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36 March 25th, 2015 THE TALK To Announce 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations!


Wanting to know who may be in the final field in the daytime drama categories for the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards?  CBS afternoon series, The Talk is the place to be then when they announce the nominations exclusively on Tuesday March 31st beginning at 2PMET, and airing at 1PM PT/CT time.

Watch to find out who from your favorite soaps are announced when The Talk co-hosts, Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, and Sara Gilbert do the big reveal!

In addition, encores of this special episode of The Talk will air on Pop on the night of March 31tst with two rebroadcasts at 8PMET and 11PMET, featuring the nominations of the Daytime Emmy Awards.  The  42ndAnnual Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony will air live exclusively on Pop on Sunday, April 26 (8:00 PM, ET/5:00 PM, PT).

The Talk will continue the celebration following the Daytime Emmys with its fourth annual “After Party,” honoring some of the night’s biggest winners on Monday, April 27.  Guest names to be announced following the Daytime Emmy Awards early Monday morning, April 27.

Excited to know the Daytime Emmy nomination announcements will be televised?  Will you be watching The Talk next Tuesday or Pop that night?  Comment below!



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  1. vinman says:

    If the “tiffany”network was truly hyping the Daytime Emmy’s the would be broadcast on Ms.Chen’s hubby’s network;so that ALL can watch!


  2. Jamesj75 says:

    The Talk is an appropriate venue for the announcement, as they regularly have soap opera actors as guests. Further, they are on CBS, home to 2 of the 4 remaining daytime soaps. And they are a fun and respectful group.

    Had the announcement been made at The View, on the other hand, we would have been exposed to heated arguments and incessant cross-talk.


  3. ricardo says:

    I love the Talk, especially Sheryl Underwood. She is a funny lady and is sraight to the point. Sheryl is a big Young and The Restless fan. Bravo to the Talk for supporting our soap operas.


  4. Nikki says:

    I really want to see who’s been nominated. I hope Sharon Case from Y & R is nominated but if that damn Summer is I wont be watching it.


    Alice replied

    I would like Sharon to win. She has had an intense story line. She is a great actress. I think she is often overlooked, because she makes it so real.


    Chris F, replied

    i hate to disappoint you but Sharon Case did not receive a pre nomination,,,,,,,,,,so she will not be nominated…….i agree tho……she is worthy

    Derrick replied

    Sharon Case didn’t make the pre-noms


    Nikki replied

    I would love to know the “why” behind it. She has to be the best actress on there along with Camryn Grimes. Let me guess Hunter King (Summer Newman is up for one and will win!!! And they try to say this year will be different. Hopefully it will be a nice sunny day so I can go work in the garden.

    Leo replied

    Can you guys get over the Sharon Case Emmy obsession?!!!

    She hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy in 11 years and she probably never will. MOVE ON!!!!

    Derrick replied

    I for one agree………….Please move on!

    Nikki replied

    DERRICK / LEO I for one will not get over the Sharon Case not being nominated just like I wont get over Hunter King winning over such stars as Linsey Godsey( Caroline Spencer)Just like I wont get over all the bosses favorites winning.They want viewers but as long as a skunk can be smelt people are not going to bother. You can look at the nominee’s and know who will win just by knowing who the boss favors. And you call this fare?

    k/kay replied

    You know there are tons of actresses that have not won theses little gold emmys that are loved by many! Give it in other words it means nothing it is just a popular contest and who sucks up the most

    k/kay replied

    To think Melody Thomas Scott Deidre Hall
    leslie Charleson Victoria Wyndham have all been ignored over the years tells you everything!!!!

    Laurie replied

    Why would anyone have to “get over” their favorite actor not being nominated? Age means 0. Sharon Case has had, what, 5 Emmy noms and 1 win. Super impressive! Carry on!


    Derrick replied

    I do agree Sharon Case should have been nominated but she decided NOT to submit!

    How you think I feel about Tony Geary always winning………………

    Nikki replied

    That’s right but the likes of Hunter King (Summer) will win over Camryn Grimes (Mariah) and Lindsey Godfrey (Caroline B & B). Next we’ll hear she’s equal to Maryle Streep.

    Patrick replied



    I can’t stand : Hunter King portrayal of Summer


    die or kill her

    thank you


  5. Iakovos says:

    This annual event is almost genuinely exciting again! I look forward to Tuesday and the April 26 affair. I hope soaps will be featured prominently.

    CBS, despite letting ATWT and GL go, seems to be the web most committed to daytime. ABC could have been a contender here but failed. CBS seems to have a solid strategy with its corporate cable cousins and is developing something. ABC could have done same with ABCFamily or thoughtfully rehabbed SOAPNet. NBC cannot seem to win in any daypart. Peacock net may find daytime drama could be its key if done right.


    Nikki replied

    It sounds like its all rigged again but we’ll know when the nom.’s are out.


    Iakovos replied

    We’ll see, huh? With so few shows, it is assured we will see same faces in same places. But didn’t they tweak the nomination process again?

  6. Stephanie says:

    Sheryl Underwood is a soap fan so I hope they will be respectful to our soaps, unlike those awful ABC people. (Bring back ATWT)


    Iakovos replied

    Oh, Stephanie, if only ATWT could come back. I miss it terribly. I almost feel like a traitor tuning into THE TALK for the nominations.


    Stephanie replied

    Iakovos, I know what you mean but don’t feel that way. They know what they did, that’s why they lure our soap stars onto their show – to get us to watch.

  7. janet says:

    I wouldn’t watch the Talk if it was the only w show on tv at any time. It replaced ATWTs .Moonvees gave his wife my show . No talk never have watched it. never will !


    Darren replied

    The Talk is a wonderful talk show, As The world Turns really sucked the last couple of years, I am Happy as The World Turns got cancelled. Guiding Light should have stayed, that was a great soap. I watch Days, Young and The Restless and Gh. The soaps have finally revived, and are here to stay.


    Donny replied

    I agree with you Darren, As the World Turns ratings were really bad. cbs made the right decision in cancelling the soap. The storylines were very painful to watch, in the last couple of years. I love watching Days of our lives, and General hospital too. The Talk is a terrific talk show, Sheryl Underwood and Sharon Osborne are hilarious ladies, and Sara Gilbert is nice too.

    4ever DAYS replied

    That’s how I feel too, janet. Family members of mine lost their beloved ATWT to a greedy network president’s greedy wife. They’re crooked! None of my family members watch The Talk.


    vinman replied

    Same here Janet;never seen more than 2 minutes it the “the crap”…AKA”the chew”;only when changing channel to watch GH!;).g


    KateA replied

    I will never watch any talk show! True soap fans will not watch! I want all the talk shows to go away. Bring back our soaps! Yes, I know that won’t happen. No, I won’t get over it.


  8. Derrick says:

    Yayyy……Come on CBS


  9. Mo says:

    Interesting that CBS will reveal nominees but won’t air the show.

    I won’t be watching either time as I have a conflict.


  10. Ghlover says:

    Maura West, Michelle Stafford,Anthony Geary all deserve emmy’s this year


  11. Laurie says:

    CBS show will reveal the nominees and CBS has the 2 top soaps. I’m sure Y&R will receive the most noms. They’ve received the most pre-noms. No doubt we will all be furious and feel slighted no matter.

    I know 2 names the need to be on the Lead Best Actress noms: Maura West (GH) and Alison Sweeney (DOOL). If they aren’t, something is seriously, seriously wrong. Ava & Sami are not my favs, but they acted their tiny rears off in 2014! Not saying other folks didn’t. These are the top 2 IMO.

    Michelle Stafford and Finola Hughes are both listed in Supporting Actress this year. Another 2 that need to be in the noms. Esp Finola. We shall see.


    dmr replied

    I think I am the only Days of Our Lives fan who does not miss Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady. I’ve never been a fan. I thought the dream sequence episode was one of Ali’s best episodes; but, even that seemed too forced to me. I’ve always respected her dedication and time to the show; but, the character was never my favorite. Love her or hate her-just never hit a cord with me. On The Biggest Loser-as a host, she does not seem very compassionate towards the contestants. Doesn’t seem to be all that engaged.


  12. dmr says:

    In no particular order on GH: Maura West! Jane Elliot! Billy Miller! Chad Duell (even though I think Michael is a jerk; I think that Chad has done a great job with the material; and I love how he no longer justifies Sonny’s reactions)! Tony Geary!
    I also love John Aniston and Lauren Koslow on Days. I don’t think either received a pre-nomination; but, I think both are amazing performers. John Aniston delivers Victor’s one-liners with such comedic flare. Lauren Koslow plays a diva extradionnaire. Also, I love Ari Zuker as Nicole (I only wish she would end her Daniel rant and 2015 apology tour). Ari must have received a pre-nom…


  13. janet says:

    Soaps are in the toilet. TIIC want to destroy them. ATWTs was once the best. No mobs or misengy , the women for the most part were no brain dead. then Calhoun did a Guza. His way was the only way. Its cheaper to have the phew, and the idiots talking babbling actually. , so they gave us garbage. I watched one show , now GH is horriable. Everyone is a mob killer and pardoned while escaped prisoners. >I certainly don’t want to be led around .I don’t watch any of them. I read the blogs and know I am right. To each his own. I was having real trouble watching the actors say the lines they give them.


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