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6 March 3rd, 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful Returns To The UK Via New You Tube Channel!


On Monday, British fans of The Bold and the Beautiful got their wish when the soap opera began airing episodes on their new You Tube Channel in the UK! The new online initiative began with Episode 6720, which was the first telecast featuring Thorsten Kaye as the new Ridge Forrester! Even though that was back in December 2013, the new YouTube channel will release two episodes each weekday at 11am, allowing the gap between the US and UK to gradually narrow over the coming months.

B&B’s head honcho Brad Bell commented to UK’s Digital Spy: “We are excited to become the first American soap to air exclusively on YouTube in the UK. Unlike other online VOD services in the territory, YouTube has no pay wall and is used by nearly two-thirds of the UK population.  We plan to release behind-the-scenes and other bonus content created especially for the UK, and also take advantage of the community-building features of YouTube to provide a much richer experience than we could on traditional broadcast television.”


In this new way for fans to see the lives of the Forresters, Logans, and the Spencers, The Bold and the Beautiful has teamed up with UK video specialists Billion Dollar Boy to launch the channel.

Billion Dollar Boy founder Edward East added: “Having an official destination in the UK where fans can watch high quality copies of the show helps solve the supply part of the piracy problem.  Recently there has been nowhere for UK fans to watch the show other than to break the law. We’re very happy to be able to provide a solution to that. We are also actively targeting full copies on YouTube and other video platforms uploaded illegally.”

Watch a preview teaser featuring the stars of B&B and some clips to get fans excited about the new UK You Tube Channel of The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump!  Let us know what you think of the concept of episodes being made available exclusively in the UK to an online platform such as You Tube!

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  1. su0000 says:

    CBS pushes their 2 soaps wherever they can, that is good..
    I doubt it will affect the ratings but ya never know..

    Y&R and B&B, the two CBS soaps are shown at night on cable..
    Being they are available on network TV during the day and during the evening on cable they will bring in new viewers/higher ratings via new evening viewers (seems logical lol

    Both DOOL and GH are still daytime network TV, only ..


    davlestev1 replied

    OK OK…FOR REAL…can we get EASTENDERS BACK PLEASE…BBC AMERICA…PBS…pulling the show after we had it for nearly TWENTY YEARS!!!!


  2. Michael says:

    GH is available On Demand, on Hulu. Hulu Plus, and ABC Watch. Days- my fave soap is ONLY on NBC and Hulu.Days needs another platform.


  3. Brett says:

    This is great news! The UK fans have been so mistreated over the years, since the early 90′s it aired on at least 4 different channels, there were long gaps in between each channel dropping it and picking it back up, years and years worth of episodes didn’t air and even at some points when it was on it aired in the middle of the night! I hope this lasts, the UK fans deserve this.


  4. sarah says:

    It sounds like they all really know that last year was not acceptable and its time to step it up and bring the glamour love it :)


  5. Maria says:

    The Bold and The Beautiful is my favourite of all soaps and to be able to watch it again is a dream come true!! Thank you to whoever made it possible.


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