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7 September 19th, 2013 THE TALK Scores Highest Weekly Audience Ever With Season Four Premiere Week Filled With Shocking Secrets!


Last week as Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood and Sharon Osbourne each revealed a never-before-known secret to the audience and to each other on the season four premiere of The Talk, the series was cleaning up in the ratings department! In fact, the CBS afternoon talker delivered it’s  largest weekly audience ever, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending September 15th!

 The Talk averaged 2.80 million viewers, up +20% over last year’s premiere audience of 2.33 million viewers.  Among women 25-54,  The Talk averaged 1.2/08, also up +20% over last year’s 1.0/06 and matching its all-time high in the demo.

And according to the Hollywood Reporter,  “This is the closest The Talk‘s audience has ever come to its main competitor, The View.  The momentum of The Talk‘s growth during such a pivotal year for The View should prove to be one of the more interesting daytime ratings stories over the 2013-14 season. ”

So after watching season four premiere of The Talk, or if you just watched our video clip coverage of the reveal of the co-hosts secrets which one touched you the most?  Aisha Tyler’s fertility struggles?  Julie Chen’s eye surgery to look less Asian?  Sara Gilbert’s story of dating then co-star Johnny Galecki and telling him she was gay, and living with the secret?  Sharon Osbourne having a fling with Jay Leno? Or Sheryl Underwood admitting her twin had died shortly after birth, and that her mother stabbed her father?  Comment below!

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  1. Iakovos says:

    I will take the secrets of the Hugheses, Snyders, Walshes and others in Oakdale (AS THE WORLD TURNS) any day over these ratings-grab confessions, thank you.

    I still miss ATWT, and I know I am not alone.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I miss ATWTs too…i recorded their upstairs/christmas special and watch it every christmas…The Talk confession episode was a publicity gimmick to attract more viewers…i didnt watch it plus Sarah Gilberts confession…i already read that somewhere else years ago.


    Anne replied

    You are not alone Iakovos. Cheap programming, the Talk, and to think this replaced a classic show such as ATWT. Sad, sad.


  2. su0000 says:

    LOL the talk needed to prostitute the private lives of the hosts for ratings, so sad..


  3. boes says:

    The only way this show has picked up viewers is if they’re forcing lifers in prison to watch it. Or it it’s turned on in airport lounges with no option to change the channel and no ability to crack the screen.

    Absolute crud, with a group of hosts for whom that seem to come naturally.


  4. bc says:

    The talk should do this secrets week regularly. Maybe they can convince guest hosts to reveal the same. Lots of frank discussions from secrets week. Best revelation goes to julie chen. Her revelation was not melodramatic like it is on sudsers. Julie chen’s revelation was relevant bec it touched on a lot of issues. Pressures of mainstream media’s narrow definition of beauty. Plastic surgery not for vanity but for a woman’s career growth. Tension between racial minority’s cultural identity and demands for career growth. Racism towards Asian americans w/c was very relevant given miss america racism and newest tv show from fox w/c is very racist towards Asian americans. Julie chen’s revelation should have been discussed for an entire episode. It’s too bad “progressive/liberal” hollywood refuses to create fictional Asian american chars to portray storylines w/c touch on issues from julie chen’s revelation. Those would be new kinds of dramatic storylines. Not the same old kind of storylines where everything has to be told from perspective of a white char.


  5. bc says:

    The talk’s panel consists of 2 African american women and lesbian woman who’s white and a british foreigner who’s white and an Asian american woman. But it’s Asian american personality julie chen who is getting the most press from the talk’s revelations week.

    Julie’s revelation obviously contributed the most to bringing the talk’s highest ratings and bringing press for herself and for the talk.

    The topic of racism towards Asian americans brought the talk its highest ratings and coveted press.

    Yet “progressive/liberal” hollywood refuses to cast more Asian americans w/ quality roles on tv shows. But Asian american actors get cast if a tv show and movie needs chars to bash and mock and be racist to and ridicule and bully.

    Doubtful that the talk’s ratings would make “progressive/liberal” hollywood cast more Asian americans and deal w/ more Asian american issues thru talk shows and thru fictional chars.


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