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7 December 29th, 2011 The Shocking Mid-Season Finale of THE BAY – Watch the Video!

Well, the loonies are walking around Bay City … still! Will anyone stop them?  In the exciting mid-season finale of Gregori J. Martin’s The Bay, just as Brian (Dylan Bruce) and Zoey (Taylor Stanley) have finally gotten to the part of the bride walking down the aisle at their wedding ceremony, trouble looms!

Meanwhile in a shocking twist, we get a blast from the past in the nuptials of Sarah Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) and Lee Nelson (Paul Satterfield), and then something explosive happens involving drugged-induced Lianna (Jade Harlow) and Lee!

The Bay will return in April 2012 and will be on hiatus for three months! So, make sure to get your fill of some of your favorite daytime performers in this last webisode of 2011 after the jump. Then, let us know what the heck you think is going down in this mid-season finale!

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  1. Sassy says:

    Wow..What a cliffhanger.. I just love the cast..Phenomenal…The wedding reminded me so much of Days. LOL….I must say the Bay has improved so much this season..Not a bad episode in the bunch…Now, how long do we have to wait for a new episode? #Iamveryimpatient


  2. Mary Hargett-Hiduk says:

    Thank you for your continued support. This episode blew me away (literally). Igor was quite a surprise. Gregori, cast and crew are the BEST.


  3. wawame says:

    Love it! Drama at its best. It’s been a long time since I have seen a ‘real’ cliffhanger, one that I didn’t see coming a mile away. The Bay delievered two! Camden Toy rocks! Looking forward to the show’s return!


  4. Miahappy says:

    Holy cliffhanger, Batman! Actually…several cliffhangers. I’ll never cease to be amazed how much Gregori can cram into a short webisode, but wow, is it packed! I’d love to see what he could do with a 30-60 television episode!


  5. Jules says:

    Wow, loved everything about this episode, its going to be a long 3 months waiting for the next episode.


  6. Patrick says:

    watching Jacklyn Zeman is always a hoot… i always thought she was a hot tramp on GH… Nurse Bobbie…. surprisingly, she doesn’t look bad… in this episode… their was much hoopla.. about her plastic surgery… and why she isn’t asked back to gh… cause she’s “scary”… a fright… on the eyes… she, along with Luke, and of course, carly… are a big part of gh. so, it was nice to see her… she looks great in that hat… i’d wear it.


  7. Camille says:

    Wish I’d been watching this all along. Spent a whole afternoon getting “caught up” in the past 2 seasons webisodes and now that I have, I don’t want to have to wait until April for the next one- lol- . WOW! I agreee with the other comments! What a cliffhanger webisode that was- I knew something was coming- but all of it climaxed perfectly to reel me in as a “The Bay” junkie now for sure! Lookin’ forward to more of “The Bay”!
    I will admit that after viewing the first one, I was not impressed at all, but I’m glad that I gave it a second chance and continued watching the rest of the seasons webisodes and then season 2, because once the storyline unfolded more and the actors got more into character, I didn’t feel like I was watching a web series anymore- it actually felt like a real “soap” (which we’re losing more of our wonderful TV soaps everyday).


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