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3 November 25th, 2011 The GH Lucky Spencer Marathon Tonight on SOAPnet – Get your dose of Jonathan Jackson!


As your “Black Friday” shopping winds down, or if you decide to go back out to the malls, take a break and enjoy five episodes from General Hospital featuring the character of Lucky Spencer only on SOAPnet.   It’s  called “Lucky Friday,” and the five-hour marathon airs tonight, November 25, from 7PM-12AM!

What makes this all the more bittersweet is that as every soaper knows, four-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jonathan Jackson, has announced his decision to quit the soap and his final episodes air in December.   So for now, enjoy why he is one of the greatest actors ever to appear in the genre.

Here is the rundown for tonight’s Lucky Marathon!

7PM – When there’s an explosion at the Triple L Diner, Luke and Laura realize they’ve been discovered and activate their emergency plan. This sends young Lucky out of town on his own. (original air date 11/1/93)

8PM – Lucky is furious at Laura when she admits that the stranger who saved Lulu’s life is actually his brother, Nikolas. (original air date 7/17/96)

9PM – Luke holds Lucky hostage in a cabin while trying to work out their differences. (original air date 11/11/98)

10PM – Laura tells Lucky how proud she is of him; later, Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily and Nikolas share a special dinner at Kelly’s. (original air date 4/15/99)

11PM – Lucky has to break the news to Elizabeth that Jake is dead. (original air date 3/21/11)

Let us know which of the five was your favorite, and after watching the marathon how much you will miss JJ!

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  1. aria says:

    love the origianal first episode that introduce lucky, it was great seeing the spencers together, its kind of weird how ABC messes w/ their audience, don’t get me wrong, love seeing these episodes but it makes me even madder that they are letting jonathan go, and that they have refuse all these years to let Genie come back. Does this make any sense to anyone else? well i do hope they pay Kimberly the same homage, and we get to see a young 7 year old Robing and we get to see the Scorpios too. I miss the good old days, to bad ABC doesn’t cherish what they had.


  2. aria says:

    Just saw second episode of Lucky marathon, omg, I miss so many people who are gone, the opening credit showing those no longer on the show was nice to see, but made me ache for alot of those now gone. Like steve hardy, Lila Quotermaine, amy vining,aunt Ruby all now dead. and the original l Carly, who i also love as Claudia Zachara. and so many others like Lucy and kevin, and tony, and on an on, damn! I wish ABC would cherish what they have more. GH has such great history, great actors, and great characters, if only they would take advantage of that, and get the right people to save the show.


  3. kay killgore says:

    Sorry, I missed it I had company over Turkey-Day and forgot about it. When the powers that be made GH all about Sonny and Jason two of the weakest actors on the show they lost the heart and soul. I now only read the blogs and I guess it is horrible don’t know. Very sad but they are doing the same thing on all of them. Too many cooks in the kitchen.


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