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14 November 15th, 2012 The Men Of NASHVILLE: Who’s Your Fave … Jonathan Jackson, Charles Esten, or Eric Close?


ABC’s hit new show Nashville is striking a chord with audiences and while the women take front and center stage with series stars, Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, plenty of the men are getting the attention and fans think the cast is red hot!

ABC 7 in Washington D.C. caught up with Jonathan Jackson, Charles Esten, and Eric Close, and filed this story and video!  Starting with Jonathan Jackson whose Avery Barkley delivers a healthy dose of drama each week. Cast as a rocker struggling to find a place to hang his hat on the country scene, Jackson says the show resonates with people outside of the Nashville norm.  “My character, ‘Avery Barkley’ in particular, he doesn’t really do traditional country music,” said Jackson. “And he’s doing avant-garde indie rock because that stuff is happening in Nashville.”

Jackson is part of an all-star cast that includes Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne) as the former band member and lover of country queen bee, “Rayna James”.  It’s not just his acting chops on display, but his pipes as well. Every actor sings each note of Nashville poetry. “When the words are as good as these songs it’s the easiest thing to do,” explained Esten. “When you have a song that great, and when the scenes are this great, it’s the easiest thing to do.”

Esten joined co-star Eric Close (Teddy Conrad) at the CMA’s. And as Close’s character is in full campaign mode for Mayor of Nashville, ABC7 just had to ask if he has any political aspirations himself.  “I’m kind of enjoying all the attention so we’ll see,” said Close. “I gotta say this guy could be the mayor of Nashville. He’s the friendliest guy in the world.”

After the jump, watch the Men of Nashville, and then let us know who is you favorite guy?  Nashville airs Wednesdays nights at 10pm on ABC.

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  1. IBelieveinLove says:

    Well this is easy, although I love all three without any question Jonathan Jackson is my favorite! All three are very good actors but JJ has such phenomenal acting skills and singing chops which is one of the reasons he’s my favorite! Nashville really lucked out on this cast including Connie and Hayden! My hope is they realize what a gift they have and don’t become predictable, they need to mixed it up and the characters that you think wouldn’t never do the unthinkable actually in the end do it. Keep it fun.


    abby replied

    while i have always been a JJ fan from his days on GH, i’m actually really really liking Charles Esten and the character he plays…he’s a bit of a hunk lol


  2. doodleynoodle says:

    My favorite is Charles Esten. I’m so invested in this character and his story. I can’t wait to see what happens with him.

    While I love Jonathan Jackson, I’m not loving Avery.

    Teddy who? Give me more Powers Boothe…I’ve always loved his work and he’s great as Rayna’s dad even if he is mean as a rattlesnake.


  3. Suzie says:

    Well, I’m a wee bit biased as a long time GH fan, Jonathan Jackson hands down. Just loving this show and thrilled for Jonathan that he brought his guitar and voice along for this acting audition. Great quality show. Kudos to T. Bone Burnett and co.


  4. K Jones says:

    There were two reasons I chose to check out Nashville. The first is that it is my hometown and I wanted to see how it would be portrayed, which turns out to be quite accurately. It’s not perfect but there’s no where else I would rather be. The second, and the reason I keep coming back, is JONATHON JACKSON. Love his acting, love his music. Loved him on General Hospital as the young Lucky Spencer. Loved him as Lucky the second time around (hated the writing at the time though). Can’t wait to see more of this struggling not quite bad boy AVERY. His rendition of KISS this week was more than I hoped for. I enjoy al the men on Nashville, but I will keep watching to see what AVERY is up to next.


  5. S says:

    Sam Palladio, who you did not include in your article! He’s the hottest.


  6. Iakovos says:

    I “heart” Charles Esten. (A LOT!) :-)


  7. Mary says:

    Charles Esten no contest


  8. SZima says:

    I’m partial to Eric Close…out of those three. He’s the one I’m more familiar with.
    Jonathan Jackson is a good actor, but not to my liking in the looks department.
    Charles Esten I’ve never seen before, but he is good looking and he’s a good actor also.


  9. EJ/JS fan says:

    Definitely Charles Esten! Love Deacon!! Second would be Eric Close and JJ third


  10. su0000 says:

    Love the hot sexy- Charles Esten !


  11. calie says:

    Charles Esten, then Gunner and whoever plays him and then JJ.


  12. Cami says:

    My favorite Nashville man is definitely Charles Esten. I’d watch the show for him and his songs alone. Unfortunately I can rarely watch it live because I work late at DISH on Wednesdays, but I catch it on my DVR. I have the DISH Hopper, which is set to auto-record Nashville and the other big four prime time network shows using Primetime Anytime, so I can always watch the show even though I work when it airs. Having the show recorded also makes it easy for me to re-watch my favorite parts, or re-listen to Esten’s songs. Sideshow was a particular favorite of mine.


  13. Maggie says:

    DEFINITELY JONATHAN JACKSON….he was so good on GH, it’s good to see him utilizing his immense acting talent to combine his music with acting…I really wish he would come back to GH, but I am happy the show is successful…maybe he can stop in again some time…I would go so far as to say, he was the BEST actor on GH.


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