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21 August 5th, 2012 The Final Four: Goddard, Scott, Zamprogna & Burton! Vote now in Adonis 2012 competition!

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Alright soapers  immobilize your fan bases as the annual Adonis 2012 competition heats up with only four men still in the running for the title of the hunkiest soap stud in all the land.

That’s right, the Adonis 2012 competition is staple event every year:  over 16 weeks each summer, site visitors vote American Idol-style, narrowing the finalists down to just one: the hottest man in soaps.

Last year, One Life to Live’s David Gregory (Ex-Ford) eventually was crowned the champ, but who will it be this year?  Thus far voters have spoken and knocked out eight actors, and it now comes down to these favorites!  The Young and the Restless, Daniel Goddard (Cane), Days of our Lives James Scott (EJ), and General Hospital’s Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) and Steve Burton (Jason)!

Week 9 voting is under way and you have till today through Tuesday August 7th to vote.  One of these gents will be knocked out of the running, so  make your vote count to keep your guy in the competition.  The voting rules: You can only vote for 1 soap hunk from the finalists. The hunk who has the lowest number of votes will be eliminated the following week.  You may vote once per day per e-mail & IP address. (A maximum of six votes using either the same e-mail address or IP address will be counted.)

So after you cast your vote,  let us know who you are voting for, and why he is deserving of the Adonis 2012 title?

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  1. Caroldee says:

    WHO could NOT vote for DOMINIC? Got my vote..


    Susan replied

    Yup! Mine too!!!


  2. Tammy Breedon says:

    I vote for Steve Burton. He seems to be a god fearing good hearted man. Not to mention the fact he is very attractive. Love his eyes.


    flex replied

    I require all my hunks to at least have a pulse. And change the expression on their face more than once a month.


    Peyton replied

    Steve Burton definitely has a pulse, You should take a look at a few of his interviews/appearances, he is funny as hell and extremely outgoing!

    susan M. replied

    What about Micheal Easton’s eyes!!! Even if he isn’t in the this hunk thing…


  3. Dani says:

    Dominic for sure!


  4. Regina says:

    James Scott deserves to win! How do you not vote for a tall, sexy British actor who has extreme sex appeal? James is the sexiest man on daytime tv! VOTE FOR JAMES SCOTT!!!!


  5. Cindy says:

    James Scott is sexy as hell !


  6. Jan says:

    I dont see any….their nice looking guys but not adonis.


  7. Nancy says:

    Dominic Zamprogna


  8. MemphisBelle says:

    Steve Burton


  9. Manny says:

    Steve Burton !!


  10. MCBAMJASAM says:

    Stevie is gorgeous!!!!

    The eyes, the body,……

    The accent(midwestern)

    He is 43 years of age

    FYI…Sam and Jason



  11. kalamaty says:

    What the hell?! No Marco Dapper from Y&R? TRAVESTY! He’s the hottest guy on soaps right now!!


  12. susan M. says:

    Even if he doesn’t have all those muscles & not in the running I like Micheal Easton that raspy voice, blue eyes, great hair…..


  13. susan M. says:

    McBain also has charisma……I always liked him………………


  14. Patrick says:

    1. James Scott – DAYS
    2. Todd – GH
    3. Johnny – GH
    4. Jax – GH
    5. Jason Thompson – GH

    Smellin Salts’ TOO HOT.


  15. Nancy Wilson says:

    Any word on Vincent Izarry coming to GH? Maybe he can help Anna bring Robin back to herself


  16. dee says:

    Dominic Z love him, so hawt!!!!!


  17. Smoochie says:

    On First- I love Dominic with his smoldering eyes and sensuality plus a great body. He oozes sex appeal. what I call a Hot Sex Pot and a wonderful actor.
    On Second- Steve Burton- Great Body, Eyes,Good/Bad boy w a heart of gold/ Sense of Humor, a real hunk.
    ON THIRD-If Michael Easton were in the running he’d be my firs choice. smoldering, body beautiful bedroom/color eyes, sense of humor– his portrayal of hot vampire Caleb Morley on Port Charles is the reason all the vampire novels. films and tv shows are so popular.
    We just needed one more player to hit the home run for GH. I think Nathan Parsons (Ethan) would have fit that bill


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