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45 March 10th, 2014 The Donna Mills General Hospital Promo: Fair Warning Port Charles!


Now this is a promo apropos for the occasion! This Friday, Knots Landing favorite Donna Mills begins on-screen in her top secret role on General Hospital!

To mark the occasion, ABC has released this exciting promo which in the voice-over script says: “power, privilege, ruthless, scheming, secrets  … f air warning Port Charles! Nobody does it like Donna Mills!”

Are you ready for Donna to mix it up with the characters indicated in the promo which are Silas, Ava, Sonny, Sam and Julian?   Just who will she be?  Watch it after the jump!  Then, let us know what you thought of it? 

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  1. Max says:

    I so cannot wait!!!


    GH50 replied

    Can’t wait either. I would so much rather see this 80′s soap icon on GH then Genie Francis, a soap icon who helped build GH. So many new characters, so little time. Who would want a show that honored its history and didn’t need stunt castings to get attention?


    Kevin replied

    Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out the same way Joan Collins and Joan Van Ark did.

    Max replied

    Love Genie Francis too.. Wish she was coming back as well. I never mind great talent coming to my soaps. Here’s hoping we get to see Donna and Genie too!

    John Flynn replied



  2. Rob says:

    I think she is going to be Julian’s mother


    Nk3play2 replied

    Most likely Nina’s mother, and Julian’s backer, Silas’s mother-in-law. As far as we know, Julian’s mom is dead.


    jo replied

    I think she may be silas’s wife

    jeffery replied

    I agree


    Mitchell1660 replied

    She’s too old to be Silas’ wife!! What is she, 70-something???

    pumpkanpie replied

    Donna Mills is 73 … Obviously Silas’ mother in law

  3. Robert in Jersey City says:



  4. dmr says:

    I can’t wait!!! I love Donna Mills! I am thinking she may be Julia Barrett, Nina Clay, or Olivia Jerome. Either way, can’t wait!!! Imagine her and Maura West in a scene together?! Whoo Hoo!!!


  5. Jenna says:

    I think she’s going to be Nina’s mother but obviously be connected to more people in PC.


  6. MMedina says:

    Looking forward to seeing Donna Mills on GH. I hope she crosses paths with Leslie Charleson (Monica) as the played sisters on the 1960s soap ‘Love is a Many Splendored Thing’.


  7. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Maybe she is the mother of both Julian and Silas’s comatose wife Nina(Julian maybe never knew his sister Olivia had a twin because his mother left his father and took only Nina with her)…and since Sam is Julians daughter that would also make Sam the niece of Silas’s wife…maybe the actress who played Olivia(4get her name) could return as her twin Nina? I didnt watch when the original Jeromes were on so i dont know if what im saying is possible…just wish Donnas former soap sister Monica from their ‘Love is a many Splendored Thing’ days was part of this!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Ava should trick Sonny into marrying her, saying as his wife she cant testify against him if Sonny is arrested for A.J.s shooting…then Sonny gets off when Sonny tells the court A.J. is blackmailing him for the shooting because A.J. hates him…then A.J. blurts out in court that Ava killed Connie but will anyone believe him? Maybe Sonny will?


  8. Shelly says:

    Nina Clay!


    SZima replied

    Donna is 73 for god’s sake…30+ years too old for the part!


  9. Nancy says:

    I thinks shes gonna be Silas’s mother in law.


  10. Patrick says:

    she “must” realize how BIG she is….

    I don’t know what the buzz is with other sites… but, on here.. she’s getting a lot of hits

    I can’t help but stand ready to defend put upon Joan Van Ark’ Valene… LOL

    she was tough…. power magnate… big sexy… and drove her way

    wasn’t Gary just putty

    “Welcome, Donna Mills”



    Mary SF replied

    She is great, so we can only hope the writing is worthy of her talent— one of reasons her character on Knots was so great is they had some of the best writers around for that show– fingers crossed that RC is up for the challenge.


    Jeff replied

    Yes, that is what makes me nervous! I really hope the writing is done well and they don’t give her some ridiculous lines. I can’t wait though, just started watching this show in February since I knew she was going to be on it and wanted to try and figure out who is who!

  11. heidi says:

    I absolutely LOVE IT… and can’t wait!!! Interesting that they used the stripped down set of Maxie’s apartment… could Nathan be related or a part of her entourage? I adore Donna and can’t wait… this looks like it is going to be… so good!!!


    Mary SF replied

    I was thinking that Nathan could be Nina’s brother and that why he is so determine on proving Silas tried to kill her.


    su0000 replied

    I think Nathan is Silas and Nina’s son..
    and Donna Mills is Nina’s mother ..

    su0000 replied

    ohh no, he is too old ..

  12. Robert says:

    I have this weird theory that she is actually going to be Nina! Everyone assume Nina was the same age as Silas but what if the reason the family thought he was after her money was because she was in a May/December romance? I also believe if Avaliable and Julian is involved it’s because Nina found out Ava’s. identity. Donna Mills character looks to classy to have been married to Victor Jerome.


    Johnny replied

    Donna Mills is old enough to play Julian’s mother.


  13. Stefano I'm very cute smooth gay guy says:

    I love donna Mills, she is a sexy lady and a wonderful actress. Wow Donna Mills is 73 years old, she is a very classy sassy woman. I think she might be Julians mom, or sister Olivia Jerome.


  14. Aria says:

    Omg this women looks awesome for her age, a true beauty , hope she’s a baddy like Abby , she’s going to be fun..


  15. FrogProd says:

    OMG Donna Mills was one of my celebrity crushe when I used to watch Knots Landing!! She still looks SO amazingly beautiful!! I will for sure catch GH more now that she will be ton the show!! :-P


  16. Kaffe says:

    Sam better watch her back….She looks she can be trouble!!!

    Sam and Silasfan


  17. Johnny says:

    MARK THE WALL!!! THROW A PARADE!!!!!!!!! THIS DAY, March 10, 2014, will go down in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CARLY BENSON CORINTHOS QUARTERMAINE CORINTHOS CORINTHOS JACKS whoever…actually uttered the words “Michael is AJ’s biological son!!!!!!!” I have been waiting for 16 years and three months for Snarly to say those words and she finally did! To Sonny no less…the man who kidnapped Michael as a child and has claimed to be his father ever since!!! this gives me hope for the character of Carly, and hope for the entire Cartini regime…that finally…FINALLY…they have allowed the character of Carly to utter ONE line of truth speak amidst all the craziness and stupidity!!!! Thank you…I trust the coherence and lucidity will not last, but THANK you for allowing the character of Carly to finally say the words that are TRUTH. Contrary to their fervent denials and claims to the contrary…Sonny is NOT Michael’s father. Kidnapping a child, and hanging the biological father on a meat hook until he signs away parental rights does NOT make a father. And exposing that child to constant violence that ends with said child being shot in the head, in a coma for a year, and being brutally raped in prison…yeah…those things dont qualify a greasy mobster for father of the year status either.


  18. aardvark says:

    Most logical fit for Donna Mills would be Nina’s mother, powerful, manipulative, and controlling, as owner of the hospital where Nina was kept, along with Jason; and now maybe Robin, and who knows of whom else. The list could include Stavros, Helena, Jerry, Faison, Olivia or sister, Silas’s father, et al. But since the writers try to stay one step ahead of us it will probably be some new roll we haven’t thought of yet.


  19. Pollyanna says:

    I think she is connected to Nina Clay/ Silas story line


    Pollyanna replied

    Very sneaky fun awaits us all


  20. shirley wise says:

    I believe either Silas’s wife or someone very close to her……….


  21. etypical says:

    It’s interesting to note it reeeeeeally looks like she’s sitiing in Maxie/Nathan West’s apartment.


  22. Sharon says:

    Luv Donna Mills – she looks amazing – no way does she look her age…..
    Good job General Hospital casting


  23. Casey says:

    Can’t wait to see Donna Mills on GH! She was awesome on Knots Landing for those that can remember! Curious who she will be….


  24. John says:

    I LOVE DONNA MILLS. GH -Perfect Casting.


  25. Sandy says:

    Happy to see Donna Mills!! The story line stays juicy…Go GH!


  26. Patty says:

    This whole Silas / Nina story line has so many wholes in it. First of all, did the writers forget that Silas’ brother Steven Clay looks identical to him. Let the pharmacists choose between Silas and a photo of Steven in a line up. No reason to kill him !! Ridiculous. Now, we all know that Nathan is Nina and Silas’ son—NOT Nina’s brother. Hopefully, this will end soon !!!!


  27. Lana says:

    I think Nathan is her grandson,not her son. Maybe Nina had him after she was over-dosed and in a coma. Silas said she never let him see her. Maybe Silas is even his father.


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