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13 June 18th, 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful To Have Historic Soap Fashion Show Including Transgender Models!


CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful continues their commitment to tell the story of transgender woman Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) with many twists and turns along the way.

While in an upcoming episode on June 24th, it looks like Maya will be invited back into the Forrester mansion and into the arms of the man in her life, Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), there are still more plans to shed light on the transgender community including an upcoming Forrester fashion show where Maya is the lead model.

In an interview with B&B’s executive producer and head writer Brad Bell at TV Insider, the head honcho revealed that Maya will be joined by real transgender models in an upcoming runway show:  “We’ll be doing a big fashion show (airing July 16 and 17) where half the models are transgender, including Isis King and Carmen Carrera, who are both very well known. We just shot it and it’s incredibly beautiful and really fun to watch! It speaks to our continued commitment to Maya’s story and to the transgender community. Transgender models are appearing on the runways in Paris and New York. Why not on B&B?”

In addition, when posed the question if things don’t work out between Maya and Rick, would every time a new man enters Maya life she would have to go through revealing that she is a transgender woman, Bell replied:  “Who’s to say there won’t be another woman entering the picture for Maya, or another transgender character? This is a truly unique set of circumstances—hard to find in soaps these days—so it’s been great fun thinking of the possibilities. Right now we’re concentrating on developing a strong foundation for Rick and Maya, one that is to be respected and admired. But trouble will come. It always does.”

What do you think about the upcoming fashion show with the inclusion of transgender models?  What do you think of Bell’s answer that if Rick and Maya fall apart perhaps there may be another transgender character or another woman, entering Maya’s life? Do you think that could really happen on B&B? Do you think Rick and Maya’s love will persevere and they will be together for a long time?  Weigh-in below!

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  1. Mo says:

    I remember Isis from ANTM.

    I look forward to all the fashion shows. Should be interesting.


  2. richard says:

    While I can appreciate B&B’s commitment to this story, it doesn’t change the fact that Maya was a royal bitch for over a year and treated ACTUAL Forresters like garbage. She does not get a pass from me bc she is transgender, like I should feel empathy and root for her. No thanks, I liked Rick better with Caroline, and Ridge needs to go back to Brooke, in the form of Ronn Moss. There are NO cornerstone couples to anchor this show!!! And when Thomas comes back, I have a deja vu feeling that he will steal Caroline from Ridge, like Ridge stole Brooke years ago!!!!!


    richard replied

    From Eric!!!


    Mo replied

    I agree that Maya and Rick should be called on the carpet for their treatment of family. Unfortunately, Eric seemed to give Rick a pass on that. I would love for Thorne to come back and give it to Rick for the way he treated Aly, his niece.


    Beth replied

    I have that exact same thought. There had to be a reason why Eric brought up Ridge stealing Brooke from him all those years ago. Bell is setting up a deja vu storyline where Ridge is the insecure one. I like it. It’s smart storytelling. I hope they get a very hot actor to play Thomas so that Caroline is torn between two Forresters. Besides, as Bell said, trouble always comes for a couple, and if written right and cast right, this could be juicy trouble for Caroline and Ridge.


  3. Mary Gillaspie says:

    I think it’s wonderful


  4. Jimmy says:

    The one thing B&B does the best out of all 4 remaining soaps is being consistent with its storytelling, whether it be for better or worse. Cast changes seem to be a constant on the other 3 soaps, especially on GH. While its interesting to bring in new characters and talented actors and actresses, B&B focuses on the cast that it has (for the most part) and writes stories that include most of the cast. Yes, there are characters that are underused, but every soap has that. However, B&B utilizes its core cast the best and its umbrella stories are consistent, character-driven, and not as outlandish as GH is, or how Y&R has become under Pratt.

    However, I was taken aback that Bell said Maya was B&B’s new leading lady. Say what?! It’s not that I have a problem with Maya as a character, or being transgender. In fact, I think making her transgender was the best decision B&B has made in a while. The problem is that B&B has characters like Brooke, Katie, Felicia, Bridget, Jackie and Taylor (ones who have greater ties to the show, and some who are actual Forresters), who are all capable of being leading ladies, but B&B chooses to either not write much for them (like Brooke and Katie), or take them off the canvas entirely (Felicia, Bridget, Jackie and Taylor).

    Instead, a character that was just introduced two years ago takes center stage? That’s exactly what happened with Hope when she was re-introduced as a teenager; stories and characters were shoved aside to allow for the endless, repetitive, all-about Hope show, which lasted FIVE years. After a while, enough is enough. I don’t like seeing important characters with huge potential, that should be involved in major story/have story of their own pushed aside so that characters like Maya and Hope, who are good as supporting roles, can take the forefront of story for extended periods of time. It just doesn’t make sense to me, especially with a half-hour soap where every second of air time is precious.


    sarah replied

    I actually get what you mean but I do think that in just a few years you can no if a character will be leading or supporting in a legitimate sense. To me Hope will always be in the supporting part of B&B they made her centre stage & KM is an amazing actress but Hope is a supporting character that shouldn’t have been given the A-storyline for so long but she was a good supporting character. I also think we should take into account the generational issue. Yes Brooke, Katie & Taylor ( & Stephanie if she was still on the show) have emerged as leading actress for the vet actors. To me Felicia, Bridget & Jackie were supporting characters I don’t see them as leading lady’s they each had storyline’s take place that could have made them that but they just didn’t fit. For the younger generation on the show Maya & Steffy have emerged as leading lady’s for the new generation. I’m more of a Maya fan so I would happily see Maya in that role. She isn’t a Forester, Logan or Spencer so having a fresh character that isn’t apart of the major families on the shows is great and a nice change. Also I think it might have missed some people or they haven’t taken it into consideration that Rick & Maya or Raya are now a supercouple. They are a modern day soap supercouple. I don’t see Karla Mosley putting herself in the leading Actress category for the Emmy’s but if she stays on the show than we will definitely see her in leading actress at some point

    but to each there own :)


  5. Millie A says:

    I would welcome the new story line including Transgenders. Now that B&B has no happily married couple, I think Rick & Maya should remain a strong married couple heading up Forester Creations! Bring back the beauty of Fashion shows !


  6. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    It is beautiful seeing that The Bold and the Beautiful is not shying away from such a hot-topic. And it’s kind of incredible that the only half-hour soap is the one that is tackling these issues. It’s inspiring, and I look forward to seeing how this transgender storyline develops into the core history of the series.


  7. Michael Kulla says:

    B&B has done a fine job in handling the Maya transgender story. No happy couples on B&B? There’s Deacon & Quinn, as well as Charlie & Pam. The writing has been crisper and better use of more characters in the last few months. I’m so excited there’ll be a fashion show. Perfect for #tbt !


  8. penny says:

    There’s one thing that never changes on this board and that’s when people aren’t fond of certain characters they only remember the bad thing or things they did or said. While other characters who may have behaved in the same manner get a pass. I guess that’s just the way the mind works when you don’t like a character.


  9. tori kyles says:

    I’m a Raya fan so maya an rick are in for the long hall they are end game love them they have a lot fans supporting them team raya all the way


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