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4 June 18th, 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful Wins 10th Consecutive Golden Nymph In The Telenovela/Soap Opera Category!


New today out of Monte Carlo has that The Bold and the Beautiful had won the Golden Nymph for the tenth consecutive time at the 55th annual Monte Carlo Television Festival in the International TV Audience Awards in the “Telenovela/Soap Opera” category.

B&B series stars:  Karla Mosley (Maya Avant), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) and Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) accepted the award on stage at the Closing Awards Ceremony at the Grimaldi Forum.

The 10th Annual TV Audience Awards category rewarded the programs that gathered the highest number of viewers worldwide in 2014 across five continents. The nominees were pre-selected among the 15 best-performing foreign fiction programs in 64 countries. The win signifies that The Bold and the Beautiful delivered higher ratings worldwide in 2014 than any other telenovela or daily drama series.  Created by Médiamétrie, Eurodata TV Worldwide distributes programming and audience information based on its partnership with the national institutes operating people meter systems throughout the world.  Thanks to the ratings data provided by Médiamétrie that led to past wins at the Golden Nymph Awards, Guinness World Records has acknowledged that The Bold and the Beautiful is currently the world’s most popular daytime TV soap.

Why do you think makes B&B the most popular daytime soap worldwide? Why has it caught on in so many countries around the globe? What do you think of the shows 10th consecutive win in Monte Carlo?  Comment below!

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  1. The Substitute says:

    Joke! Can’t wait until everybody realizes Bruce Jenner has been taking you for a five million dollar ride! We have ou soldiers in harms way protecting this country for people to make a mockery of our freedoms!


  2. sarah says:

    B&B is just a straight up amazing soap opera yes it has its moments when its been frustrating just like any other soap but its always returned to its place of being amazing


  3. Gina says:

    Congrats!!! I can see why. I have noticed the B & B groups on FB don’t have the complaints that Y & R is receiving right now All it is getting is complaints on s/l going too long, the writers dumbing down the audience and their beloved characters.


    Sybil Nassau replied

    maybe there are plans to let B &B become and hour show and end Y & R– ???


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