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24 November 19th, 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful Rolls Out Updated Opening Credits Sans Winsor Harmon!


Fans of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful noticed that the series this week rolled out their new updated opening credits adding their latest cast members to the mix.

Now included in the sequence are: Rome Flynn (Zende), Reign Edwards (Nicole) and Pierson Fode (Thomas), but with that comes the deletion of Winsor Harmon, who has been beloved as Thorne Forrester for decades.

After inquiries from fans, Harmon took to his Twitter page to address his status with the series adding: “I want to thank everyone for 17 Beautiful years playing Thorne I love you all Thank U for the amazing run B&B you’ll forever B a part of me.”  While Winsor made that statement to his followers, B&B reports that the actor is still on recurring status with the series.

WatchThe Bold and the Beautiful’s latest opening sequence update after the jump.  Are you glad Rome, Reign, and Pierson are added in, but disappointed there is no Winsor sighting?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. K Ross says:

    If the show is boring as it has been lately. It doesn’t matter who is in the opening credits.
    They still had Steffie and Hope there long after they were off the program.


    JUDY K replied



  2. vinman says:

    Where was Donna….?


    Jimmy replied

    I believe Jennifer Gareis has been on recurring for a long time, they’ve just taken a while to update their credits.


  3. Iakovos says:

    Winsor Harmon and Thorne Forrester deserve better from THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. I can not understand why a solid sustaining story line cannot be developed for this talented actor and legacy character. And no, he need not romance a Logan sister or a shirttail relative! He has lost his mother, two wives, his only child, not to mention friends. There are two Forrester sisters out there, too. I would rather see them on the canvass more than some of the progeny and recycled plots.


    Mark Y replied



    adam replied

    I agree, I always liked Thorne and thought he was sexy. B&B hasn’t been good in years anyway.


    James R. Poissant replied

    I never understood why Thorne is such an underused character when back in the day, he carried a lot of storylines, Hopefully the show starts thinking about what to do with the character instead of just bringing him in for a cameo then sending him back into the woodwork.


  4. Mo says:

    It’s sad that Thorne is not part of the show. When Ali died, I thought Thorne was going to have story, but he was on for like two eps. What gives? Brad could write story for Thorne and Felicia, but chooses not to. Our loss.

    I wish they would give Donna story too. But Katie is floundering as well. I enjoy Caroline and Ridge, but not Thomas.


    Mo replied

    Quinn and Deacon should have more story too. Spread the love!


  5. Kevin Mayne says:

    I have been FF through most of B&B lately. It just is not holding my interest. I feel that they are repeating story lines.


  6. Jimmy says:

    Thorne should be front and center on B&B. He is a legacy character, portrayed by a talented actor, and the only true Forrester son. Instead of watching characters like Quinn, Deacon, Wyatt, Ivy, Steffy and Liam, there should be long-term, front-burner story for Thorne, and for that matter, Felicia too. Recently though, with the next generations of Forresters, Logans and Spencers coming to the forefront, B&B has seemingly dropped its older set. Even Eric and Brooke don’t have front-burner story, and they are the sole remaining original cast members on the show.

    Y&R has been able to generate story for both its older set and the new generation of Nermans and Abbotts. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but aging its younger set hasn’t had as big of an impact on its older set as it has over at B&B. Summer, Kyle, Noah, Mariah, etc. don’t have the same impact on Y&R as Steffy, Liam, Ivy and Wyatt do on B&B, because Y&R knows how to write for its legacy characters (again, with exceptions, like Jill) while still bring in its next generation of characters.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for B&B, which has weeded out interesting characters like Jackie, Nick, Bridget, Thorne, Felicia and Taylor in favour of the kiddie patrol dominating story since Hope was aged in 2010. Since then, there hasn’t been a time when the younger set hasn’t had story, while legacy characters languish on the backburner as a result.

    Worse still, B&B is losing a talented actor in Winsor Harmon, but then again, he’s so underutilized its embarrassing. Another show would serve him much better than B&B.


  7. Blake says:

    I hate how Brad Bell doesn’t know how to write for Thorne yet seems to know how to write for transexuals. He also has characters/actors come on for six months and then drop them. Too bad he isn’t more like his dad’s storytelling.


  8. su0000 says:

    I tuned into B&B a couple of times and found it to be pretentiousness, totally not natural, phony/fake, way out of the real world..
    just the way I saw it, many fans love love it ..


  9. Elite Advisors says:

    Finally took Hope off the canvas… good …means they aren’t planning to get her back!


  10. davidevansmith says:

    A lot of updates in this version!

    Removed: Donna, Hope, Aly, Thorne, and Oliver
    Added: Steffy, Thomas, Nicole, Zende
    Updated: Caroline, Maya, Pamela, Deacon

    Oliver has been recurring for years, with Aly’s death his removal doesn’t surprise me in the least. And Donna was bumped to recurring months ago (read those closing credits, people, it’s a tell-tale sign!), so that doesn’t surprise me either. Thorne did surprise me, but I guess the writing has been on the wall about the commitment to that character for ages. Glad Hope is finally removed! I am pretty sure she’s been off for at least a year now, except for her IPAD appearance at Deacon’s wedding to Quinn, I believe.

    One thing I was hoping for was updated groupings, because the order is weird to me now. Bill/Katie, Liam/Wyatt, I would think Deacon would be with Quinn at the end, and hoped Quinn would be updated with her longer hair. Why update Deacon when he barely looks different and has no storyline?

    Pam’s update was welcome, she looks much better in this shot now. Wouldn’t have minded Charlie with Pam and even Julius and Vivienne Avant added in there seated in “the audience” at this fashion show. That would have covered all bases. And they were in the recent cast photo, so why not?

    I have to see if Donna’s nameplate is missing off of Pam’s desk next time they show it!


  11. rcraig says:

    I just ff through all the Rick and his wife’s sister stuff. Absolutely cannot stand Thomas. The baby is Ridges because Thomas slept with Caroline once and two days later she was pregnant. This is such bull. But I guess they need a reason for busy body Brooke to butt in. I can barely watch this crap anymore. So sad because for a time it was entertaining


  12. Aj says:

    Bi!l legally changed Wyatt’s name to Spencer and Quinn got married to Deacon. sooooo. what is up with Oliver?


  13. Dawn D says:

    I’m liking the change of putting Thomas with Ivy. I want Wyatt and Steffy. Liam is getting boring and does better working with his dad than in the fashion biz. Wyatt working with jewelry makes more sense to me to complement Steffy’s fashion business.


  14. penny says:

    B&B is whack, they keep refurbishing the same old story lines when it comes to these Forrester women and men. I know Ivy and Thomas aren’t related by blood but it’s still borderline creepy that he keeps going after women in his family. I miss Harmon and his portrayal of Thorne, he’s easy on the eye and deserved a lot better than what he had been getting in the past few years.


  15. marishka ruth embreus says:

    why get rid of oliver ?? too bad him and aly couldn’t have went farther together!! brooke is only on to annoy us with her knowing ridge had a and Nicole having a baby for her sis and she’s still a virgin(I’m guessing) talk about virgin birth!!


  16. Sandra J. Dorsey says:

    I was noticing, when viewing my tv guide on my tv..John Mccook isn’t listed on it….THE gal who played Donna was slowly written out long was “Thorne”….IN reading on other info…B&B might lose “Ridge” in awhile too..due to his constant travel to east/west coast and rundown from it. ..Its been about a year since I ve stopped watching the show. Ditto with Young and Restless. I lost interest..due to the way the “modern ” writers were writing junk..and the actors brought on..are awful..AND..Im not into the gay/transgender thing being front and center storyline… SO, I watch a bit of national news, judge judy..and the rest, is dvd’s with shows/movies I like and more my speed. IN fact, Im looking for DVD’s of possible soaps..when they were good..Edge of Night, Love of Life, Y& R and B&B when they were very good shows..great storylines..good cast..


  17. S Croz88 says:

    I have heard on the grapevine that Jennifer Gareis had been secretly dropped from B&B earlier this year. I believe that she was already on recurring status before this happened. And you know who else should be added to the opening sequence? Charlie. He appears even more than Deacon does!


  18. Kathryne says:

    Where is “Charlie” in opening credits? He is such a character, appreciate his humor. If “Pammy” is included, why not include Charlie by omitting one of the stars with duplicate photos? Are they excluding him because he is
    blue collar? Don’t be so low. Charlie deserves better. Make him win the lotto..THEN he’d be in the credits.


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