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5 May 12th, 2012 The Dark and Twisted Daytime Emmy Nominated, THE BAY – Watch the latest webisode!

Photo Credit: The Bay.

If your looking for eerie, tantalizing, and suspenseful drama, look no further than Gregori J. Martin’s latest installment of his Daytime Emmy nominated web series, The Bay!  

As the story unfolds, Sandra Dee Robinson’s, Dr. Christine Nelson makes an ominous statement to Lilly Melgar’s Janice Ramos on how to get rid of a problem!  Next, Janice and her daughter, Lianna (Jade Harlow) have a emotional conversation.  Only Janice is completely drunk, and Lianna, complete with bandages around her wrists from trying to slice herself to death last season, and having a drug habit, discuss Lee Nelson being possibly blown to bits in a warehouse explosion!

Later, Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) gets a slinky surprise at his motel room door, when One Life to Live favorite, Fiona Hutchison arrives to give him some kinky sex, complete with some rope to tie him up!  But why is this mystery woman really there?  Later, Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers) gets some shattering news that he must tell Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans).    But will he?    All in all,  quite the twisted episode, but we loved it! And special kudos go to Lilly Melgar, Jade Harlow, and Fiona Hutchinson in this episode!

Now after the jump, make sure to watch the latest webisode of The Bay!  Then, let us know what you think of its dark storylines and performances, which feature many of your daytime favorites!

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  1. Cees says:

    Loved it! The Bay always keeps me on the edge of my seat and begging for more. This show definitely has some of the most beautiful women known in the daytime genre. Can’t wait for next week!


  2. Blake says:

    So happy to see Fiona Hutchinson acting again, as she should be! I miss her so much as Jenna on Guiding Light but thank God she’s on the Bay, and there’s always clips on


  3. Christie says:

    WOWW!!! what a great episode!!! Just amazing. A perfect combination of funny, dramatic, and Sexy!! I cannot WAIIT to see what happens next!!! They have me drooling for next week!!! haha


  4. Robert says:

    Some parts were ok, other reck of bad daytime acting!


  5. Mandy says:

    One thing is always for sure with THE BAY — it keeps me wanting more! I loved drunk Janice and boy…she got some terrible news to wake up to, in addition to her hangover. And Christine…that chick is creepy. Poor Sara…how is Lex gonna tell her? Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Fiona — she was all kinds of kinky awesome!


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