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22 June 23rd, 2017 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Sheila Carter Is On The Hunt For Damaging Info On Quinn!


How fun it is to watch Kimberlin Brown in action as Sheila Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful?  It seems Sheila was up to her old ways on Friday’s episode of the CBS sudser.

First, after saying she is leaving L.A. to Eric (John McCook), she clearly is still hanging out in Beverly Hills where she bumps into former nemesis, Brooke Logan Spencer (Katherine Kelly Lang)! After her apology for all the trouble she caused Brooke in the past (that’s putting it mildly), Brooke is not truly buying into it, but ever snoopy Sheila notices Brooke’s reaction at the mention of Quinn (Rena Sofer) as Eric’s wife.

Looks like Sheila may have hit the jackpot, as once Brooke leaves, Sheila decides to hang out at the bar and have a martini, while there she overhears Pam (Alley Mills) and Charlie  (Dick Christie) getting into a heated discussion over Quinn and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), and Eric.

After Pam leaves, Sheila slithers her way to Charlie’s table introduces herself as a past friend of Eric and the Forresters.  Charlie is not buying it at first when Sheila does not know who exactly Pam was before she stormed out.

Later, the camera shot makes us look at evil Sheila where she tries to drag out of Charlie just why Quinn is a bad wife for Eric? Will she find out in record-breaking time about Quinn and Ridge’s attraction to each other?

Watch Sheila question Charlie after the jump.  Then check out the promo for next week’s The Bold and the Beautiful, and weigh-in; are you enjoying having Kimberlin back in action on B&B thus far? Comment below!

  1. jaybird369 says:

    Y-e-p…same old Sheila…lol.


  2. Claudio says:

    I hope Sheila Carter crushes Quinn like a bug lol. I am so happy Kimberlin Brown is back, as the evil Sheila Carter. My prayers have been answered. Now its time to bring back my madame Vivian Alamain on Days Of Our Lives with her side kick Ivan. They were hilarious causing big trouble. Also hopefully Sheila visits Genoa City and there might do a cross over with Lauren and SCOTT.


  3. Claudio says:

    Kimberlin Brown signed a 1 year contract on The Bold And The Beautiful, that is wonderful news. Let the games begin. I am done now.


    Adam replied

    Yes Claudio, this is great news. Sheila is here to stay


  4. Ray says:

    This is the most exciting storyline of the summer. I hope Quinn stays strong and doesn’t start acting afraid. I want to see this storyline take on different levels. I knew Pam and Charlie would have input on Eric finding out about Quinn and Ridge.


  5. Joe E Nelson says:

    I love it!!


  6. April says:

    Yuck, can’t watch this woman given her massive Trump support


    k/kay replied

    She excuse me gave a speech on small business and the regulations that hold us down educate yourself instead of listening to the drive by media. She is a smart great actress and Brad Bell sees that why are different ideas and hate so prevelant in this country we never watch news anymore we love our jobs our friends our family our animals and our God and that is how I survive I think the lord every day for my health and I do not concern myself with the daily soap opera of Washington and hollywood


    k/kay replied

    By the way I wear a bracelet on my wrist every day that says John 3:16 and very proud to do so it gives me strength and hope that some day we will again become a nation that loves our fellow man no matter what race etc

    Kevin C replied

    Well said K/kay on both your replies…

    JK replied


    rebecca1 replied

    Did she also give a speech on cutting medicaid to the needy?

    Shay replied

    Touche’, k/kay!!!! Thank you for telling it like it is in your typical no-nonsense style, and sharing your positive message to counteract the usual bellyachers and handwringers who seek to monopolize (ad nauseam) these threads with their nasty, monotonous posts! God bless you, dear lady….and America!

  7. Carlo says:

    The she devil is back, no one messes with Sheila Carter, Granger Forrester Warwick.


  8. Andrew says:

    Kimberlin Brown is a pretty lady, and a terrific actress. Happy she is back in Daytime.


  9. Joel says:

    It is a dream come true to have her back on B&B (where her best stories were) after all these years. I only hope she isn’t written into the corners she was toward the end of her previous ones because I want to enjoy her for a long time!


  10. James R. Poissant says:

    I love how all us guys love Sheila. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out but if Kimberlin only signed a contract for a year, this could be a fast story for her unless she’s keeping her options open just to see if her return would have a big impact which it definitely has on me. We still have so much left to find out about sheila like who was that lady who had Phyllis’ face and calling herself sheila. Then there’s Lauren who is going to be shocked more than ever when she sees her arch nemesis face to face. That alone sounds like this could stretch way beyond a year!!!


  11. Beth says:

    Since I don’t like Quidge and really dislike how Quinn is our new damsel in distress on B&B after being a first class witch to so many on the canvas, all I can say is, go Sheila go! I hope she blows up whatever it is that Quidge have going on, which confused the heck out of me. She’s in love with him, and he’s…not in love with her? But he wants to sleep with her, but it’s only because he’s self-destructive, which cost him Brooke? When those two nitwits say that their secret is safe, which secret is it that’s safe? That Quinn fell for her stepson? That Eric’s son has the hots for Eric’s wife which would have been actual sex if she hadn’t stopped it? Because this story has been so dragged out and is still unbelievably confusing, I hope Sheila blasts it to pieces, so that either Eric divorces Quinn so this sordidness can end, or so that at least one half of Quidge stop being infatuated with the other. It’s playing like most of the appeal is in the secretiveness of what they’ve done. Maybe when it’s not a secret, this so called couple will end, too. Or they’ll be the new destiny couple. Who knows with Brad Bell?


  12. soapqueenforever says:

    I say Quinn go back to her old was and she and Shelia duke it out. Crazy versus crazier. And on a side note, what is with Thomas and his orange suntan? He looks like a Oompa Lumpa. But I am happy about Shelia. Let th games begin!


  13. Kevin C says:

    Loving Sheila being back and all of B&B.


  14. Mo says:



  15. Alan says:

    I’m still waiting for Eric to call Lauren. No excuse in the book can justify his not doing so and takes me right out of the story….


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