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15 March 12th, 2013 The Buchanan Boys Of One Life to Live! Hot Shots From The AMC & OLTL Photo Shoot!

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

Today Us Weekly has more exclusive photos from the sexy cast photo shoot featuring the cast of Prospect Park’s online versions of One Life to Live and All My Children.

One of our favorites featured the Buchanan men from One Life to Live who include: Robert Gorrie (Matthew), Robert S. Woods (Bo), Jerry verDorn (Clint) and Tuc Watkins (David).

In addition, at US weekly, you can see photos of the younger sexy set from All My Children, on-screen Llanview rivals, Florencia Lozano and Kassie DePaiva as Tea and Blair,  a beautiful image of Pine Valley’s Angie and Jesse, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams, and the younger generation of Llanview featuring Andrew Trischitta, Kelley Missal, Robert Gorrie and Laura Harrier!  Check it all out!

What do you think will happen to the Buchanan boys when One Life begins on April 29th? Let us know!

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  1. Torrey says:

    The pics look great!! And I love all the press that both shows are getting…..a lot more than when they were on ABC. April 29th can’t get here quick enough!!


    Patrick replied

    Great point , Torrey! If ABC had promoted our soaps they would still be on he air! So excited about the 29th!

    Looking forward, Patrick


    Pat replied

    I remember a photo of the original Buchanan men, Asa, Clint and Bo. They added so much to OLTL over the years!


    susan M. replied


  2. Kyle says:

    When will these photos be in the us weekly???


  3. Jim says:

    Some people are complaining that the photo shoot looks a bit on the trashy side. Folks, if these soaps are going to survive on the ‘net, they have to skew to a totally different demographic, and so they may let a few four letter words fly. Like we don’t do that in real life? Time go grow up a bit. When they were on ABC, they had Standards and Practices, so they couldn’t go more “realistic.” They had to answer to Mickey Mouse for God’s sake! I’d actually like to Viki tell David to grow a pair. Give it a chance before you render judgement. I for one think OLTL went as far as it could without letting things fly.


    Patrick replied

    Good point Jim! We may have to adjust to a new Llanview, but who knows we may like it!

    Best- Patrick


    jim replied

    As for Mickey Mouse he must have covered his ears because Disney hasnt been squeeky clean in everything it puts out there in recent years. Now i wont judge the show til i see it. I never judge a book by its cover until i read a few pages first. Most of us may swear but some of us still dont swear in public and we dont do it for entertaiment purposes. When i found myself cussing more recently i felt it tarnishes our beautiful language and now im doing it less and less. When our parents and grandparents got us to watch soaps back in the old days they barely found much to be offended by, and so they got us to watch these wonderfully told stories for pure escapism. We didnt have to have them be that real because we watched to escape reality. Some people today still feel that way and if they dont like the soaps going even a little far with other cuss words or fleeting nudity they wont allow their children to watch and then we loose maybe a good number of the next generation needed to keep these shows going. Our families are finding a lot less to do together as it is these days as it is. The only thing outdated on the shows from the 60s to 70s are the furniture and clothes. They had stories about a woman raising her daughter alone after the husbands death, and in laws interferance, the cheating spouse, a murder, illigetimate pregnancy, adoptions, child custody fights ect which is current today and still happens just like it did back then. Sure people no longer say Andy Hardy things like’Gee whiz dad, can we have one of those man to man talks’ and it would be nice if they still did but back then most children were taught to have morals and to become responsible adults which is quickly becoming a thing of the past 2day like the phone booth. So i can understand why people want to change our shows for the worse as well. But do we have to add swear words and other stuff just because others do it. Thats not doing it differently…its being the same. And some of us want soaps to be different otherwise why tune in at all three or five times a week when you can get the same thing somewhere else and not be commited to watch daily. Im not sure the next generation will tune in like they used to anyway now that they have more things to distract them today then what some of us had when we were a kid. And as for David growing some, I doubt the Vickers garden could because that mans brain has always been in a drought. LOL!


  4. Blake says:

    Damn David looks so hot there!

    But the best pic is of Tea and Blair together!!! Wow! And I hope that means they will keep being friends/enemies.


  5. Lin says:

    When does this US come out. It’s something I don’t normally buy.


  6. bc says:

    george kotsiopolus has the most colorful reactions to joan’s jokes. More blah styling from him for these soaps.


  7. Kyle says:

    I think these photo shoots are phenomenal, they put a lot of time into them and you can really tell their top notch photo shoots. Can’t wait for them to return!!!!!


  8. susan M. says:

    The new character playing Matthew Buchanan looks older than the orginial actor…. So
    great to see those Buchanan guy’s again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Chaz says:

    Erika Slezak looks phenomenal ! As does Bob Woods. Hate to say it but the time away seems to have rested them up and they look more physically fit,

    Great photos….although, the new Destiny’s bathing suit attire is a bit “odd”.


  10. Shawn says:

    Glad The Buchanan Boys back together again!


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