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34 January 10th, 2014 The Bold and the Beautiful & The Young and the Restless Ring In The New Year With Largest Viewing Audiences In Almost Six and Three Years, Respectively!


What a way to start 2014  for the CBS Daytime soap operas, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless in the ratings department!  According to the Nielsen Ratings, B&B and Y&R posting their largest weekly audiences in years,  for the week ending January 5th!

The Bold and the Beautiful averaged 4.13 million viewers, which was its largest weekly audience since the week of February 25th- February 29th, 2008.   The soap also delivered its best women 18-49 rating (1.2/06) since the week ending September. 6th, 2013 and its best women 25-54 rating (1.7/08) since the week of January 14-January 18th, 2013!

Over at The Young and the Restless, the series drew a  5.31 million viewers for the ratings week,  its largest weekly audience since the week of January 31st through February, 4th 2011.

Y&R bringing in 5.31 million is more than many primetime shows! And, B&B soaring over 4 million is also testament its strength!  What do you think of the rating numbers? Let us know!

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  1. MattsPlace says:

    Wow B&B!!!


    4everDAYS replied

    Blah and Blah


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I wonder if that’ll keep up…so many claim they’ll stop watching once BM and MM depart Y&R, and i wonder how many newbie viewers are tuning in to see what the contriversay is about?(some people will flock to a train wreck) Id rather read about it…what goes on behind the scenes is far more interesting than whats going on in front of the camera! Dont watch B&B…maybe Thorsten Kaye fans are tuning in…just glad soaps are doing good again!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    So, how are Days and GH doin’?


    4everDAYS replied

    DAYS is up 23% from a year ago, the highest it has been in almost 3 years.

    Up 10% season to date.

    Total 3.021 million

    Avelina from Santorini Greece replied

    I’m surprised because I’m really bored with all the storylines on DAYS but B & B is awesome. I’m in Sydney Australia and we love it here. It comes on at a time when all can each and is loved by everyone. All my friends tape it while they are at work because its so great. Happy for Y &R they are awesome as well.

    Avelina from Santorini Greece replied

    Sorry that is supposed to say when we can all watch lol.

    aria replied

    most viewers who ‘threaten” to quite watching something just love to hear themselves complaint, and they love it even more when others agree, but the truth is those people keep tuning in just because. it’s the crying wolf syndrome.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I believe that…few might stop watching but not all!

    Patrick replied

    (some people will flock to a train wreck)

    Y&R is the train wreck

    one more month of languishing… what once was… is gone

    or 3 weeks… as it were


  3. arleen denis says:

    congratulations to both….very deserving but concerned about lack of chemistry between Brooke (who is better than ever) and the new Ridge….do not like him at all in this role and Y&R is getting way too depressing….with Billy and Adam going, concerned….have been watching for many years…a loyal fan and want to see these soaps remain on the air….again Congratulations to these amazing actors!


  4. Paul8148 says:

    Days did well too. Not sure about GH


  5. Derrick says:

    For those of you saying JFP is killing Y&R……………………..THINK AGAIN!

    Congrats Y&R and B&B


  6. kalamaty says:

    Right on! I say SUCK IT to all of the supposed “fans” who have promised to jump ship. Who needs you!? Not Y&R! We real fans will continue to watch; bye bye now!


    Mary SF replied

    To be fair most said they were leaving as of Jan 30. not the first week of Jan. It is too soon to tell if they are jumping ship like they said or not. Also, both ABC and NBC preempted theirs soaps during that week, so I am sure some of those numbers have to do with soap fans needing a fix only had only CBS to watch. Plus, it is during the holidays when people are home and numbers go up then to. I will continue to watch because through thick and thin– it is my soap but I will be curious to see come Feb 1 what the ratings will be, only then will know for sure if recent events really did impact the show or not.


    4everDAYS replied

    It is always better to jump ship and get as far away as possible so it does not pull you down as it sinks.

    Y&R is the Titanic of soaps and we know what happened to the Titanic.


  7. Jared says:

    Wonderful and good news indeed! I like how Michael noted, and deservedly so, that these ratings are exceptional in today’s television landscape, competitive even with primetime shows. I was off today and actually caught both shows while I did my chores.

    Y&R seemed pretty good, even though I’m mostly not invested any longer. I’d give it a strong “B”. The pacing and the melodrama are classic Y&R, which is what I like. The slow pace and the character focus have always been the hallmark of this jewel. The Victor/Adam dynamic and the DMV record disappearing, along with the blackmail, seemed intriguing. Like I said, they’ve painted Adam into a corner so many times, I think the character’s imminent departure is probably for the best right now. I love Detective Chavez. I definitely like when newbies are slowly integrated into a cast. I’m super excited about David Tom’s return, and I think I may be willing to give the show another full-time viewer chance if Eileen Davidson and Michelle Stafford would return full time. Also, some Ashley Bashioum as Mac would be beyond wonderful.

    B&B has become a guilty pleasure now and then, though I don’t think they know what to do with their whole canvas and they seem to only be able to write for a handful of characters. I LOVE the new Ridge, and I like his chemistry with the stunning and talented Heather Tom. I like Don Diamont better on this show than I did on Y&R, but I always wish Heather Tom would go back to Y&R, though maybe not now, since she would be married on screen to her real life brother. It looks like Brooke isn’t going to get her happy ending, does it? Poor thing is going to be a scandal and a love train wreck all her life, I suppose. In the love department, she’s the female version of Victor Newman, never wanting what she has and always wanting what she doesn’t and then not wanting it when she gets it. I would like Hope to give Liam the boot, but wouldn’t it be neat to see Steffy and Wyatt get involved. This show LOVES its romantic geographic shapes, so why not another quadrangle? Just saying…….. Go soaps!


  8. Mary SF says:

    If I recall on New Year’s Day CBS ran a classic episode of Y&R, maybe all of us who were so disillusioned with the show of late, flocked to watch a show that reminded us when this show was a lot better.

    Also it doesn’t say much because both DAYS and GH were not on for a couple of days that week—- people home for the holidays didn’t have much choice when CBS is the only network running a soap.


  9. Beth says:

    Curiosity to see TK as Ridge probably had something to do with B&B’s higher ratings. That’s good but if B&B keeps writing the same old same old with triangles, quadrangles and people falling in love faster than a speeding bullet, the ratings won’t last.


  10. aria says:

    the two worst soap get the best ratings? theres no accounting for taste, its like baywatch was the #1 show in the world for a while, sometimes junk gets the numbers!


  11. Tana says:

    Y&R needs to thank Michael Muhney for his role of Adam. I’m sure that is why the ratings have been so high. Let’s see what happens when he’s gone.


    shawn replied

    I’m inclined to agree. It’s very obvious that Y&R is capitalizing on the whole Michael Muhney controversy for the purpose of ratings. And I’m 100% certain that’s the main reason for actors speaking out. I guess bad publicity is good publicity.


    Vicky replied

    Completely agree they can thank Billy Miller and Michael Muhney for these ratings. Folks are ONLY watching to see their STELLAR performances! First to Last next month–they let BM slip thru their fingers and they are hanging MM out to twist in the breeze without the courtesy of making a statement about his firing (CBS has said NOTHING)…They laugh at us? The LIFELONG DAILY FANS WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH JFP and Angelica! WATCH your Numbers next month!


  12. su0000 says:

    I give it OK for B&B ..
    But– Y&R has been terrible this year..


  13. 4everDAYS says:

    Throw away the red lipstick and go play in the sand!!!


  14. Bill says:

    Congratulations B&Β!


  15. Maria K says:

    Great news!
    However, I am curious about the method used.
    I have read and seen countless references to the counting of hashtags on Twitter as ratings.
    Does CBS have a breakdown of ACTUAL VIEWERS without the added counts of hashtags?
    IMO, if it’s true hashtags are being counted, the numbers are actually false truths.
    Anyone care to help me understand this a little better?


  16. robert says:

    This is great news for the soaps.


  17. MBmomof3 says:

    I’m always happy when soap ratings rise. OLTL was a big loss for me and I don’t want to lose any more soaps to crappy talk shows.


    mgb357 replied

    Me too…. still miss OLTL and its incredible story lines and actors.

    Maybe network execs will check out this trend of soaps ..increasing audience and get back on board…

    Please ABC – you have an hour to fill now that Katie is cancelled. How about repeats of OLTL thru the summer and launch the show in September.

    I will be there… everyday!\


  18. Luke says:

    The question is are the rise in Y&R’s ratings do to the soap opera on TV or the real life one going on behind the scenes? – in any case it will be interesting to see where the ratings are a month from now when both Billy Miller and Michael Muhney are gone.


  19. Vicky says:

    ONLY getting the ratings because we are watching THE BEST ACTORS THE SHOW HAS–BILLY MILLER ans MICHAEL MUHNEY! Once they are off screen the ratings will PLUMMET to the worst ever recorded! Thank you JFP for ruining our show!


    Linda replied

    Billy Miller and Michel Muhney have been front and center for years and the ratings have been up and down. This is an ensemble not a show starring just two actors. BM and MM will be a loss but there are other very good actors on the show. Y&R is n ot dependent on just two actors. They were number one for twenty years before these two actors joined the show so why would they suddenly fall apart when they leave? It was a holiday week, weather was brutally cold for much of the country and curiosity may have played a factor. It is good ALL the soaps are up in ratings.


  20. k/kay says:

    I hate to say this but I think Ronn Moss’s wife was right “That is not Ridge” I questioned the casting of TK. Not working so I quit watching again especially since I thought maybe we might get a little of Thorne I guess he is in Paris now instead of the basement.


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