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27 November 24th, 2014 The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Share Their First Impressions Of New Castmate Eileen Davidson – Watch The Video!


So just what do The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills think about one of their new cast members, Y&R and DAYS star Eileen Davidson?

Well, in this edited clip package from the hit Bravo reality series franchise, long standing castmates: Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Granville, Yolanda Foster, and Kyle Richards are asked their first impressions of Eileen, and to use three words to describe her in this newly released video   Here are just a few of their comments below:

Lisa Vanderpump: “She’s kind of ethereal … she’s gentle … and she’s kind.  Eileen is composed, she is intelligent and soft-spoken, but methink something lies beneath!”

Brandi Granville seemingly had an axe to grind in her commentary on the soap favorite: “She’s very reserved, and she wears weird shoes.  She’s chill.  She’s got the grey in her hair and it looks skunky.  I think she’s trying to make a statement.  Personally, I would highlight that s**t.   She’s boring, reserved, and desperate.”

Kyle Richards, who postured herself as a glam soap star throughout her commentary, related: “You see Eileen and you see soap star written all over her face.”

Yolanda Foster stated, “If I had to describe Eileen in three words I would say: authentic, real and Emmy winner … working girl.  Oh, no … that’s four … I meant to have three!”

Watch the video of the BH gals giving the camera their thoughts on Ms. Davidson below!  Then, let us know what you thought of what they said!

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  1. Brandiwho says:

    LOL Brandi is totally irrelevant. I thought you had to be married to be married, not a bitter hag whose husband left her for someone far less attractive than her.


  2. Brandiwho says:

    That should be you have to be married to be a housewife. lol


  3. Laurie A McRae says:

    I think Eileen Davidson & husband Vincent Van Patten are WAY better/classier than & above this “Housewives of BH” crap. I’m REALLY disappointed in her for having gotten them involved in this & I sincerely hope she doesn’t live to regret it.


  4. Sheila says:

    I was one of Brandi’s biggest defenders but Eileen’s my girl and Brandi is just showing her IQ with her statements. Eileen is the real deal and I hope she gives Brandi double what she dishes out.


  5. Lorenzo says:

    I want Susan Banks, to show up and tell Brandi. Brandi you are mean mean mean. LOL


  6. 4ever DAYS says:

    What the hell did Eileen get herself into???!!!!!!


    k/kay replied

    A paycheck!!!!!!


  7. Elaine says:

    Brandi makes her opinion irrelevant because her negativity takes all her beauty and flushes it down the toilet.


    su0000 replied

    lol you watch that stuff.. :)
    I click in in and out, they are horribly plastic/surgery that is lol..
    I had 2 friends over..
    I clicked this open while telling about Eileen..
    They both said/agreed-
    that the women were botox, and alcoholic sluts … ahaa..

    and then they went on about their bad boob jobs and other things lol ..
    It was agreed.. Housewives Of Beverly Hills are trash, inside and out .. LOL ..
    the show is terrible, it is so bad that is almost fun to watch because how bad it is..


    monica replied

    su0000 I hear you are the slut of spring field, just like Reva Shayne Lewis lol.

    Patrick replied

    they are horribly plastic/surgery

    were botox, and alcoholic sluts

    “the truth”

    which begs … or not…. “a paycheck”

    it’s staggering to me.. that I’d tune in to see Salem’ites

    Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson

    where does this take us

    boggles my mindset… it’s star turn still

    Patrick replied



    yes, and MORE yes

    Reva Shayne

    she was thee and all that

    I was never happier when she was apart from the uber talented and HOTTIE of the HOT… Josh… Robert Newman… drool

    Josh belonged with Annie and Olivia… take your pick

    he was never better with either or… never with Reva… she wore on me so bad

  8. 4ever DAYS says:

    Eileen is desperate…says the chick with her t*ts on display…she’s funny!!


    su0000 replied

    who was that person with fake utters..
    sheesh bend her over and grab the milking pail .. ahahaaa they look so barnyard..


    Harry replied

    I don’t think this Brandi person is very bright. She uses an arrays elf cancelling words. On one hand, Eileen is reserved and boring but on the other, she is desperate? Desperate people are seldom boring and reserved.
    And judging by this picture, Miss Brandi needs to stop with the plastic surgery right now.
    The problem with having too much work done is it makes you appear older than you are.


    Harry replied

    That should be ‘self cancelling’ not ‘elf cancelling’ which makes me the dim bulb here.
    I must have Christmas on the brain. Or I can just blame auto correct.

  9. Mark says:

    Brandi is like brandy; cheap and comes from the bottom of the barrel


  10. vinman says:

    BG….shed the fake TT’s!


  11. Kyle says:

    Eileen wasn’t in last weeks episode and she isn’t in this weeks either.

    she actually debuts next week!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Are you Kyle Richards? If so, I commented about you without realizing you commented!


    davlestev1 replied

    Thank you. It was sooo annoying to realize she wasn’t on there and no one including the network bothered to say so. They touted her and then held her back so you had to watch them wrap up things no new viewer even cared about. A white party with a fatburger truck?? Now this obnoxious video that makes you realize why you truly don’t watch this show and yet you truly do want to see an actress you have followed for years. Very underhand tactic to increase viewers…

  12. 4ever DAYS says:

    Kyle Richards was featured in the original “Halloween” and before that, she was in several episodes of “Little House on the Prairie” where she played Alicia…the pretty little girl who’s dying mother had to find families for her children.


  13. katie says:

    The one thing i took away is that Brandi knows John and Marlena so she’s obviously watched Days at some point in the 90s. Maybe that’s coloring her opinion of Eileen. Or Brandi’s just being bitchy.


  14. Iakovos says:

    I wish Eileen Davidson had not gone the HOUSEWIVES. I do not watch any of the iterations but it seems these women pop up a lot and being famous works for them in advancing themselves, their businesses, and their charity/philanthropy. (Oh, strike that last one!) Miss Davidson is smart, beautiful, talented…. and clearly a worker bee. I just wish options were available to her other than this as she looks to reach new audiences.


    Mo replied

    Yes, I don’t know why anyone would purposely align themself with these people or want to be around these people. Some of them may be okay, but Brandi seems to be a real bitch. Like I’ve said before, I hope Eileen is getting paid a ton of money. That’s the only way it’s worthwhile.


    su0000 replied

    they are facelifts, boob jobs, hair extensions and botox senior citizens acting like teenagers LOL..
    It is so sad.. lol

  15. sheryl says:

    She will do one season…and no more….she will understand that this is not a gig that will do anything for her career, Eileen D. Probably couldn’t get out of the contract.,really….who in there right mind wants to have any scenes with a walking talking slush slut like brandi cumlam….only a used up toilet wand…would….¡!!!!!!!!!


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