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17 January 30th, 2014 THE DAILY BEAST: How The Daytime Soap Came Back From The Dead!


In another great piece from the mainstream media on the current state of the once ailing daytime drama genre, The Daily Beast’s Tim Teeman looks at the soap opera resurgence that has emerged since the cancellations of four major network soap operas over the last five years.

Senior Vice President, CBS Daytime’s Angelica McDaniel was interviewed for the piece where she offered up:  “Soaps are thriving. You can see that in primetime too, with the success of shows like Scandal, Revenge and the return of Dallas.”

Stephanie Sloane, Editorial Director of Soap Opera Digest, related that a significant factor is that viewers left bereft after the cancellation of a favorite show have migrated en masse to one of the four survivors. To help fans grieving One Life To Live in particular, ABC has thoughtfully exported many of the core cast to General Hospital.  “The predictions of the death of the daytime soap were greatly exaggerated,”  Sloane says. “People still want to see storytelling in daytime. The cancellation of the other shows might have made people think that no show was safe, so they have passionately turned out—and daytime soap opera fans are the most passionate fans of any TV genre—to support these shows, to keep them on air. Soaps are the only place where you can see this dramatic kind of storytelling on air every day, all year round.”

As for what the future holds, McDaniel weighed-in by saying, “You can’t take anything for granted, or you get stuck. I just implore fans and viewers to support these shows. The truth is, the longer they support them, the longer they’ll stay on the air.”   Stephanie Sloane commented, “As long as the writers and producers keep it fresh, the future of daytime soaps is secure. The thing is, people like to be told stories, and daytime is one of the few places where they can hear them every day.”

So,  what do you think about the state of the soaps?  Do you think we are now on the path for longer survival?  Or, is each soap only as good as its last storyline, where as we have seen in the past anything is possible, even the most beloved soaps could be wiped off the map?  Comment below!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Unless i see a new soap i wouldnt call it much of a resurgence…there are only 4 soaps and if you are looking for daytime drama’s there isnt much to pick and choose, and if you do pick one or two and the story isnt good you might leave again and this time for good…if the remaining 4 are going to survive they better get a good production team and even better writers because if you dont the networks will cancel and there wont be anymore!!! So folks, its also up to you if you dont watch for any reason and your show gets cancelled you also have yourself to blame too…


  2. Mark says:

    Except for Y&R I love and watch b&b days and gh and love them all very much and look forward to them each day


  3. Linda Gloria says:

    Y&R was the Best ever. Then they got new writers and begin getting rid of the Best actors. Now the story lines are terrible and the actors that have been brought Omar the worst. Nick,Sharon,Summer,Fen,Faith ,Kelly. I’m sorry but now that Adam & Billy are done,so am I . I’ve watched this show for over twenty years but I can’t stand it any more. So it back to GH for me


  4. Mike says:

    Glad ratings for soaps are bouncing back. I wish it had happened before AMC got canceled, but, I guess, better late than never?


    JOHNNY replied

    I agree mike, better late than never. gh and days is on fire now. i really think amc and oltl are gone for good now. I hate to say that, but it is true. but we still have our 4 soaps to watch still. i am very happy, all the soaps got renewed, thats great news, for everyone. Long live the soaps.


  5. MBmomof3 says:

    I watch 3 of the 4. I DVR and binge watch evenings and weekends. Loving the soaps.


  6. su0000 says:

    Soaps will never die, there will always be one..

    soaps are like a huge book..
    Nobody puts down the book until they read the finial page..

    ( and soaps are a never ending story )


    Mary SF replied

    Yes, if you mean by soaps the serialized method of storytelling– that has been around a long time and will never go away. If you mean soaps as in daytime dramas– serialized dramas produced specifically for daytime television using certain production values– those will probably go away once network television goes the way of the dodo bird– extinction– replaced by the web as being the only means of entertainment distribution.


  7. toscanti says:

    Cancel Y&R after today or better yet FIRE Jill Farren Phelps and bring back all she has taken from our once amazing show.


  8. Mary SF says:

    Of course she ( the CBS VP) would implore fans to keep supporting the show– she knows there is a planned exodus from Y&R starting tomorrow and she is afraid she might lose her nice high paying job if this show tanks on her watch.


  9. Rapids says:

    Remaining daytime viewers have embraced the four remaining shows but the soap demographics remain a concern for the networks. Ad rates are based on viewer demographics plus ratings. Any slippage in numbers and the axe will fall. I hope the shows last a while.


  10. Fran says:

    I always watched Y&R but today was my final day. They got rid of the two greatest actors Adam & Billy not to mention the best story lines. Why would anyone want to watch it now Really does anyone want to see Jill & her famous music box or Chloe try to steal Chelsea’s baby,or Nikki & Victor break up yet again or maybe Nikki with her visits to her past life? In a word BORING! They even made poor Sharon a nut case & then there’s Neil & his girlfriend getting married on Valentines day BORING! The interesting story about Fen played out too long and got BORING! And we can’t forget Summer is going to follow (THE PATH) but because of the letting go of MM nobody is going to give a damn what happens to her. So I’m with quite a number of others. Early Spring cleaning and General Hospital & Bold & the Beautiful


  11. Jared says:

    I think this article is about the resurgence of the soaps. I am sure consolidation and perhaps the end of Soapnet have driven viewers to the four remaining shows’ primary broadcasts. Perhaps increased quality has a lot to do with it as well. When you’re facing elimination, to stay in the game, you have to increase the level of your performance. I’m certainly glad the remaining shows in the genre are experiencing resurgences.

    On another note, and I am sorry to get irritated, but I may start tuning BACK into Y&R now. I’m tired of a vocal minority who doesn’t know what actually IS going on behind the scenes at Y&R making decisions based on zero reliable information. Also, I’m tired of hearing how EVERYONE is going to tune out after January. I’m someone, and I count, and I don’t agree. Also, Y&R is bigger than any one actor.

    MM was fired. People NEED to get over it. There probably was a good reason for the termination. Also, this legacy character was ruined before the current leadership took over the show. I personally need a break from Adam Newman.

    Billy Miller CHOSE to leave. Some longtime viewers like me may perhaps agree that the original portrayer is better than a recast. David Tom won an Emmy, and he is talented, and I’m thrilled by his return.

    Y&R has issues. I agree that JFP is the WRONG person to lead this show. I don’t think corporate America should continue to reward proven track records of failure by executives. However, GH was on life support, pun somewhat intended, just 2 years ago, and look what good hiring decisions did for that show. Also, Y&R’s ratings have skyrocketed. I like numbers. I’m a facts guy, not an emotionally driven feelings guy, and Y&R AGAIN broke 5 million viewers last week, almost approaching 5.4 million average viewers. That’s an amazing statistic, and credit should be given when credit is due.


    sonniorsolita replied

    Thank God, a voice of clarity and reason. Wonderful post. Thank you for expressing this so clearly and logically — without melodrama, hyperbole or trying to speak for “everyone.” It will give those of us who agree with you something to cling to!


    Elizabeth replied

    Well as a viewer of GH who thinks that RC is by far the worst writer to hack up that show in the last 30 plus years, I am thinking that I am going to switch over to Y&R because at least it isn’t an unanimated cartoon. Plus I adore Tristan Rogers.


  12. AJ says:

    I thought GH was a goner after the 50th, but they’ve been extended into 2015 and the foreseeable future. The rumor that ABC realizes they screwed up with AMC and OLTL looks less like a rumor and gains more traction. The OLTL team was brought in to wrap up GH “in a respectful manner” according to ABC at the time, now they’ll be on another 2 years.. funny how great writing turns things around.

    If PP would give up their claims on those shows, we could put ABC to the test and see if they actually do something with them. Not to sound like an overly optimistic soap fan, BUT ABC wants those leasing rights back, PP wasn’t the only production company that wanted to do something with those shows. Perhaps too much time will have passed before ABC does get their hands on rights, but I guess we can hope for a 2nd resurrection.. altho, I’m over it already and have moved on.

    I do watch Dallas, and unfortunately Scandal happens to be on ABC.. I watch that and Grey’s. Other than that, I wont watch anything on ABC. Can’t say enuff how HAPPY I am to see their entire Daytime lineup fall apart, while GH gains it’s highest ratings in years!


    mgb357 replied

    Well I haven’t moved on – still watching OLTL on HUluplus – need my Viki ……

    ABC could ‘test the waters’ by airing highlights from OLTL and AMC over the summer – (after Katie is put out of her misery) and watch the ratings zoom…..
    This would save them money and whet the appetite of the viewers for more.

    We want our soaps back! (Where’s Roxie when you really need her).


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