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28 December 11th, 2016 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Quinn Bludgeons Katie! But, Is It A Fantasy?


Jealousy! Misery! Oh, my! The Bold and the Beautiful delivered yet another shocker which they have become known for, and for keeping viewers on their toes!

On Friday’s major cliffhanger, a fuming Quinn (Rena Sofer) is witnessing the exchange between her husband, Eric (John McCook) and Katie (Heather Tom) in the Forrester mansion living room. Katie leans over and kisses Eric thanking him for his friendship and all he has done for her. As Eric goes upstairs, Katie forgets her phone. When she grabs it and then turns around to exit the mansion, Quinn is standing there leering at her and confronts Katie.

“I saw you kissing my husband,” she shouts!  Quinn next accuses Katie of going after her husband. Katie fires back “Why not?!”  She then bluntly tells Quinn that Eric deserves much better than her.  Katie calls her “crazy”.  Oops!  Next thing you know, viewers see Quinn bludgeoning Katie over the head multiple times with a candlestick!  Horrified at what she has done, Quinn kneels beside Katie’s body as we see the blood pouring out of her skull on to the floor.

Watch the scene after the jump.  Then weigh in!  When you first watched the moment were you stunned?  Do you think it will be revealed as a fantasy/dream, especially because the latest holiday promo for the CBS Daytime series seemingly features Katie alive and well? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Lia says:

    I was stunned because of how fast Katie went from kitty to rocket launcher. Every word was on target, and Quinn’s reaction, perfection. What tipped me off that it’s probably fake were the three swift hits with the candlestick. Those are heavy, and would kill Katie or at the very least put her into a coma. No way Quinn could cover that, especially with the blood pooling on the floor. Also the preview for Monday shows Eric talking to Brooke, so how would he leave the house, and not see Katie? So my thought? Quinn’s daydreaming.


  2. kevin says:

    I knew it had to be a dream/fantasy/nightmare…OH Quinn, now have you really change thinking such thoughts?, lol..


  3. davlestev1 says:

    A plot device that should NEVER EVER be used as a cliff hanger..but you can’t tell Brad Bell anything apparently. It’s putting and divisive to say the least. He could have done an entire red herring scenario show leading up to and including this moment..but show the truth at the end #cheaptrick is a band not a Friday cliff hanger BRADLEY!!


  4. Mary SF says:

    I am sure it is fantasy considering Katie is suddenly saying everything Quinn secretly fears is true– that Eric deserves better than her– and after Qunn’s converstation with Liam earlier it probably stirred up all her old doubts– in general I am not a fan of these fantasy sequences, but in this case I think it okay because it is showing how Quinn mind is working— and there was just enough of maybe this is real–to want you to turn on Monday– LOL


  5. elm1951 says:

    that scene was just too graphic to be real especially on a soap – blood was everywhere in that living room – it was so obvious that all of that was happening in quinn’s mind……….jmo


  6. Mateo says:

    Desperation much? The main thing about B&B is how they use desperate tactics that have zero payoff. I love Heather Tom. She is in a master class of actresses. She deserves so much better than this ridiculous plot device. And I hardly think that blood splatter would be all over the floor but none on the furniture that is directly in front of Katie’s head. Not to mention that Quinn looked spotless herself. So blood in every direction other than Katie’s body position and none on the abuser? It’s a dream for sure and a technically bad one. But hey whatever brings in the ratings I guess. HEHEHE


  7. Sward says:

    I hope Quinn had a flash of a dream. We can’t lose Katie!


  8. John says:

    I thought as I was watching it that it must be a dream. If not, there is no way they can salvage Quinn now.


  9. Tomas Torquemada says:

    They are setting up a sweeps storyline for after the holidays. We’ll be celebrating happy couples under mistletoe through January 1. This is a tease that her mental instability isn’t over


  10. soapqueenforever says:

    I seriously think it was a fantasy. Heather Thom in my opinion is one of the best actresses on daytime TV and B&B would be foolish to let her go. But I think if Katie keeps up with her impromptu to visits, and her friendly goodbye pecks on Eric’s lips, and Quinn keeps getting wind of it, there really might be a clocking. I really hope they are not working their way towards a Katie, Eric, Quinn triangle. I love the pairing of Quinn and Eric. And the way they were introduced as a couple was classic soap opera at its best. But the way things are going now, I really don’t think that Quinn is going to be a good girl for to much longer. And on a side note, I am really getting tired of Liam complaining about Quinn to anyone who will listen. Telling Steffie he is afraid for to take the Forrester job because of Quinn. If anything does h happen, he will have no one to blame but himself. He had his chance to throw her in jail after the kidnapping and he didn’t. In my opinion, he is the last person to be running his mouth about Quinn


    jaybird369 replied

    soapqueenforever…I am SO FED UP with Liam…PERIOD!!!!! Oh…as far as I’m concerned, being kidnapped has turned that LAMEBRAIN Liam into AN EVEN BIGGER JACKASS!!!!! BEYOND BLECH!!!!!!

    Have a good one.



    soapqueenforever replied

    I hear you jaybird369. Between Liam and Ridge, I don’t who the bigger pompous ass is. I say pair Steffie with Bill. She needs a man. Liam and Wyatt are to whiny for her. She needs a strong man and not a little boy. I think Steffie and Bill would make an interesting and compatible couple.
    Take care and thanks for listening. Bye.

    Rose replied

    Soapqueenforever…I so agree with everything you have said. Give Quinn and Eric a little bit longer honeymoon phase before you send in the clouds. And quite frankly I don’t think it’s just an off-balance Quinn who would be wondering about Katy next door, and the “attachment” she is making with Eric. Feel lots of other soap women would feel threatened. Plus, I have never understood the Liam, girl-magnet appeal. I find the character a wimp.


    soapqueenforever replied

    Not just a whimp, but a whiny whimp. I have been wondering about the Liam attraction since Steffie and Hope were fighting over him. What is the big deal.

  11. James R. Poissant says:

    Awesome scene but one thing wrong with this picture—Heather Tom is a major Emmy winner so there’s no way Katie is going to get killed off. Not unless B&B were out to pull off a very heavy secret nobody knew about.


  12. dante williams says:

    Even as a dream this shows me that Quinn needs to be locked away. I blame Liam for everything going on right now for not having her put away for kidnapping him. This is all on him, which is why I don’t feel sorry for him if he loses Steffy, again. Eric I hope that idiot gets the full brunt of Quinn’s craziness because he was warned and tried to turn it into his family controlling his love life or thinking he was incapable of making decisions because he was old. He projected that onto them, when they were just scared for his safety. Turning on his whole family because Quinn is great in the bed and can throw his leg up is ridiculous and thinking with the wrong body part. What’s worse are fans of this unholy union. Anyone who pushes someone off a bridge, a cliff, kidnaps people and has sex with them does not get to be redeemed just by saying she is, and it makes me ill she is there daily like she’s some regular character. It’s not cute it’s dangerous and annoying. What an interesting mix. I wish it was interesting, that’s the problem.


  13. Karen says:

    I believe it was a fantasy. Quinn has lots of fantasies and this is the same as the others. To quick to jump to the candle stick murder


  14. Patrick says:

    oh my god… what is this.. emmy reel labor

    I hope she is bludgeoned… seriously Mr. Eric Forrester… your that big; enough

    Rena Sofer has ignited

    Quinn Fuller has burgeoned… arrived and let HER act IN

    not since the heffer that is… Susan Forrester…

    has John McCook been so “daring”

    these two : Quinn and John are salacious… inviting and take your time Quinn he’s in

    LEAVE well enough alone

    Katie is brought on to what… steamrole… histrionic to no end … come hither with what?

    what’s it all about

    fan outcry are sick of the too close for comfort acts – that they’ve got to give it their all… with tired Katie.. now that she does not have Ridge… or Bill.. she’s now after Mr. Trump?


    John McCook… YOU do look MANNED up… keep up the good work… I love Rena too


    Patrick replied

    can’t you see the … bombard with dullard…. Gh brings on Carly for emotional beat so tired

    now… B&B is doing it with Heather Tom’ Katie .

    blah, blah, blah, boink… time out


  15. Mark Y says:

    The violence. The blood. So General Hospital.


  16. Mo says:

    It’s got to be fantasy because Quinn and Eric together are too good to put asunder.


  17. Mo says:

    I don’t really understand Eric and Katie being BFFs all of a sudden.


  18. sonniorsolita says:

    I found it really distasteful, and a cheat for the audience. Reminded me of when they killed off Nadine Cooper on Guiding Light in a similarly graphic manner. Unfortunately, that death was “real,” not a fantasy.


  19. Iakovos says:

    Fantasy. I wish, B&B could be more subtle and suspenseful in its storytelling. Yes, Quinn is certifiable. We get it. To lengths that make no sense. But would it not be more fun for us to genuinely think she has proven everyone wrong. And perhaps slowly let us see the demons try to creep back into her mind. Perhaps be surprised someone else was preying on her and making her look bad. To have her in an affair with Eric, marry him, have him fall seriously ill, engage in a power play and then suddenly have a jealous fantasy is lazy. Come on, Bill Bell, build is a solid suspenseful story.


  20. Paul says:

    Soaps need to stop teasing DREAMS! It’s stupid and turns us off! Hey Bill, jr. develop story instead of retreading it! Or offer your writing skills to GH, they love the same story over and over!

    Why not allow Eric and Quinn to move along and a year from now Katie is vying truthfully for Eric. Showing Quinn crazy but her son defending her all the time just ruins two characters st the one price


    Betty replied

    Quinn will never be rationale


  21. Betty says:

    Please let Quinn be gone.


    Betty replied



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