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8 August 9th, 2012 The Revolution’s Co-Host Harley Pasternak Sued For Punching Incident in Apartment Complex!


The Revolution, the ill-fated ill-conceived concept and replacement series on ABC Daytime for the beloved One Life to Live,  not only tanked, but so to has one of the show’s co-hosts, celebrity fitness trainer, Harley Pasternak!

In a riveting news item from the New York Daily News it appears that Pasternak had anger management issues that came to a light in an apartment complex basketball court in New York City, and thus the trainer is being sued by two men!

Here are the deets!  “Pasternak waas busted for punching two Manhattan men in a squabble over a basketball court, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.   Pasternak took a deal that forced him to sit through an anger-management class in exchange for making the misdemeanor assault charges from the January attack disappear. If he stays out of trouble, the criminal case will be dismissed.   But now he’s got new legal woes.  The men Pasternak socked are suing him, claiming the attack was “malicious, outrageous, offensive and intentional.” Pasternak, who has built a national reputation for his Five Factor Diet, could not be reached for comment. His attorney, Eric Arnone, declined to comment.

The trouble started about 7:45 p.m. Jan. 29 when Matthew Spritz, a lawyer, and Michael Berro, an exec with a tobacco wholesaler, were shooting hoops in a private gym in Berro’s building on W. 24th St. when Pasternak interrupted to ask when the gym would be free, the lawsuit states.  Pasternak left but returned a half-hour later and “began to hurl insults” at Berro, a 5-foot-six-inch, 140-pound man who was dwarfed by Pasternak’s 6-foot, 220-pound frame, Spritz said. Spritz moved to defend Berro, but Pasternak shoved a camera phone in his face, announcing he wanted Spritz’ picture to get him barred from the building where Berro owns his apartment and Pasternak was renting a unit with his wife, the lawsuit states.   When Spritz pushed the phone away, Pasternak smashed him in the jaw with a closed fist. Berro intervened and Pasternak slammed him in the nose, too, according to the lawsuit.

More than a dozen witnesses ran to separate the men as Pasaternak hurled insults: “Nice face. Want to go again?” and “Yeah, that’s right, I just spanked you guys,” according to the lawsuit.   Both men have had hefty medical and dental bills, according to court papers.   Building concierge Leo Frias said Pasternak, who was under court order to stay away from the two men, moved out about two months ago after living there only six months.  “He was a low-key guy — one of my favorite residents,” Frias said. “It’s an unfortunate thing.”The lawsuit is just the latest setback for Pasternak, whose clients include Hillary Duff, Katy Perry, Halle Berry and Jessica Simpson. This summer, ABC-TV cancelled “The Revolution,” a daytime lifestyles talk show that he co-hosted. Frias said building managers have a zero-tolerance policy for nonsense and expect residents to “respect the staff, the people here, the whole environment. “ If they don’t, they’re checked on the spot.”

Wow soapers, even the casting decisions of The Revolution did not bode well in the long run for the alphabet network! Weigh-in!

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  1. Brian says:

    Hmmm.. Too bad ABC can’t be sued for canceling ONE LIFE TO LIVE !


    Christy replied

    te he he


    susan M. replied



  2. Christine says:

    It just goes to show how ill-conceived this mess, The Revolution, was.

    In other news, their other ill-conceived mess, Good Afternoon America, ratings “plummet” in week 4 according to Mark Berman. He says it is as much as a 70% loss from OLTL numbers. And this garbage is supposed to run for NINE weeks?

    I bet the good people at ABC are all patting themselves on the back over that one. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


    susan M. replied

    This show (GAA) is total disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Heather says:

    With all due respect Michael, this story is a total waste of space on your website. I’m trying to forget that this “show” ever existed in the first place. So why should we even care about Pasternak or the rest of the hosts of The Revolution?


    Christine replied

    I know, right? Also, that picture of that poor woman in the pink gets framed just right so it looks like the article is about her. I thought it was because I never watched the stupid show to begin with.


  4. susan M. says:

    I get so angry that OLTL was cancelled for this CRAPPY loser of a show!!!!!!!! All those commericals for this CRAPPY show made me throw-up and really angry…I am glad it’s gone….None of these replacement shows will NEVER WORK on DAYTIME PROGRAMMING!!!! Next to go The Chew another revolting show…Can’t understand why it is stiull on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Chews whole concept makes me sick…Get the bromo seltzer……………


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