African-American female, 18-21 years old who is described as: assertive, sexy, Midwestern, unsophisticated and beautiful.”

The role is set to begin to tape in October.  Put on your casting director hats!  Which young actress do you think fills the requirements for the role?  Who can bring  it to BOLD?  Anyone from primetime or daytime television you have liked in roles, previously?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Michael says:

    The way that the description was written, something tells me that Reign Edwards will be replaced by a new actress. Who that new actress is, I have no idea as I do not know any African-American actresses in that age range to say the least. Any ideas ladies and gents?


  2. Dylan says:

    Who cares? The character will be gone in a year anyway.


    SZima replied

    We can only hope!


  3. Iakovos says:

    Did I miss something? Is Reign Edwards leaving the role? I do not see why that needs to happen.


  4. JustSaying says:

    Nothing is wrong with Reign. The actress is fine. The storyline is going nowhere though.


  5. Elite Advisors says:

    I think she appears too young…the kiss with Thomas was “uncomfortable” to me…


  6. sonniorsolita says:

    This casting notice is all over the place as Middle Eastern and Midwestern (in terms of generic actress look) are completely different!


  7. Aly says:

    I think Samantha Boscarino might be a good fit! I would love to see her on B&B


  8. sarah says:

    I love how diverse the cast of B&B in terms of LGBT characters & the different ethnicities and nationalities on the show. You have the four full time African-American characters one being a transgender character and than obviously Ashleigh Brewer being the token Australian on the show and a new bisexual character coming on soon and now there is casting call for a Hispanic character. I love this. So long people complained about the lack of diversy and no LGBT characters. I’m glad that it seems like with this change it has killed all the gossip that Nicole was maybe being recast, I like Reign in the role so I don’t want to see a change of actress.


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