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16 September 12th, 2013 THE TALK Secrets Revealed: Julie Chen Had Eye Surgery To Look Less Asian To Attain Goals In Broadcasting!


On the  season four premiere of The Talk, the ladies of the panel have been each taking turns sharing a very personal secret that has never before been told publicly or to each other.

On yesterday’s episode, Julie Chen revealed she had surgery on her eyes years ago after a local news director in Dayton Ohio, where she was at the beginnings of her news career as a field reporter and had made known she would like to be a news anchor, told her she looked bored during interviews, and a talent agent advised that without opening her eyes, she would never make it to a big market. This caused controversy in her family particularly since Julie is very proud of her Chinese heritage.

Listen to the heartbreaking tale of Julie’s difficult decision to try to move forward in her chosen profession to attain her goals where she faced significant racism and remarks due to her race.

Watch Julie reveal her secret on her eye surgery after the jump, and then let us know how you feel about her story!

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  1. Lchan says:

    Forget about the eyes. Look at how much surgery she had on her nose


    Marion replied

    my thoughts exactly Lchan, that nose is only about half its original size


  2. Anne says:


    Please don’t write about these awful talk shows. We don’t care.


    Lisa replied

    Excuse me, check the ratings. I care and plenty of people obviously DO care. The Talk has built a loyal audience that is growing steadily, little by little. I like Julie Chen, enjoy the show very much, and look forward to watching it each day. It’s a harmless, fun show that puts a smile on my face, and I appreciate this theme for the first week of their new season. If you don’t like/watch it, that’s fine, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us who do. You soap fans are NOT so far above everyone else. Yeah, stick your nose up. Grow up already! I suggest that you check the ratings for the different daytime talk shows. Obviously, many many people DO care.

    This is my major gripe with so many crazy soap fans. Geez, a person can’t like/watch a soap as well as a couple of talk shows? Don’t you dare tell me what I should or should not care about, thank you very much.


    Mary SF replied

    Lisa– I don’t think soap fans think we are above talk shows. The sad truth is many of our beloved soaps were cancelled by networks and replaced by talk shows. If networks hadn’t done that, the black lash against talk shows by soaps fans would not exist. If talk shows get as many or more eyeballs watching them that sends a message to networks that they can do away with soaps altogether. So If you sense hostility toward talk shows by soap fans I think it is for that reason. They are threatening the existing four soaps.
    In the old days networks has room for both genre and game shows and cooking shows for daytime, but as talk shows have become the genre of choice for daytime many soap fans will not support them because they are defending their soap.
    We do realize talk shows have their fans, and if this was a website for talk shows this item would make sense, but to place it on soap site, knowing the animosity some soap fans have toward talk shows because they replaced their soaps, is just asking for comments like the one posted.
    As human beings we should deeply care when individuals feel it necessary to alter their appearance in order to have a equal shot at a life many of us take for granted. I don’t think Anne was saying she doesn’t care about that issue, just as a soap fan visiting a soap site she doesn’t care to read about talk shows, which as for reasons I stated are seen as the enemy to the soaps.
    I hope you understand that and realize it isn’t so much a slam against talk as it is our way of defending and trying to keep the four remaining soaps on air.

    Kate replied

    I agree. Stop the talk about The Talk.


  3. brian says:

    So sad… she should have slapped that talent agent…then tried for a career in Canada…
    we have many successful news broadcastors of many races.


  4. aria says:

    wow she looks totally different, either way she is beautiful and its sad she was so discriminated agianst .


  5. Anne says:

    Discrimination is unacceptable, but things worked out well for her. She’s married to the President of CBS and she has a highly paid job which requires her to do nothing to engage in mindless patter.


  6. Mo says:

    Her eyes do look better after. She looks more trustworthy after. It also looks like she had some nose work done.


  7. bc says:

    Talk abt brutal honesty! Tired tv show “the view” could only dream of topping that revelation! It’s completely not surprising though for julie chen to be told she’s not “relatable” enough bec of her Asian american features and heitage and she must conform to white standards of physical appearance for her career to prosper. This is something being told implicitly and explicitly to racial minorities by “tolerant” and “progressive” hollywood. Asian american actors and actresses and public personalities who are part white get more opportunities bec their looks conform more to Anglo features. It’s the same thing for other racial minorities. Why’d you think beyonce and jennifer lopez are called “most beautiful” women by entertainment press? Bec they’re light skinned and have blonde hair weaves and extensions. Bec they have more aquiline noses and comply to white standards of beauty. Actress viola davis is beautiful but she’d never be considered by entertainment press as the pinnacle of beauty bec she’s dark skinned and does not have an aquiline nose and even dares to show up to red carpets w/ her natural hair! It’s same thing for audience. It’s really horrid how films and tv shows expect racial minority audience to relate to white chars who are majority leading chars bec storylines must be told from a white char’s perspective. Yet whenever it’s a racial minority as the lead then it’s a “niche storyline” bec white audience won’t want to relate to a person of color. And thus that racial minority public figure must conform to white standards of physical appearance by getting plastic surgery like julie chen! Tv shows and movies from hollywood love to scream abt tolerance yet racism is alive and well thanks largely to them.


  8. Jared says:

    What a beautiful lady!


  9. JustSaying says:

    Wow. Discrimination in the news media. I’m shocked. I’m really shocked. Shame on you Ohio. Shame, shame, shame.

    Seriously, I’m not surprised. Work discrimination happens everywhere. All she needed to do is change her makeup and she would have been fine.


  10. mario soriano says:

    I love the talk. julie chen is beautiful. I’m so happy that the talk is a big hit. i watch it every day.


  11. Robet says:

    It’s sad she felt she had to do that because she was beautiful before. However, she needs a refund as she is still a beautiful Asian woman who unfortunately had WAY TOO much plastic surgery!


  12. kevin tredway says:

    All of you ladies on the Talk are BEAUTIFUL I’m so proud of all of you for bringing out your secrets. And believe me I know what I’m talking about you see I had a stroke 3 years ago which was just following up a heart valve replacementto make a long story
    short I now have 2 cow valves, yes cow! in my heart and I’ve been code blue or dead 3 times ,but Julie whom ever made you painted you with a golden paint brush,( your beautiful) and I’m glad you ladies have your show it has gotten me through some tough times yall stay the way you areyour all so sweet and honest.


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