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14 April 26th, 2012 The Season Two Premiere of The Bay – Watch the Webisode!

The Bay is back!  Today, season two finally kicks-off right right where the season one cliffhanger left fans of the hit web series.

In the premiere, Zoey and Brian’s bizarre wedding unfolds, as Lee is presumably caught in an explosion with already two casualities reported, and we find an evil Steve Jensen lurking, and a drunk Janice Ramos in some interesting, shall we say,  bar-action!

Watch Tristan Rogers, Mary Beth Evans, Martha Madison, Kristos Andrews, Dylan Bruce, Taylor Stanley, Jed Allen, Charles Shaughnessy and more in the first installment of the new season from Gregori J. Martin’s, The Bay after the jump.

Then, let us know what you thought of the premiere webisode! And, what you would like to see happen to your favorite residents of Bay City!

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  1. Christina says:


    Truly good soap entertainment like this is so scarce now.. this show is literally my sanctuary!! I’m truly addicted to it


  2. Sarah M. says:

    O…..M……G…YES! WE ARE BACK!!! I loved every minute. Steve Jensen Oh Steve Jensen you sly devil. and Janice was Hilarious!!! Thank you Michael for sharing, and Thank you Gregori for THE BAY!!! Here we go again!!!


  3. Brandy says:

    YES! Thank goodness this show is back. With so few soaps left, this really is one of the only shows left worth watching. Thanks to everyone at The Bay for continuing to bring us wonderfully entertaining and high quality soapy goodness! Loved, loved Harold and Zoey, and Lillly Melgar plays such a wonderful drunk Janice. And of course I can’t wait to see what happened to Lee. Poor Sara! LOVE THE BAY!!


  4. Erica says:

    I’m so glad to see The Bay return. I’ve missed it. The Janice/Christine scenes in the bar were great, as were all of the reactions at the wedding. Harold and Zoey are perfect as father and daughter (and the Santa Barbara shout-out was fantastic). Can’t wait for more . . . especially regarding whether Lee was really caught in that explosion.


  5. Cees says:

    I agree with Christina. I’m addicted as well. So glad The Bay is back! Love the drama and can’t wait for more!


  6. Rodd says:

    I’ve never watched this show, but after seeing all the soap stars in it, I’ll have to start. Bravo! And thanks for sharing!


  7. Miahappy says:

    Thank God for The Bay! In a world where soaps are a dying breed, we have a great new show that is on its way up! I say long after all the other soaps are gone, we’ll still be enjoying Gregori’s masterpiece!

    Long live The Bay!


  8. Jane Edwards says:

    So glad this show is back. Love the sets, storylines and charasmatic actors. Mary Beth Evans just lights up the screen-very classy lady. You have me hooked guys-great fun show to watch.


  9. Kris says:

    The Bay is back! I love The Bay! I got interested when I heard Mary Beth Evans was going to play a pivotal role in it…I’ve always loved her.

    I’ve watched The Bay since its inception, and wow! I just love the cast that Gregori Martin has assembled. From Lane Davies, Charles Shaughnessy, and Jed Allan to Martha Madison and Matthew Ashford as well as the aforementioned Mary Beth Evans…It’s a real treat.

    Through the Bay, I’ve come to love even more actors and actresses than the ones I anticipated seeing when the show started. Lily, Taylor Stanley, Sandra Ferguson, Real Andrews…They’ve all done such a great job in this continuing drama!

    I have fun watching The Bay! May the fun continue for years to come…


  10. Hilary says:

    Thank you for this BAY article! I’m so glad that we have something else to watch that’s so worth watching now that so many of our soaps are gone. Jed and Taylor are sooooo flippin’ good as father and daughter. You just believe every word they say. And I was really impressed with Lilly Melgar and Sandra Dee Robinson in their bar scene. Lilly’s drunk hit every note just wonderfully, and Christine has a layer of sanity beneath all that wack! It’s so great to see these characters with so many dimensions. Mary Beth Evans was the reason i started watching The BAY, but now I’m hooked on the great plots that Gregori has woven for everyone. And one more thing. That bartender had more presence in his pinky than alot of people on hit primetime shows today. Can’t wait for the rest of the season!


  11. Jules says:

    Yay The Bay is back better than ever. I love everything about this show, can’t wait to see what happens to the Garret’s next week. Mary Beth Evans is fab as wealthy socialite Sara Garret and the creator Gregori J Martin is amazing :)


  12. Chrissy says:

    Another great webisode. There’s more drama and action in 10 minutes than I see on most soaps in an hour long episode. Love it!! Keep it coming.


  13. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for another quality production! The Bay has a dream cast! Love how the soap keeps the genre updated and fresh while maintaing the elements of a great soap. It should be on primetime.


  14. Christine says:

    At long last the wait is over. Great season opener. I look forward to next week.


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