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14 September 5th, 2012 The Season Premiere Of THE TALK To Feature Hosts & Three CBS Soap Ladies Sans Make-Up!


There is one thing that can be said about CBS’s daytime gabfest, The Talk!  The producers and the executive behind-the-scenes, CBS Daytime’s Angelica McDaniel, know how to utilize their network line-up to cross promote for tune-in, especially their soaps!

Take note Katie Couric! Even though you are a new syndicated talker, you are airing on over 95%  of ABC affiliates in the country.  So perhaps having a guest or two from General Hospital during your premiere week might be the thing to do, since you insisted you wanted the soap as your lead-in, when push came to shove.

But back to The Talk.  The increasing popular series is doing it right for their season three premiere on September 10th when the ladies of the panel: Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler appear without make-up!  But here is the kicker! So do their guests who happen to be The Young and the Restless’ Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), and The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke).  Along for the no make-up day episode is also film star, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Talk airs weekdays at 2PMEST/1PMPST and CST.   So will you be tuning in to see The Talk?  Do you agree that they have been successfully cross-promoting their CBS soap line-up when possible on the series?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Christine says:

    I don’t watch THE TALK and never have. However I see the promos and I have to admit that they do a fair amount of promoting the soaps.

    IF ONLY the network would do the same it would help the genre succeed.


  2. Tina Gray says:

    Oh no. Sorry. That’s the day General Hospital moves to 2:00 PM. GH wins all the time. Maybe The Talk should move to 3:00! I’ll watch it then!


    Angie replied

    I do enjoy The Talk, and have been watching it since the brilliance (not) of ABC took our OLTL off for their HAPPILY failed Revoltion lol. But know that GH is being moved to 2pm its going to be all GH. Sorry ladies of The Talk!!


  3. Iakovos says:

    For their cross-promotion efforts, I give only partial credit to THE TALK, a weak entry into the endless chatfest that daytime has become. In the same way the AMC and OLTL fans still crusade against ABC for those cancellations, I remain upset and disappointed in the loss of AS THE WORLD TURNS for this hour of empty air in the 2 o’clock slot. (For the record, I also miss GUIDING LIGHT.)

    I still believe daytime drama will make a comeback somehow. Everything old is new again.


  4. Carol says:

    No, I will not. That time slot was always the one hour a day I dedicated to watching a soap. First Another World, then As the World Turns and then, sadly, the final year of One Life to Live. Now with General Hospital opposite it, there’s not a chance that I’ll be watching. Not that I ever did before.


  5. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait to see everyone without makeup it is going to be fun to watch.


    SZima replied

    That’s one way to scare off the viewers. A couple of those gals would give me nightmares…in fact one does WITH makeup!


  6. kelly says:

    I loved only Leah Remni on the talk I will not watch with that Julie or the fool what’s her name oh Sheryl


  7. Kimberly says:

    Never watched The Talk, never will. I can’t forget my favorite soaps- ATWT & GL. Guess what- I want to watch soaps & will watch whatever network they are on.


  8. Anne says:

    The Talk–pure swill.

    Even after a couple of years, it is still unbelievable that they cancelled As The World Turns for this crapfest. ATWT was among the best written, best acted soaps ever–too good actually. The masses prefer the much inferior CBS soaps that are still on.

    Why are you writing about The Talk? FYI–appearing without makeup has been done many times, from Oprah on down. It’s as recycled as the “hosts.”


  9. Christy says:

    No. I won’t watch it. Never have seen it either. I have my antenna set for ABC and that’s it…. or DVDs!

    but seeing how none of these gals are from OLTL or GH, I really won’t be missing anything (to me anyways!)


  10. kalamaty says:

    I do enjoy “The Talk”, occasionally, and am so happy that they are giving a platform to their network soap partners like this! It’s about time that the actors on our favorite soaps are featured!!! Can’t wait to see The Stafford, MTS and company mix it up with the gals; sans makeup!


  11. Scott says:

    I love this idea. “The Talk” is definitely an amazing medium and chat series. I cannot await its return on 9/10.


  12. MBmomof3 says:

    Never watched The Talk, never will. But I think this a smart move given the competition in that timeslot come Sept 10.


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