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21 March 4th, 2013 The Cast Of All My Children Does The “Harlem Shake” – Watch The Video!


Talk about being timely!  The cast of Prospect Park’s All My Children celebrating coming together for the first time since resuming production last week when they broke out into the newest dance craze … the “Harlem Shake”!

Watch the video clip after the jump and see if you can identify all the cast in the video and where they are located!  We spotted Darnell Williams (Jesse), Debbi Morgan (Angie), Julia Barr (Brooke) and Vincent Irizarry (David) right off the bat!

All My Children is set to premiere later this Spring.  For more information on the return of the series fans can sign up for The Online Network newsletter at

Let us know what you thought of Pine Valley’s version of the “Harlem Shake”!

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  1. jim says:

    Why use any foul words or brief nudity thinking thats all you need to add to a show to make it different? Add a few fun moments like that btween the drama would be far more entertaining, and it wouldnt offend anyone. Who wouldnt want a brief break between all the drama and have a good time. I like a good party and a little humor.


  2. Robert says:

    That is the funniest version of the Harlam Shake I have seen! I am so glad AMC and OLTL are coming back, a thousand thanks to Prospect Park for sticking with this, listening to the fans and bringing back our beloved shows. I hope Brian Frons and ABC are kicking their own butts right now for their stupidity and greed!


  3. Lisa says:

    OMG I loved it!!! Darnell has moves


  4. Tali (not Smith) says:

    Oh that is hysterical! Look at the little dog.


  5. Torrey says:

    That is funny!!! Good to see them having such a good time.


  6. ricardo says:

    wow cool i wish i was there too lol. all my children cannot wait til i watch the first episode. please susan lucci come back to all my children. we all miss you. i know susan is very busy with other projects. i know she will be back eventually.


  7. Terri says:

    That was awesome!!!


  8. su0000 says:

    I went ”full screen” to see it big and up-close, and-
    Jill Larson/Opal and Darnell Williams/Jesse are really doing it!!
    DW has great moves WOW!! And same for JL ..!
    It’s so good to see the cast of AMC who were once heartbroken having so much fun!!
    There are many changes coming our way and I’m looking forward to all of them .


  9. Gillian says:

    Gotta give them credit for trying really hard to get word out and trend on social media.


  10. boes says:

    How absolutely and utterly cool!

    If Phoebe was around, she’d be shaking it with the best of them.


  11. Emily says:

    Watched it a few times, cool!!:) Looks like morale is good w/some downtime and fun times:) Darnell can move and groove man, go for yours!!:)


  12. Rod says:



  13. Val says:

    DW used to be a Soul Train dancer in his teenage days, and he still has the moves! :) Loved VI “sleeping” through the noise equivalent of WWIII too! :)


  14. Patrick says:

    Primal Scream -

    shake that drama…..Up!

    loosen thyself… free…. cleanse the thought process that was necessary and albeit wavering…. true to oneself.

    the show must go on.

    what are the ratings? LOL.


  15. ethel says:

    absolutely awesome! darnell was hilarious! the cast really seems to be in high spirits which is a good sign…………….


  16. susan M. says:

    I thought OLTL & AMC were going to be on Hulu to watch on line . In fact they are going
    to be on Hulu. Are they going to be on TOLN .com(On line Network) as well? In the video
    who was playing the blue guitar? Again is AMC & OLTL going to be on TOLN to view as
    well besides Hulu?


  17. Denise says:

    Love it and love AMC


  18. CTwildheart says:

    Let’s have some fun! :D


  19. Johnny says:

    This has little to do with this funny video, but does anyone know if the character
    AMANDA DILLON will be coming back to Pine Valley? I was just wondering, because I don’t know if Dr. Jake Martin is there – wouldn’t he almost have to be? I mean, if Dr. David Hayward is there and Dr. Angie Hubbard is there, wouldn’t Jake and Amanda be on the scene?


  20. Jeaane says:

    This is frightening lol


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