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13 January 10th, 2016 The Future Of NASHVILLE & Hayden Panettiere Returns And Filming New Episodes!


On Saturday at the ABC TCA Winter Press Tour, Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment Group President, revealed to reporters the status of the Music City soap Nashville.  The series, which is now it its fourth season seems to always be  sitting on the bubble of possible cancellation by the network.

Paul Lee noted:  “We don’t have any plans to finish Nashville. We have an incredibly passionate audience. There are no plans for Nashville other than to keep it going.”

Meanwhile, TV Line is reporting that series star, Hayden Panettiere (Ex-Guiding Light, One Life to Live) has returned to filming new episodes of the series as of Friday!

Hayden had to take a leave from the show back in  early October just as Episode 9 was about to start production.  In a real life parallel, Panettiere was battling postpartum depression just as her on-screen alter ego, Juliette Barnes was in story.   Panettiere is back at work on season 4′s 14th episode which will air sometime in April.  The series returns from its midseason break on March 16th.

So, glad to hear the vote of confidence from Paul Lee that it appears Nashville will indeed go a fifth season?  Happy to hear Hayden is back on set filming new episodes?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Donna Dykema says:

    So glad Nashville is coming back. It’s one of my favorite shows! Everyone is SO talented on that show. Glad Hayden is back too!


  2. JANET says:

    Wishing the best for both Hayden and Nashville. I watch, enjoy it and look forward to it. Stay safe Hayden and we want to see you return. I said something nice. How do you like that ?


  3. Alan says:

    ABC needs to cancel NASHVILLE and give the time slot to MISTRESSES.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Or a new show titled “Mattresses.”


    4ever DAYS replied

    Or “The Mistresses’ Mattresses.”


  4. Vicky says:

    Returns halfway through MARCH? No wonder it’s always on the bubble. It just gets good and they’re gone! Guess I’ll wait!


  5. Mogens Bach says:

    ABC needs Nashville and so do we!! You can’t put a finger on a single one of the actors. Great music, great acting, great people. Everything about the show is just great!!!

    ABC & “Nashville” shows the heart of American music!


  6. JUDY K says:



  7. nancy dillingham says:

    Nashville is such a disappointment–never seemed to find a center. Started well with Connie’s Britton’s character–and her love interest–but turned out to be a wash.
    And Jonathan Jackson’s character started well also but turned to “milk toast.”
    “Lucky” on GH was a more realized character for JJ.
    The show just strarts, sputters and stops Just really hard to find any emotional center or root for any character passionately. Killing off the father of Connie’s Britton’s character was also a huge mistake–much promise there to give “Raina James” a starting point to develop her character–but again a start and stop. Nashville is way too sprawling with cardboard characters never fully developed. A shame–it had potential but never realized it.


    Alan replied

    Excellent analysis.

    I always get the feeling it’s afraid to embrace the soapiness that would actually make it entertaining.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Yes! Agreed!

  8. carol says:

    I love Nashville. Hope to see more singing in the future with Connie and Hayden, Gunther and Scarlet. They seemed to have cut back on the performances this past season. They all have such great voices.


  9. Elaine Oxford says:

    I like Nashville a lot but I don’t understand why they take such long breaks it spoils the flow of everything, but I am looking forward to seeing it again in March.


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