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10 January 8th, 2014 The Haves And The Have Nots Season Two Premiere Hits Record For OWN!


Who ever told you that soaps were a dying art form, is simply out of touch!  Right?

Just look at this new fact from last night’s season two premiere of Tyler Perry’s soap opera,The Haves and the Have Nots, combined with Sunday’s season four premiere of Downton Abbey and you know what we are talking about!

The Tyler Perry sudser on OWN delivered record numbers, earning 2.8 million total viewers and becoming the #1 season premiere in OWN history across all key demos.  The episode ranked as the highest telecast in series history, posting double-digit growth in W25-54 (up +59%) and total viewers (up +57%) versus the season one premiere (May 28, 2013).  It also saw double- digit growth versus the prior season average, up +58% in W25-54 and +53% in total viewers and was up +13% in W25-54 and +7% in total viewers versus the fall finale (September 3, 2013).

The episode was also the #2 telecast in OWN history among W25-54 (2.49 rating, 1.1 million), behind Oprah’s Next Chapter  with Bobbi Kristina Houston (March 11, 2012), and the #3 telecast in OWN history among total viewers, behind Oprah’s Next Chapter with Bobbi Kristina Houston and Oprah’s Next Chapter Lance Armstrong Pt. 1 (January 17, 2013).

Did you tune-in to the season two premiere of The Haves and the Have Nots? Let us know!


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  1. Jo says:

    What does this have to do with OLTL? When I look here I would like to see news about OLTL. Not CC or TP or anything else. I’m so not interested in all this filler, I don’t care one bit about TP or CC or most of these articles. How about some news about PP and the lawsuit?

    It’s time to put the RIP back on OLTL & AMC and call it a day. ]-(


    Nk3play2 replied

    Tika Sumpter and Peter Parros are both OLTL alumni. Eva Temargo was on Passions…. Parros was also on ATWT and Y&R. You cannot dictate was stories Fairman runs on his own website.


    brian replied

    Give this show a try… it grows on you so very quickly.. it is as good as everyone says. I wouldn’t miss it !


  2. Finally says:

    Please, this show can’t hold a candle to OLTL. I want to support Oprah and Tyler but this is just a awful show…imo. I wish Oprah would had invested into OLTL and even AMC. At least there was some substance and quality to it. IMO….ratings are good and are a reflection of how desperate people are for drama/soap shows… Please do better than this.


  3. hot girl says:

    Don’t forget us outside the us.


  4. Brett says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode of The Haves and the Have Nots, it was excellent. I’m a OLTL fan, but that is irrelevant, the show did not replace OLTL.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hey Brett:
    Happy New Year!
    Wanted to clarify that the only reason it is listed as having something to do with OLTL, is because Tika Sumpter appeared on the soap and is the star of The Haves and the Have Nots. It has nothing to do with replacing OLTL.
    Best to you,


  5. SZima says:

    I wanted to like this show, I really did! I even set my DVR to record the series when it first came on. But after watching the first episode, I deleted it off the DVR and never watched again.
    I’m shocked it’s still on the air, and trust me it wouldn’t be, if it was on mainstream network!


  6. brian says:

    you should view the 4th episode when Hanna prays….. what an amazing scene !


  7. Judie says:

    I absolutely love this show. Love love love the love hate between the judge and his wife. Love her and the way she puts him in his place. I watched the first episode and fell in love watched every episode and can’t wait for the new season to come about. It is awesome to see how tyler always puts God and Church and faith in his stories. He is totally awesome writer. Love it.


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