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17 January 11th, 2013 The Ladies Of KNOTS LANDING To Join The Ladies of THE TALK – Next Friday!

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Now this ought to be fun!  To honor what we think is the best primetime soap of them all, Knots Landing .  It’s  difficult to fathom it’s been 20 years since the series concluded. However, the ladies of CBS daytime’s The Talk are staging a reunion for fans of the long running and terribly missed CBS soap that will include the three leading ladies of the cul-de-sac!

Yup, that’s right, Michele Lee (Karen), Joan Van Ark (Valene) and Donna Mills (Abby)! Make sure to tune-in next Friday, January 18th at 2PMEST/1PMST!

Now the big question on many fans minds has been: With the success of the Dallas reboot on TNT, might a Knots Landing reboot be far behind?  Think about the possibilities!

So soapers, who is your favorite character from “Knots” from the above? Karen, Valene, or Abby?  Let us know!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    The Dallas reboot works because there is a mixture of the old and the new- if Knots could capture that same flavor then I would watch it. But either way, I will be watching the Talk that day, just see the gals who paved the way for Desperate Housewives and the like


  2. k/kay says:

    They were all great! Such good stories I do think the baby storyline was the best ever done. That shot at the end of the season 1985 when Val is walking up to the door and the guy is taking off with the babies how do you top that.


  3. BTripp says:

    Yes I know they could do the same thing with Knots. You have Bobby and Betsy that would be in their late 20′s. Their is Karen’s adopted daughter Meg (Greg Sumner daughter with Karen’s friend Laura). Maybe Abby’s daughter Olivia has a teenager too. They could try to get Brian Austin Green back as Abby’s son Brian. My favorite was Abby but loved all three of these leading ladies. The best bad girl was Jill Bennet who tried to kill Val! I LOVED this show!!


  4. k/kay says:

    I will also add Joan Van Ark deserved an emmy that season 1984-85 she knocked it out of the park. I hate what she did personally with the plastic surgery but she is one hell of an actress as all of them were.


  5. BTripp says:

    They would of course have to get Nicollette Sheridan and Bill Devane back too.


  6. Patrick says:

    Oye! This would trump all that is soap… if Knot’s Landing was re-booted. These ladies kicked ass.

    I will be watching this episode.


  7. James McDonald says:

    I wonder if TNT is thinking of a “Knots Landings” return. If they make enough money from Dallas, maybe they will consider it. Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackleford are appearing on Dallas: Season 2 (TNT). That would be cool! 15 weeks of Dallas, followed by 15 weeks of Knots Landing. Oh and to answer your question, I would like to see Donna Mills return. She knows how to make an entrance.


  8. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Actually, there were more young children on “Knots Landing” than “Dallas” when these shows ended . On “Knots”, the series had Meg McKenzie, Bobby Ewing, Betsy Ewing and I believe a couple of younger offspring were included in the follow up movie while “Dallas” only had John Ross Ewing, Christopher Ewing and Cliff & Afton’s daughter. “Knots” seems like it would have more potential for a “reboot” focusing on the younger crowd than “Dallas” as it wouldn’t have to introduce as many new younger characters.

    That being said, I think both Michele Lee and Joan Van Ark might be an issue for a new version. In the multiple reunions since then, both of these women have (overly, in my opinion) dominated the entire thing and made it seem like “Knots” was really the “Karen and Val Variety Hour.” Yes, I know that Karen and Val were key characters on the show but the focus in most of these reunions leaves the impression that they were the ONLY ones. (In the last reunion, Laura Avery was hardly mentioned and Ginger was completely ignored). As Lee and Van Ark seemed to have “hogged” not one but several of these reunion shows, I wonder if these women would willingly agree to play supporting roles to younger characters on “their” show.


  9. Ella says:

    My favorite nightime soap! Knots Landing was fabulous! I will never forget the scene where Laura leaves her husband and child, driving off to die alone. And her tapes to her daughter Meg … don’t let them tell you a red head can’t wear red. This show mixed humor and heart wrenching emotional storytelling. I shed many a tear watching Knots. The relationships, especially between Karen and Val, Karen and Laura, Laura and Cigi were amazing. I will be watching on Friday.


    Barbara replied

    Thanks for mentioning Laura. She and Abby were always my favorite characters. The show really lost a lot when, during the same season, Laura and Lilliemae were both written off the show.

    It seems like the reunion shows basically ignored Laura while focusing on Karen and Val. Maybe that is why I have not liked them.

    Even this appearance on “The Talk” is interesting…………Constance McCashin (“Laura”) noticeably is not identified as one of the actresses set to appear and I’d bet $$$$ that none of them EVER mention Laura when they chat about the show.


  10. jon says:

    I seem to have the idea that McCashin in real life wasn’t as nice and sweet as Laura and didn’t associate with the show after her departure. Would love to see this show again.


  11. Gloria says:

    I am so glad that Knots is coming back. I cant wait to see them. I wish they would come back and do a mini series, I love Val, Karen, Abby, Page, Grg. Please come back.


  12. DE says:

    Has anyone actually watched the “Dallas” reboot that closely? LOTS of storylines have been altered from the history of the original show (i.e. Miss Ellie signed off the deed to Southfork to Bobby during the last season via Clayton, where in the reboot, he didn’t have them; Miss Ellie going to a sanitarium when it never happened; John Ross and Christopher growing up with Elaina and her brother when they were never mentioned, etc.) Besides that, how are Gary and Val going back to “Dallas” when the Ewings were never mentioned on “Knots Landing” again after the dream season – how are Gary and Val going to explain their son Bobby being named after a dead man that is now alive? They also made Cliff into a ‘godfather’ like figure, Sue Ellen a politician (when we don’t know how she got into politics in the first place), need I go on? Just leave the classics alone – I wouldn’t want “Knots” to go through the mess that the “Dallas” reboot has made to the original series. One more thing to think about – are we to think that the “Dallas” TV movies and the “Knots Landing” reunion now ‘dreams’, and that they never happened? According to Cynthia Cidre, that’s what she wants the viewing public to believe, and frankly, I’m not that stupid to buy into that logic! Look what happened to “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Bionic Woman” when they were remake – canceled after less than a season. Without Larry Hagman on this reboot, it’ll just be another clone with castoffs from “Desperate Housewives” trying to make it look like another version of “90210″, and one more thing about the casting… anyone notice that Judith Light looks a WHOLE lot like Fern Fitzgerald, who played Marilee Stone in the original series? How will that pan out if Marilee should come back for J.R.’s funeral? A potential disaster in the making!


  13. Linda says:


    I am so glad I will see the girls Jan 18 and Jan 22 PBS and Val and Gary on the new Dallas. I widh they would put the Knots actors back on. I also miss Kevin Dobson playing Mac. I hate the TV shows that are out. If u want to call them that. They need to bring back this show.


  14. Glo says:

    Also on the new Dallas cant they work in the KNots actors. Abbey, Karen, Page Val, Mac…. That would be magic. Life is hard these days and to bring back a show that is real would makke the world happy…


    Linda replied

    I agree with you. Mac should go on Dallas and play a lawyer…


  15. michelle says:

    knotts landing was my favorite show i would love to see it return. i loved all three ladies here but Donna Mills has always been my favorite actress of all time.


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