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6 October 14th, 2013 THE STAFFORD PROJECT: Thorsten “The French Assassin” Kaye Goes On A Date With Michelle!


Alright, so as we teased over the weekend, you must check out the on-screen chemistry between All My Children’s Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater) and former Y&R star, Michelle Stafford (Ex-Phyllis)  in episode six of the hit web series, The Stafford Project in the just released installment!

In it, Kaye plays a “frenchman” who is not what he appears to be, or what “Michelle” thinks of him to be as she is taken in by his sexual innuendos and clearly misjudges him …  even when her reality series camera crew let’s her know something is seriously wrong with this guy!  What’s wrong with this guy is … that he is packing a gun in his sock! And that is just for starters!

The writing of this episode has some great comedic one-liners which are delivered by Kaye to perfection!  See if you can catch them all!  We won’t give the rest away, but to suffice to say Stafford has developed a hilarious, self-effacing series of the plight of a single woman who just wants to go on a decent date, something so far in this series, “Michelle” has yet to have!

Now, watch episode six of The Stafford Project after the jump entitled, “The French Assassin” and let us know what you thought of seeing two of soap operas favorite superstars in scenes together for the very first time?

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  1. heidi says:

    Not her best…


    Debbie replied

    Agree…not one of her web videos are worth watching, sorry Michelle this is not your best.


  2. Beti says:

    It says video has been removed by owner :(


  3. Gh lover says:



  4. Karen says:

    Thorsten Kaye’s delivery, along with the cameraman’s excited protestions, the writing, the editing –all is perfection. I’ve lived in Paris for 20 years, didn’t know Thorsten Kaye, and would never have believed he wasn’t French. He’s got the look, the mannerisms, the words (“bloody” means rare) –and even the English language vulgarity down pat (I find that my French friends pride themselves on English but use blue language constantly without really knowing how gross some of it is (“pussy boy?”) What amazes me about this clip is that it’s black comedy, a parody of one of MS’s real dates, but done straight — not one single note was overplayed, even by the cameraman. I grew up in the town of Lee Phillip and her family (her parents lived in the same retirement community as mine), and so I have a feeling of down-home pride that the extraordinary, refined, adept stage actor Thorsten Kaye (whom I’d never seen before!) is going to join BB. Talk about a huge racheting upward.


  5. Soapstix says:

    Love the actors/actress, but this was a little weird. Is MS suppose to be a ditz, would be my first question. LOL


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