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12 March 8th, 2013 THE TALK’s Sheryl Underwood To Reprise Y&R Role To Help Victor and Nikki!


THE TALK co-host Sheryl Underwood will return to the #1 daytime drama, The Young and the Restless to reprise her role as Justice of the Peace Clarice Collins for the fourth time, on the Monday, March 11th episode! Underwood shares a scene with Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman).

In the episode, complications from Nikki’s recently diagnosed multiple sclerosis have landed her in the hospital and interrupted Victor and Nikki’s wedding. To cheer up his disappointed bride, Victor decides to throw her “a wedding a day,” and Underwood’s Justice Collins is called in to perform one of the ceremonies.  The Newman’s will have their actual wedding the week of March 18.

So Y&R fans, do you think Victor and Nikki will actually say their ” I do’s”? What do you think of Underwood, who is a self-admitted huge fan of Y&R appearing for a fourth time?  Let us know your thoughts!



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  1. bc says:

    Sheryl Underwood is hilarious on the talk. She and Julie Chen really make that show. It’s too bad the success of the talk has not encouraged more racial diversity from daytime talk shows. It’s great that jeff probst and blanderson cooper’s talk shows got axed. How desperate is blanderson trying to create a feud w/ recent academy award winner jennifer chastayne? Stupid blanderson is proclaiming that her humiliating splat on her way to get her academy award was staged. Isn’t blanderson campaigning against bullying? But of course he needs to bully hollywood’s newest “america’s sweetheart” and create a feud bec his stock has dropped amongst the hollywood crowd. It’s quite obvious as he was not a part of any academy awards festivities w/c are only reserved for hollywood’s a listers. And of course hollywood only crowns “america’s sweetheart” to white actresses. Flop talk shows of probst and blanderson should be replaced w/ daytime talk shows that have racially diverse hosts.


    torontoguy replied

    Are you out of your mind? No seriously are you? You claim that Anderson Cooper started a feud with Jessica Chastayne when it was JENNIFER LAWRENCE who fell at the Oscars and I don’t see any feud, he was defending Anne Hathaway when he was talking about JENNIFER LAWRENCE (not Jessica Chastain) but a feud it most certainly is not. You clearly hate Cooper (cause he’s really really really white perhaps?) and are really grasping and badmouthing the guy for no reason. You are pleased that his and Probst’s shows were cancelled and it seems as if the only reason you are pleased is because they are white. You claim to love Sheryl Underwood who wouldn’t know funny if it hit her in the face and while I am happy to see diversity the only reason Chen is on that show is because her husband is the head of CBS. Furthermore, Sheryl Underwood is a horrible representation of African Americans, she purposely speaks in a stereotypically negative manner, she clearly knows hot to speak English yet does that thing (I don’t know what to call it) where she butchers the English language in trying to sound a certain way. Oh and did I mention that she is not funny and you can see her punchlines coming a mile away? Please stop playing the victim with the reverse racism, it makes you come across as an ignorant bigot.


    jim replied

    I agree with you 100%. She or he complains about racism, and yet seem like one theirself. i even commented on this below your post.

    jim replied

    Sometimes i get tired of hearing the same old broken record, especially when the needle keeps getting stuck in the groove. You make yourself sound racist everytime you talk about white hollywood, even more so now that you say your glad Jeff and Andersons shows were cancelled and like the other poster said because they are white. I agree on diversity but not every show has to be. Hollywood has top stars who r African American such as Will Smith, Halle Berry, Denzil Washington and many more, and there have been tv series with all blacks in their cast, the view and the talk are diverse, there are blacks hosting game shows, One Life TO LIVE was the most diveres with an African American family, Latinos, and the first Indian American Family ect. There are several African Americans on daytime soaps and in primetime. Maybe more positive rolls for Asians is needed, and i agree on that but you got to stop putting the word white in front of things like white hollywood and white actress the way you do it in some sentences when you want to discuss racism because somtimes it makes you sound just as racist as you claim hollywood is and thats not going to help you gain any votes here. Racism comes in many colors, shapes and forms and until everyone,and not just us whites, realize this, the problem of racism will not be solved.


    k/kay replied

    Jim & Torontoguy you are falling in the trap I did you will never stop this from bc so just do not read it anymore or you will go crazy.

  2. Daisy Day says:

    Who is Cheryl Underwood? Have no recollection of seeing her on YR.


    k/kay replied

    I think she plays a justice of the peace she has married another couple on the show but I can’t recall who it was.


    Mary SF replied

    Kevin and Angie–

  3. Chaz says:

    On the rare occasions I have seen The Talk I found Underwood to be extremely annoying. Being loud and rolling your eyes does not = funny. Thankfully, she is not expected to bring humor to her Y&R role.


  4. Patrick says:

    I like: that, she’s the last Host/Lady… to hug… the guest stars… she gets so excited… and it rings true… when you know… who and why you like the guests….

    she’s so naturally funny….

    Fans… check out…. the “Beauty Shop”… she was hilarious… selling cat fish…

    Fans… for a chick flick… camp… and/or… just because it was so well done… for it’s time….year 2005… star cast appeal…

    check out the chemistry with Queen Latifah… Yikes! Vapors… oozed… TMI… w/Djimon Hounsou…. HOT!

    I bought the DVD…. FUN!


  5. Brenda says:



  6. Marianne says:

    I absolutely love Sheryl on the talk. She is REAL, she is down to earth, and she speaks her mind but does not seem to be offended when someone disagrees with her. Today, I had the opportunity to watch as she took off her wig ….and I must say you are absolutely beautiful without the wig. rock on sister LOL!!


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