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27 December 17th, 2013 The Bold and the Beautiful Updated Opening Credits Revealed!


On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, the CBS Daytime soap opera revealed its newly updated opening credit sequence!

In it, the most recent addition to the cast have been added to the mix including: Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester, Darin Brooks as Wyatt Fuller, Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller, and Ashlyn Pearce as Ally Forrester.  In addition, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester remains in the credits!

If you did not catch it, watch the revised and updated opening credit of The Bold and the Beautiful here!

Let us know, whose shot do you like the best? (Our favorite new shot was that of Darin Brooks!) Also,  was it odd seeing Thorsten Kaye’s name associated with the character of Ridge Forrester for you?


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  1. Dan says:

    I must have missed some news on the status of Marcus and Daisy. They’re not in the opening credits. Have they been placed on recurring status?


  2. peter says:

    I love thorsten kaye, but this is a bad recast. I’m sorry, but he is not ridge. bad mistake. they should have hired grant alexander ex philip guiding light. he would have been a better ridge forrester. thorsten needs a new hair cut and the man needs to shave his face. does the man, own a razor. lol. i lloved thorsten as zack on all my children.


    Tash replied

    TK is the worst recast I’ve ever seen on TV. Ridge was GQ clean and put together all the time (in spite of the bad dye job on his ‘furhat’ hair).Plus he had a very strong LA accent. TK has some kind of a grunting, gaelic accent, just impossible to understand. He looks like a doper with the poor hair style and scruffy beard. Ridge should be classically turned out , clean shaven , mr. cool-type, not a rough, old bum the way TK looks. Very bad judgment on the ex-ps part. Ridge looks older than his own father !


    Shay replied


    joan williams replied

    The new Ridge is horrible. He looks like a bum. he does not even look or act like the old Ridge. To the person who hired him, must have been blind and deaf.. Get a life.

  3. David says:

    Where are A.Gregory, T. Battle and Krystin Llyod? Are they gone???
    I’m disappointed. I hate Hope, Liam and Steffy. I would like the return of Felicia, Kristen, Deacon, his son, Amber… a real tory for Rick… but i know i’m dreaming! B. Bell write only for Brooke, Katie, Bill, Hope, Liam. For my part, The Bold and The Beautiful is over with Stephanie’s death ;-(


  4. mo says:

    Thomas is gone too. Hmm….

    Not loving Kaye so far, but I’ll give him some time. It’s just weird seeing him onscreen as Ridge


  5. Derrick says:

    Texas Battle and Kristolyn Lloyd. What happened to them? Adam Gregory, what happened to him too? Didn’t know about these three!


  6. Iakovos says:

    Nice to see the update. Always surprised by who stays and who goes.

    The Ridge recast is generating some buzz. Glad to see Thorsten Kaye in the role as it will charge up Ridge. I would want him to be different after this sabbatical. That it is a different actor is by situation. I would think Kaye would clean up now that he may be back in corporate high-fashion form. I would welcome a haircut and shave to give a look to the man we see as people from AMC and OLTL and SMASH. But then would a new look take way from the Thorsten Kaye fans love?


  7. Jake M. says:

    Hunter Tylo was finally removed from the opening credits. She left the show over a year ago.


    erica replied

    You are wrong jake, hunter tylo left in july. i miss her, but romour is, she is going to general hospital.


    Jimmy replied

    No, her last day on-screen was at the beginning of July, meaning she taped that episode at least a month in advance, which would be end-of-May/beginning-of-June ish. That’s only six months.


    k/kay replied

    July of 2013 was her last air date!


  8. robert says:

    It’s about time they finally updated the credits.


  9. Jimmy says:

    So far, I like Thorsten Kaye as Ridge, mostly because, personally, I couldn’t stand Ronn Moss. I get that he was an original cast member, on the show for 25 years, but he really was a horrible actor. Kaye’s got some real acting chops, his Zack Slater on AMC was great, so I’m hopeful he’ll do well.

    And I, too, was unaware of any contractual changes for Texas Battle, Kristolyn Lloyd and Adam Gregory. Apparently Thomas is in Paris, so there’s that, but will he be back? And where are Marcus and Dayzee?

    I’m glad J.M. Wood is still in the credits, though she’s in a bit of an awkward place, I thought she’d be closer to the beginning like she was before. Carter, too, should be right before or after Maya, considering they have story together.

    Also, remind me again why B&B is dropping characters like Marcus, Dayzee, Thomas and keeping Pam? What purpose does she serve anymore, other than (sort of) comedic relief? She should be on recurring, if anything. At least with Donna, we might get some sort of triangle with her, Quinn and Eric. Even then, though, Donna has been without story for the better part of 2 years.


  10. sonniorsolita says:

    How did they write off Thomas and Taylor? (Obviously, I drifted away some time ago)


  11. Scott says:

    Haha his expression is funny,like he’ld rather be in Pine Valley if he could.


  12. Mark says:

    I love Thorsten but its true he looks like he needs a hot shower a shave and new clothes. I mean he looks like a regular guy but everyone on B and B is so airbrushed it is a little glaring. I like the idea of grant aleksander!!


  13. Jill Staley says:

    Great casting with Thorsten! Going to be good! Love Don (Bill) but not with Brooke, always loved the “love” Bill and Katie had on the show. Always a big fan of the show no matter what! ” The Bold and the Beautiful” #1


  14. Patttie says:

    I only tuned in to B&B because Thorsten Kaye was joining the cast. I understand that for long time watchers it is difficult to have a change, However, we are all soap opera fans and have seen cast changes many times. Give him a chance. He is an amazing actor and you may grow to like him. Happy holiday to all.


  15. Bertha says:

    B&B please give hope and liam a chance. Wyatt is too much like Bill and with his mom’ s dysfunction a relationship with him is doom too fail.


  16. David Evan Smith says:

    I haven’t caught up on B&B this week, but have been looking forward to this update. Can’t wait to watch my DVR, I’m a huge fan of opening credits.

    I definitely read recently that Kristolyn Lloyd chose to go to recurring status to pursue other opportunities. Texas Battle was in South Africa for some other work, I’m not sure what it was, though.

    I thought it was a bad omen for Adam Gregory when Thomas was mentioned as being over at Forrester International with Steffy and Ridge. I imagine with the little use they’ve had for Thomas and the striking resemblance to the OLD Ridge, that they decided to lose the character to help the audience embrace the NEW Ridge. That would be my guess.

    Are Justin Barber and Oliver Jones still featured?


    Jimmy replied

    I agree with Adam Gregory and Ronn Moss having a striking resemblance, I think that was a big part in recasting Thomas, but I really hope he’ll be back on the show soon, Gregory is a fine actor and I like him in the role.

    For some reason, Oliver is still in the credits even though Zack Conroy went on recurring last year, and Justin was removed because Aaron D. Spears is also on recurring.

    What surprises me, though, is why Pam is still in the credits. This isn’t a bash on Alley Mills, but why is Pam still around? Comedic relief? That’s pretty much it. I think they should right her and her new “beau”, Charlie whatever-his-last-name-is, off the show soon


  17. adam says:

    the worst recast ever, i love thorsten kaye but he is not ridge forrester. at least ronn moss, was clean cut looking and gq type of guy. Thorsten looks too scruffy. he needs a huge make over. he needs a nice short hair cut and please please shave your face. does he own, any razors? lol. i loved thorsten as zach slater on all my children. he is a terrific actor, but sorry folks he is wrong for the role of ridge.


    eric replied

    i totally agree with you adam. Thorsten kaye looks always dirty, he needs to take a shower. shave that awful scruffy face. thorsten is a very good looking man, but he needs better clothing as well. they need to recast the role again, what about grant alexander ex phillip guiding light. he would make a better ridge forrester. he is always clean shaven and knows how to dress way better.


  18. MARY says:

    I never knew who Thorsten Kaye was. I love him on “Bold & the Beautiful”, Why
    should he have to look like “Ridge”??? I think he is much more handsome and
    real manly and I would’nt change a thing about him. His expressions are really deep
    and caring. He is very masculine unlike “Ridge” was. He is perfect the way he is.
    Don:t change a thing about him. Those who disagree, please give him a chance
    befor you put him down. I hope he stays the way he is. I think he’s GREAT.


  19. Leatrice Scott says:

    Why do we have to see Hope everyday? Sick of her batting her eyes at two brothers,nasty!! Don’t to want to be like Brooke, but is ,bring Steffy please


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